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Maclan Racing Parts Tray

Maclan Racing Full Aluminum Magnetic Parts Tray

Keep organized while wrenching with Maclan Racing’s Aluminum Parts Tray. A magnetic base is used to keep parts secure while a built-in metric and standard measuring scale makes it easy to check the length of screws. The tray also comes with an acrylic cover to keep parts from falling out while a curved pocket makes it easier to pick up [...]


Maclan Carbon Fiber Car Stand

Maclan Racing Carbon Fiber Car Stands

Using a good car stand makes wrenching on your car easier, plain and simple. For all you hardcore wrenching types, Maclan Racing has announced a pair of new Carbon Fiber Car Stands. These are made from actual carbon fiber and have skid-proof pads on top. They look ultra-trick and their carbon fiber construction makes them both lightweight and strong. There [...]


Maclan Racing MR8 Brushless Motors

Maclan Racing MR8 1/8 Competition Motors

Power up your 8th scaler with the new MR8 Series Competition Motors from Maclan Racing. These were designed exclusively for 4S 8th scale racing applications and push the limits for all out performance. Some of the features on the MR8 motors include- * Smooth, controllable power band * Heavy duty solder tabs * Completely rebuildable * Use the latest in hall sensor technology * Over [...]


Maclan MMR Sensored Motors

Maclan Racing MRR 1/10 Competition Motors

New from the folks over at Maclan Racing are the MMR series of 10th scale competition brushless motors. The MMR series was designed for both pro and weekend racers, featuring motors with maximum performance right out of the box. * Winds from 25.5 down to 3.5 turns * Use the latest in hall sensor technology * Rebuildable * Short stator design used in the [...]


Maclan Racing MR4 Brushless Motors

Maclan Racing MR4 Short Course Brushless Motors

New from Maclan Racing is a pair of MR4 4-pole brushless motors for short course truck competition. Both of the new motors are a sensored designed for increased precision while driving. One motor sports a kV rating of 3500 for use on smaller tracks where you need a quick burst of acceleration, while the other is 4150kV and was designed [...]


Maclan Diamondback MX 540 Brushless Review

Maclan Diamondback MX 540 Brushless Review

A few weeks ago we had the chance to review one of the new 550 brushless systems from Maclan Racing. Maclan is new on the brushless scene, but we were left very impressed. Recently we also got a chance to test one of their Diamond MX 540 Systems. The 540 is intended for use in 10th scale 2wd vehicles like [...]


Maclan Racing ESC Set-Up Video

Video – Maclan Racing ESC Calibration and Programming

For all you new Maclan Diamondback Brushless owners, the crew at Maclan Racing has put together a short video to show you how easy it is to set-up their system. The video shown above walks you through the calibration process as well as showing how to use the Maclan ProLink programmer to make setting changes. The new line of Maclan products [...]


Maclan Racing Diamondback MX Brushless System Review

Maclan Racing Diamondback MX 550 Brushless Combo Review

New on the brushless scene is a company called Maclan Racing. They have made a splash by promising a couple of big things- to put out the most powerful systems on the market, and to have endless innovations. We have been bashing one of their Diamondback/MX 550 Sensorless Brushless Systems for a few weeks now. Does it have the most [...]


Maclan Diamondback MX Brushless Combo Unboxing

First Ever Unboxing - Maclan Diamondback ESC & MX Brushless …

Who is Maclan Racing? They are a brand new brushless company looking to earn you business. We are very stoked to be the first media outlet to unbox their very first production brushless systems. Maclan is distributed by Hobby Authority Distribution out of Washington State and we are working on reviews for their Diamondback ESC & MX Motor Combos as [...]


Maclan Racing

New RC Company – Maclan Racing

There is a new high performance brushless motor, ESC and accessory company on the rc scene, their name is Maclan Racing. This new line of products will be available to dealers via Hobby Authority Distribution based out of Redmond, Washington, USA. It won’t be long until they start announcing their new products, in the meantime you can hit up This [...]