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MIP 13.5 Aluminum Race Shaft Set TLR 22-4 2.0

MIP 13.5 Aluminum Race Shaft Set For The TLR 22-4 2.0

New from the MIP crew is the 13.5 Aluminum Race Shaft Set for the TLR 22-4 2.0 buggy. The set comes with a pair of lay shafts that are 60% lighter than the stock units they replace. The reduction in weight helps to give your buggy more bottom end acceleration. High quality 7075-T6 aluminum is used to make the shafts [...]


MIP Axial Yeti

MIP X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit For The Yeti

Just announced by MIP is an X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit for the Axial Yeti. The X-Duty C-Drive kit replaces your Yeti’s rear plastic driveshaft with a heavy duty steel unit designed to take massive power and the worst bashing you can throw at it. The all metal design features heat treated, high grade alloy steel parts and is 100% made [...]


MIP SMT10 Driveshafts

MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit For The SMT10

Now available for your Axial SMT10 monster truck is a X-Duty C-Drive Kit from MIP. The C-Drive kit beefs up the drive line on your truck so it can handle more power and not break while hardcore bashing. The X-Duty splined driveshafts are made from heat treated, high grade alloy steel and are 100% made right here in the USA. [...]


MIP Nut Drivers

New Nut Drivers From MIP

MIP is well known to produce the finest hex drivers in the rc industry. To help make your wrenching even easier, MIP recently announced Nut Drivers. Metric sets will be available some time in February, while SAE sets may also be produced if there are enough pre-orders. Both sets are made to be easy to use, long lasting, and like [...]


MIP Liquidation Sale

MIP Liquidation Sale

Going on now over on their website, MIP is having a Liquidation Sale. The liquidation is being used to make room for lots of new items in 2017 and some parts are priced as low as $1. MIP manufacturers a huge variety of different drive-line and hop-up parts, use This Link to head over to their official website and check [...]


Black Friday Deals Across The Web – Updated

Looking for a smoking hot deal? Just want to save some cash? If so, Black Friday is the day! Here are some of the Black Friday Special Deals that are being offered across the web by various rc companies. Did we miss any good ones? Leave a comment below. Hobbico Hobbico has updated their Black Friday sale on a few different vehicles [...]


MIP Limited Edition Black Metric Tools

MIP Black Limited Edition Metric tools

The very best tools for wrenching on an rc car come from MIP. They have the best tips, the best handles, and are known for their insane durability. To help you become the coolest guy in the pits, for a short time MIP will be offering Limited Edition Metric Tools that feature Black Handles. These will only be offered on [...]


MIP Super Ball Diff Tamiya

MIP Super Ball Diff For Tamiya Blackfoot/Monster Beetle

Good news for you Tamiya Blackfoot & Monster Beetle owners, MIP has just announced a Super Ball Differential to fit your ride. The super ball diff is designed to hold all the wattage from today’s power systems and is a direct bolt-on that requires no modifications to install. The super diff will help enhance handling while eliminating slippage when used [...]


MIP Spline CVD™ Center Drive Kit Axial Wraith

MIP Spline CVD Center Drive Kit For The Axial Wraith

Tired of breaking the stock plastic driveshafts on your Wraith? If so, MIP recently announced a Spline CVD Center Drive Kit to save the day. The MIP CVD kit replaces both the front & rear driveshafts with heavy duty steel units that were designed to take the worst you can throw at them. * Dual CVD articulation * All metal construction * 40 [...]


MIP X-Duty™ C-Drive Kit Vaterra Ascender

MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit For Vaterra Ascender

To help bomb-proof the driveline in your Vaterra Ascender, MIP has announced a new X-Duty C-Drive Kit. The MIP kit replaces all the stock plastic center driveshaft parts with heavy duty metal, giving you ease of mind when pounding the throttle in tight situations. * Durable X-Duty design * Made from heat treated, high grade alloy steel * All metal * Spline drive [...]


MIP Roller Pucks Bi-Metal Drive System TLR 22 3.0

MIP Roller Pucks Bi-Metal Drive System For The TLR 22 3.0

If you are looking for the best, most efficient, and fastest drive system on the market, that would be the Roller Pucks Bi-Metal set-up from MIP. It shaves rotating mass for faster acceleration and it lasts a long time between rebuilds. The folks over at MIP have announced that they have a new Roller Pucks Bi-Metal system for the TLR 22 [...]


MIP 17mm Losi SCTE

MIP +3mm 17mm Hex Adapter Kit For Losi SCTE

Ever want to bolt some 1/8th buggy wheels/tires on your Losi SCTE? If so, the crew at MIP now make it really easy with their +3mm 17mm Hex Adapter Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to change your SCTE over to the larger 17mm hexes. Also of note, the kit works on all the different versions of the [...]


MIP TLR 22 Super Diff

MIP Super Diff Bi-Metal Kit For The TLR 22 Series

Gain an advantage over your foes by picking up the new MIP Super Diff Bi-Metal Kit for your TLR 22 series vehicle. The Super Diff not only shaves weight/rotating mass for quicker acceleration, but was also designed to survive the rigors of week-in, week-out racing. The kit comes with two piece bi-metal diff components, tungsten carbide diff balls, and hard [...]


MIP Yoga Pit Mat

MIP Yoga Style Pit Mat

Step up your pit area game (or tailgate) with the new Yoga Style Pit Mat from MIP. The new MIP pit mat is made from a black thermoplastic elastomer, the same stuff that Yoga mats are made out of. This makes it easy to roll up for easy storage while helping it to keep screws from flying off into the [...]


MIP Bi-Metal TLR 22 Diff

MIP Bi-Metal Super Diff For The TLR 22 Series

Shave precious rotating mass while beefing up the drive-line on your TLR 22 series vehicle with a Bi-Metal Super Diff from the folks at MIP. The MIP Super Diff is said to be 30% lighter than the stock diff and comes with uber parts like Tungsten carbide diff balls and hard polished drive rings. The Super Diff is retail priced [...]