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RC4WD Wheel Adapter for Toy Blocks

RC4WD Wheel Adapters for Toy Blocks

It isn’t uncommon for rc hobbyists to also be big fans of Lego toy blocks. To help make your latest Lego build even more uber, the folks at RC4WD are now making Wheel Adapters for toy blocks. These adapters allow you to bolt up some pretty trick RC4WD wheels and tires to your new Lego truck. * CNC machined from billet [...]


Lego Quadcopter?! Put those bricks to good use!

I keep getting more and more impressed about the types of projects that show up on Kickstarter, and this one is new exception. Presenting a quadcopter frame made of…wait for it…LEGOS. Yes, the construction toy of our youth (and landmine to parents) has a new RC implementation where combined with 3D printed motor mounts creates a working quadcopter frame [...]


LEGO Technic #41999 RC 4×4 Crawler Unboxing

We recently posted an article about the new LEGO Technic 4×4 Crawler. It was part of a contest where people sent in their designs, and they would make a limited edition amount of whatever won. Well the 4×4 Crawler won, and we had to get our hands on it. It showed up in the mail, and we thought we’d do [...]


LEGO Technic 4×4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

So LEGO / Technic had a contest recently called the Co-Creation Challenge. They took over 1000 submissions from all over the world, and the winner would get a tour of the LEGO factory and they would build a limited edition of 20,000 units. The winner? A 4×4 Crawler that actually works! Who would of thought that a 4×4 RC [...]


LEGO 1/7th Scale RC Caterham

Spotted this over at It’s a completely home built and amazingly detailed RC Lego Caterham in 1/7th scale. It has disc brakes, 5 speed + reverse, full suspension and the engineering underneath is mind blowing. Even the controller is built from scratch. If your a detail nut, or a LEGO fan, check out the video.


Three Awesome Things: R/C, Video Games, Legos

Presenting the Metal Grudge.  An amalgamation of three awesome things:  The Metal Slug video game series, Legos, and R/C.  Peer Kreuger, the creator of this fantastic contraption, is also offering up the Lego Digital Designer file so you can see all the parts and ideas that went into it.  Be sure to hit up his Flickr account for more [...]