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Dynamite Reaction 80C LiPo Packs
Dynamite RC has announced higher output 80C Reaction series LiPo batteries. The 80C Reaction LiPos are intended for the serious basher or entry level racer and come in 2S, 3S, and 4S cell counts. They all use hard cases for added protection and come in capacities up to 6400mAh.

* 5C charge rate
* Capacities from 5700-6400mAh
* Available with prewired Deans, EC3, EC5, and Traxxas connectors
* XH balance connectors
* New cases for increased durability

Prices range from $95 to $165, they are expected to hit hobby shops in early May, and you can get more information at This Link over on the Dynamite website.

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Fantom LiPo Battery
The guys over at Fantom Racing have announced their latest go-fast LiPo pack, a 2S 6000mAh hardcase. This pack comes in 3 different styles- with Traxxas connector, with Deans, or with bullets, with each sporting a street price of $94. These new Pro Series packs are said to have the lowest internal resistance and highest voltage available in rc. Some of their other features and specifications include-

* Capacity- 6000mAh
* Voltage- 2S, 7.4V
* C-Rate- 80C continuous & 160C burst
* Dimensions- 138.6mm x 47mm x 25mm
* Weight- 300 grams (10.58 ounces) 4mm bullet style
* Balance Connector- JST / XH

To get more information on the new LiPo packs check out This Link over on the official Fantom Racing website.

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FlightPower FP Series LiPo Batteries
FlightPower has a new FP Series of LiPo batteries on the way. The FP series will offer a wide variety of voltages and capacities, and will come in 4 different discharge rates, from 25C to 70C. Also, there is a new FPRX series on the way for receiver packs. Charge rates range from 1C up to 3C and the Power packs come with the industry standard XH balancing connector. Close cell matching and rigid quality control enable FlightPower to give an industry leading 2 year limited warranty.

The new FP series packs will be available early this Summer, Click This Link to get more information over on the official FlightPower website.

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TrakPower 90C LiPo Batteries
TrakPower has announced new 90C discharge LiPo packs. The 90C discharge rate gives more power than previous TrakPower offerings and they come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs. All the packs come with a hardcase for more protection and are approved for ROAR sanctioned competition.

The new 90C Trakpower packs include-

TKPC0605 1S 3.7V 6500mAh 4mm
TKPC0607 2S 7.4V 3250mAh 4mm
TKPC0610 2S 7.4V 4500mAh Shorty 5mm
TKPC0615 2S 7.4V 5600mAh Deans
TKPC0616 2S 7.4V 5600mAh 5mm
TKPC0620 2S 7.4V 7200mAh Deans
TKPC0621 2S 7.4V 7200mAh 5mm
TKPC0625 2S 7.4V 6000mAh Saddle Pack 4mm
TKPC0630 4S 14.8V 6700mAh Deans
TKPC0631 4S 14.8V 6700mAh 5mm

Prices range from $59-$159 and they are in stock right now. Hit up This Link for more information on all the LiPo batteries that TrakPower has to offer.

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Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo
The new Prophet Sport Duo from Dynamite is an affordable two channel battery charger. The latest in the Prophet series of chargers can charge at up to 6 amps (50 watts) on each of its channels and has a maximum cell count of 6S.

* Rugged and compact design
* Includes banana to EC3 adapters
* Adjustable current 0.1A-6.0A
* 5 year warranty
* JST-XH balance connector
* AlphaNumeric display
* AC only input power

The part number for the Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo is #DYNC2020 and it has a street price of $99.

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Team Orion 100C Lipo batteries
Team Orion has announced the latest additions to their LiPo battery line-up. The new Orion LiPos use all the latest technology to achieve discharge rates of 100C while utilizing up to a 5C charge rate. These packs use a robust hard case to protect the cells inside and a JST-XH connector for balancing. The new packs include-

ORI14058 Carbon Pro 7200 1S (Tubes)
ORI14059 Carbon Pro 6000 2S (Deans Plug)
ORI14060 Carbon Pro 7200 2S (Deans Plug)
ORI14061 Carbon Pro 6000 2S (Tubes)
ORI14062 Carbon Pro 7200 2S (Tubes)
ORI14063 Carbon Pro 5800 Saddle Pack (Tubes)
ORI14064 Carbon Pro 5800 Saddle Pack (Deans Plug)
ORI14065 Carbon Pro 5800 2S Saddle Block (Tubes)
ORI14066 Carbon Pro 4500 2S Shorty Pack

To visit the official Orion website hit up This Link.

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There comes a point in every new hobbyists life when they make the switch from Ni-MH batteries over to Lithium Polymers. It’s an obvious progression, LiPos typically yield more performance for the buck.

The crew over at Horizon Hobby have a couple of affordable products for those looking to make the LiPo switch. Horizon offers a Dynamite Prophet Sport LiPo charger and a Dynamite Reaction 2S 7.4V 30C 5000mAh LiPo battery. We’ve been testing the two for over a month now, today we’ll be sharing what we found out.

The Prophet Sport Lipo charger (part number #DYNC2005) is an AC only charger with a maximum charge rate of 3 amps. It is very affordable with a street price of just $29 and works on 2 and 3S LiPo packs. It doesn’t do Ni-MH or any other chemistry, but we found it did a nice job charging Lithium Polymers. The Prophet was exceptionally easy to use, just press the button to set the charge rate, then hold the button to start the charge. The Prophet does all its charging through the balance leads, which worked well for us, but wished it came with a longer AC cord.

On the battery side of things, the Reaction 2S 30C 5000 (part number #DYN9005EC w/EC3 connector) comes in at a $49 price point. We primarily used it in our review Vaterra Hälix and in an ECX Torment, and found that it powered both quite well. It had plenty of power on tap and never got too hot or puffed. We normally charged it on the Prophet Sport Lipo, but because it is capable of a 3C (15 amp) charge rate we used a Hyperion 720 on it a few times when we were in a big hurry. We found no ill effects from the fast charging and consider it to be a solid pack.

Overall- We found the two Dynamite items to make a great set. They worked well together and would be a good way to make the switch over to LiPo. We also liked their warranties, 1 year on the Reaction pack and 5 years on the Prophet charger. If you are in need of some new LiPo gear we can recommend both of these products to you.

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HPI 8000 Lipo Battery
The PlazmaPro line of Lipo Batteries are HPI’s high-end packs. One of the latest packs in the line-up is a 2S 7.4V 8000. The 8000 is stated to be capable of a 95C discharge and comes with dual 4mm bullet connectors for a better fit in a variety of applications.

* Capacity- 8000mAh
* Voltage- 2S 7.4V
* Discharge- 95C
* Dimensions: 138.5 x 46.5 x 24mm
* Uses 4mm bullet connectors

The part number for the HPI 8000 Lipo is #110601 and you can get more information Right Here on the official HPI Racing website.

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THE TrakPower 7.4v 2S 70C 6800mAh Lipo Battery Review

TrakPower Lipo Battery Review

What makes for a good Lipo battery? That depends on what you are looking for, but most people look for excellent runtimes, lots of voltage, and a long cycle life. We’ve been using and abusing a TrakPower 2S 70C 6800 for a few months now. How does it stack up to the competition? Does it have a lot of power? Can it take some abuse and not puff? Click the “Read More” to find out…


THE Tattu 7.4v 2S 80C 6200mAh Lipo Battery Review

Tattu Lipo Battery Review

Tattu is one of the newer names in the Lipo Battery biz. Seeing as how a majority of hobbyists run electric now days, Lipos are highly in demand. Today we are taking a close look at the Tattu 2S 80C 6200 to see exactly how it performs. Should a Tattu be at the top of your “to buy” list? Hit the “Read More” to find out…


Tattu 6200 Lipo
Just a few years ago new Lipo companies were popping up all the time, since then the Lipo frenzy has died down a notch. Lipo is still hot of course and one of the latest companies to arrive on the scene is Tattu. Tattu is focused on putting out high quality packs that will not only make your bash machine faster, but also be long lasting. Pictured above is their new 2S 6200 hardcase pack which fits in a vast array of bash vehicles.

* Max continuous discharge- 80C/496 amps
* Size- 138x47x25mm
* Gross weight- 397 grams
* Balance plug- JST-XH-3P
* Wire size- 12AWG
* Plug type- 4.0mm Banana Plug to Deans

The part number for the Tattu 2S 6200 is #TA-80-6200-2S-H and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official Tattu website.

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MaxAmps 1s Lipo Review


Small Quadcopters like the Heli-Max 1SQ, Traxxas QR-1 and others are all the rage. They are the hot thing in RC right now, and when everyone has them, it’s time to look for upgrades. Well, there isn’t much you can do to these Mini quads as they are pretty bare bones to keep the weight down, and the usability up. Well that’s where MaxAmps comes in! We decided to take two of our Quadcopter Shootout vehicles and compare their stock batteries to some upgraded MaxAmps Lipos.

Even if you aren’t looking for a ‘upgrade’ you will probably want at least one or more extra lipo batteries when you are looking to get in some extended flying time and don’t want to wait around to charge the pack again.

First up was the stock Heli-Max pack. It’s a 1s 250mah lipo battery. During our testing we averaged about 7 minutes and 10 seconds of flight time. The pack weighs in at 8 grams.

We then swapped in the MaxAmps pack. The pack is a 1s 400mah lipo. We then averaged about 11 minutes and 20 seconds of flying time. The MaxAmps 400mah pack weighs 11 grams.

So we gained an additional 4 minutes+. Some people would say since we almost double the mah we should double the flight time, but you need to take into account the extra weight. We were pretty happy with the results of this upgrade. If you have seen us fly.. 11 minutes of airtime is a LONG time.

Next up was the Traxxas QR-1 testing. The stock pack in the Traxxas is a 1s 240mah lipo battery. We averaged about 7 minutes and 15 seconds of flying time. It weighed 8 grams.

We swapped out the stock Traxxas battery for a MaxAmps 1s 260mah pack. With the MaxAmps battery we were getting 7 minutes and 32 seconds of flying time. A slight increase, but the other interesting thing is that the MaxAmps pack weighs 7 grams. So you actually save 1 gram while getting more flying time. This might not seem like a lot, but to the flying guys, every gram counts.

Our final thoughts, you are going to want an extra battery or two, the MaxAmps packs are a great choice that will gain you flying time, and possibly even save a little weight. The price is right also! $9.99 for the 260 mah pack, and $12.99 for the 400 mah pack.

If you are in the market for some new packs, make sure you check them out!

You can head over to the official MaxAmps webpage for more information at THIS LINK.

Battery Flight Time Weight
Stock QR-1 240mah 7:15 8g
MaxAmps 260mah 7:32 7g
Stock 1SQ 250mah 7:10 8g
MaxAmps 400mah 11:20 11g

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SkyRC Quattro Micro Battery Charger
SkyRC has a new charger made just for Micro Lipo batteries. The Quattro Micro Battery Charger has the ability to charge four 1S Lipo micro batteries at once with an adjustable charge rate of .1 to 1 amp, and it comes with four different connectors on top- Losi micro, Walkera, MX, and mCPX.

The part number is #SK-100079 and you can get more information by hitting This Link.

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