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Raging Rotors: Scotty, I need more power!

Granted, having a little extra dilithium in the warp drive is never a bad thing, but knowing how much power is left in your LiPo is more important for pilots (and most for multirotor pilots) just because RC Cars don’t fall from the sky when the batteries die! Above this you see quite the quadcopter wreck. My LHS/Employer has an intern [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cub Reporter, 10.03.2013, Version- I'm At iHobby, You Ar…

“I just wanted to shoot you an email to see if you guys could help with my problem. I live in Panama City Beach, Fl, I am very big into the rc hobby, however down here I feel like I am the only one who is. My wife and I want to see if there is some way to organize [...]

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Lipo Battery Wristband

Have you ever had that pesky problem of Lipo batteries catching fire in your pants pockets? Or how about forgetting a Lipo in your pocket and accidentally running it through the washer? I have to admit I’ve never had those issues, but who knows, maybe someone has. The crew at has set out to solve those problems with their [...]


Venom Stronghold 25 amp dc battery charger

Venom Stronghold 25 Amp DC Battery Charger

Are we looking at the future of battery charging? The latest battery charger from Venom, the new Stronghold 25 Amp DC Charger, is not only quite powerful to get your Lipo’s charged quickly but also comes with the Stronghold battery containment system for added safety. Some of the key features include- * IR-Mode, an internal resistance test to help evaluate your [...]


Venom Stronghold Solo Lipo Charge Box

Venom Stronghold Solo Battery Charge Box

Looking for a safe place to put your batteries while you charge them? If so Venom has announced their new Stronghold Solo Charge Box. The box is made out of stamped aluminum and features a self extinguishing polycarbonate window in the top so you can keep an eye on things inside. Some of the other features and specs include- * Aluminum [...]


Hitec Lipo Checker and Balancer

Hitec Lipo Checker and Balancer

Today Hitec announced their all new Lipo battery checker and balancer. Their new checker displays not only cell voltage to the hundredth of a volt, but also shows how much capacity remains. The new Hitec checker also balances each cell in your Lipo pack to within .01 volts of each other. Some of the other features are- * Built in [...]


Orion Battery Safety Bag

New Orion Battery Safety Bag

The guys over at Orion have introduced a new Battery Safety Bag for use while storing and/or charging your battery packs. The Team Orion bag is made out of a fire resistant material and uses a hook and loop flap for easy access. The bag holds up to two 2S Lipo batteries and you can expect a street price of [...]


HPI Plazma Pouch Safe Case

New HPI Plazma Pouch Safe Case

For those of you looking for extra safety while charging and transporting your Lipo batteries HPI has a new item called the Plazma Pouch Safe Case. The HPI Plazma Pouch is made out of a flameproof material to give superior protection and of course can be used for all your different types of batteries, not just your Lipo’s. We don’t [...]