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Tamiya GoPro Monster S.S. Swift M05 Kit
Tamiya has a new kit modeled after the GoPro Monster Sport Super Swift Suzuki that won the Pikes Peak hill climb 6 times in a row. The outside features a nicely detailed body while underneath is the popular Tamiya M-05 front wheel drive platform. The M-05 is easy to build and features 4-wheel independent suspension, a 3 piece steering linkage, and an adjustable wheelbase.

The part number for the Tamiya GoPro Swift is #58581 and it has an MSRP of $235.

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Tamiya Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 Racing Group 2 M-05 chassis
Tamiya is re-releasing another fan favorite, the Volkswagen Golf Mk.1 GR 2 (part #84316). First available in the early 80′s, the latest Golf version comes with their M-05 chassis. The M-05 is a front wheel drive chassis that will certainly make driving the latest Tamiya a blast. We have not received any word on a price point or a release date here in the states, but check out the official Tamiya Website for more information on their other fine products.

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