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PROTOform MAZDA6 GX Clear Body
When it comes to making world class racing bodies for touring cars, PROTOform is the king of the hill. Their latest body, the Mazda6 GX, is sure to win as many races as it will turn heads with its cool look.

The PROTOform Mazda6 GX is a 190mm clear Lexan body designed to fit on touring cars. It comes with details like hood air extractors, striking lines, and a signature Mazda grill. The body is fully licensed and comes with overspray protection, window masks, and a rear wing.

There are two part numbers, #1536-25 for the light weight version, #1536-30 for the regular, and you can expect a street price of right around $25. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official PROTOform website.

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Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 Clear Body
The good folks over at Pro-Line have released full information on their two new fully licensed 1966 Ford F-100 “Hay Hauler” bodies. These have that trick old school look and are very detailed to give your truck a unique look the next time you hit the local bash spot. Check out the step-sides and fender flares, the ’66 F-100 will make your truck stand out in a crowd.

The part number for the Traxxas Stampede version is #3412-00 and it has a street price of $25. Pro-Line has another version for the Traxxas T/E-Maxx, Revo, and HPI Savage, it has a part number of #3415-00 and a street price of $33. Simply hit up This Link for more information.

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Pro-Line Desert Raid Clear Body 3419-00
Pro-Line has just released full information on their new short course body, the Desert Raid. We have a few staffers here that are just burnt out on SC truck bodies, and we’ve got others that just aren’t into trucks, the Desert Raid serves up a distinct extreme SUV look.

* Fits most short course trucks
* Requires extended body mounts
* Large Fender Flares for tire clearance
* Flo-Tek Technology to reduce parachute effect
* Made from genuine Lexan
* Made in the USA since 1982
* Length: 20.2″
* Width: 10.0″
* Height: 6.3″
* Wheel Base: 12.8″

The part number is #3419-00, it has a street price of $35, and they should start hitting hobby shops in the next couple of weeks. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Pro-Line Desert Raid Body
We have several staffers that are just plain burnt out on the whole short course truck look. For people like them, Pro-Line has just released pictures of their upcoming Desert Raid short course body. The upcoming Desert Raid will allow you to really change up the look of your SCT.

More details will be coming soon on the Desert Raid, until then you can hit up This Link to head over to the official Pro-Line website.

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JConcepts TLR 8ight-E 3.0 Body
JConcepts has announced a new Silencer series body for the TLR/Losi 8IGHT-E 3.0 electric buggy. This is a cab forward body designed for high speed tracks. Some of its features include-

* Cockpit shark fin for better stability
* Dual channeling rear escape
* Clipped side-pods with extended runners
* Made from clear polycarbonate
* Comes with protective film, window mask and decal sheet

The part number for the Silencer is #0245 and it is priced at $31. Hit up This Link for more information.

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PROTOform Cyclone 10.0 Clear Body
The crew over at PROTOform have announced their latest oval body, the Cyclone 10.0. The Cyclone is a full 10″ wide resulting in a body good for rubber tire, loose dirt track, 4wd, and Nitro Late Model driving. For aerodynamic performance, the Cyclone features offset front fenders and skewed quarter panels on the rooftop vortex generators. The Cyclone is all about downforce, side bite, and going fast.

The part number for the Cyclone 10.0 is #1235-21, the street price is $37, and you can get more information at This Link.

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JConcepts Detonator RC10 Classic Body
JConcepts has a new body for the recently re-released Team Associated RC10 Classic called the Detonator. The Detonator incorporates an 80′s & early 90′s style look along with a 5.5″ wing to bring a cool new design to the classic buggy.

* Snug fit on chassis
* Reverse hood scoop
* Rear biased cab w/ over the tower design
* Large windows w/ roll bar look
* Comes with window mask & decal sheet

The part number for the JConcepts Detonator is #0264 and it is priced at $25. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Pro-Line pre-cut Flo-Tek
On Wednesday we posted a teaser about the new pre-cut bodies and wings from Pro-Line, now we have more pictures and full pricing information. The pre-cut idea is a good one, it will save time and ensure a perfectly trimmed body.

Pro-Line has two different SCT bodies that will come pre-cut, the #3355-17 Flo-Tek SCT and the #3413-17 EVO SC. Both bodies are trimmed on the outer edges and have their Flo-Tek areas pre-cut. Street price is $47 each.

Two different 10th scale buggy wings also get the pre-cut treatment, the #6247-17 6.5″ and the #6248-17 7″. Both have a street price of $10.

For more information on all the pre-cut products from Pro-Line simply click This Link.

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Pro-Line Pre-Cut Body
There are many reasons why Pro-Line is our favorite body company, now we’ve got another one, they are teasing new bodies and wings that come pre-cut. Ever spend hours painting up a new body only to realize you’ve still got to spend a bunch of time trimming it? Ever have excess body material get in the way while you were painting? The new pre-cut bodies and wings from Pro-Line are bound to save you a lot of time and aggravation.

More information will be coming on these soon, until then hit up This Link to visit the official Pro-Line website

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JConcepts Finnisher C4.2 Body
The latest body from the JConcepts crew is their Finnisher C4.2. The Finnisher C4.2 is made to fit the Associated B4.2 with Centro mid-motor conversion kit. It features an aerodynamic package that is said to add stability and consistency, helping to make your buggy easier to drive fast.

The part number for the Finnisher C4.2 is #0265 and it has a retail price of $27. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Killer Body RC ihobby
Killer Body RC is based out of the Chicago metro and are an O.E.M. of polycarbonate bodies, accessories, and both rc and die cast cars. The biggest news in their booth this year was the Warrior line-up of small Mini-Z sized off-road and on-road vehicles. The RTR Warriors are not shipping yet but should be a hit among the small scale crowd when they land in hobby shops.

Also featured in their booth was a variety of scale looking bodies for both on-road and off-road. Whether you be a consumer looking for a trick new lid for your SCT, or a company looking to source some polycarbonate bodies, you can get more information on Killer Body RC at This Link.

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parma ihobby 2013
The friendly folks over at Parma have a cool booth here at the iHobby Expo 2013. They are also showing a brand new body, the Speed Shop Hauler. The Speed Shop Hauler looks like a chopped mid-50′s pick-up truck, offering an unique alternative to pop on your short course truck. You can see Cubby holding one below in the first gallery, but look for more pictures of the Speed Shop Hauler later in the weekend with a custom BigSquidRC paint job on it.

Also in the Parma booth is their recently released Rally Xtreme body. The Rally Xtreme is intended to bolt on the Traxxas Rally car, but also fits right on most short course trucks.

With Pactra pulling out of the aerosol paint business, we asked the Parma crew if there was any chance they would step in. Their answer? They wouldn’t get specific, but it sounded like they were working on it.

If you would like to learn more about Parma products hit up This Link.

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Pro-Line Body Wing Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3
When you start hopping up your Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 the single biggest change you can make to its looks is changing the body. This week we’ll be going over what it takes to put a new body on your big TT.

Hit the “Read More” button to see what it takes to mount up a body and wing to the Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3.