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maximum destruction

Today Wrench (aka Bill) and I loaded up the families and headed to check out this years Monster Jam event in Rosemont Illinois. While everyone had a good time, it all seemed very scripted. Like we were watching WWE with trucks. Grave Digger won all 3 competitions. The race, the wheelie, and the freestyle. And while the truck put on a great show, it almost seemed like the other guys held back a little, and of course Grave Digger was the FINAL truck in the freestyle to end the evening.

There was some AWESOME freestyle quad action that my son thought was incredible, especially when it came to the backflips. Those guys are nuts! There was also quad racing, where it was again very scripted to have the ‘Chicago Team’ win in the final race after all but two vehicles were ‘black flagged’ leaving 1 quad from each team to battle it out on the last lap.

There was one mention of Traxxas when they gave away a Traxxas Monster Jam vehicle to a kid in the audience.

The Jet Powered Smart car shot is for Jim S. Seriously, you need to do this to yours!

In the end it was a good show, and the family was very entertained. The only part that really left the sour taste in my mouth was the price gauging. (This does not include food and souvenirs, that’s expected) I have no problem paying $32 a ticket to be entertained. I HATE paying TicketMaster their $8 convenience fee PER ticket (how is it a convenience for me to do ALL the work? And why is it PER ticket? All I had to do was use type in a 4) I had to pay another $4 to print my tickets myself! And finally to top it off $20 parking fee! Weird.. it was FREE parking a few weeks before for people going to Disney on Ice, and $10 for a previous event.. but this one was $20. Would rather spend that $20 on Monster Truck Snow Cones!

Bill has posted a few of his pictures over on our Facebook Page you can check out as well.

st racing concepts hop ups

The folks from STRC have sent word that will make other hop ups green with envy! The new parts are for the Slash 2WD and Monster Jam trucks.

The hop-ups include a Aluminum Pro Racing Battery Strap, Front Body Posts, Slash 2WD LCG Conversion Kit, Rear Motor Guard, Front and Rear Shock Towers, Hub Carriers, 17mm Hex Conversion and Threaded Front Shock Bodies.

Looking for other ST Racing Hop Ups? Click HERE.

monster jam grave digger

grave digger backpack
We broke the news LAST WEEK about the upcoming Traxxas 1/16th scale Monster Jam Grave Digger. But we now have some official details. It’s going to be a 2WD vehicle (the first 1/16th scale 2wd from Traxxas?) , a AM radio, 12T 550 motor with fully waterproof electronics, and a backpack! It starts shipping February 15th, 2012!

Hit the Traxxas site for more details.

traxxas green aluminum

Traxxas has just announced some new aluminum hop up parts. These new parts are designed to add a little bling and durability to your Monster Jam Stampede Grave Digger Edition. The green aluminum parts will also fit many other Traxxas models like the Rustler, Stampede, Slash and Bandit. Parts include Caster blocks, Steering blocks, Stub Axle Carriers, Shock Caps and Axle nuts.

Hit the Traxxas site for more details.

Looking for even more green? Check out or recent Press from STRC, as they also just released a bunch of Green Aluminum hop-ups.

traxxas aluminum

ST Racing just sent us a photo that had us drooling. Their new Green Anodized Aluminum parts for the Traxxas Slash 2WD and Monster Jam Stampede Trucks looks beautiful. I have always been a fan of the green, and for those of you running Monster Jam stuff, you know you want these!

There are steering knuckles, front casters blocks, rear hub carriers, steering bellcranks, a front bulk head, front and rear skid plates, hex adapters and shock caps. And if you run a Traxxas, you NEED shock caps!

Check out the ST Racing Concepts website for more info.

We just heard that Traxxas has a new Lipo battery of their own coming out! WHAT?! I have to admit, I didn’t see that coming, but it makes complete sense. Traxxas has been shipping TONS of batteries with their RTR vehicles now, but a lot of people just put them to the side and toss in a Lipo. Seems like the next step for the big T to get in on getting some of that money for themselves. It sounds like it will be a 3s 8400mah Lipo! WOW! Can’t wait to see what other trucks are coming we can put that in!

We have also head that the next Monster Jam truck will be the Captain’s Curse! This is a decent looking truck, I can only hope Traxxas has listened to us and brings the body down about a inch to where it should be.

We don’t have an official PR on this, so as soon as we get some pictures they will be posted, stay tuned!

Traxxas Monster Jam Replica – Monster Mutt Review

From: Traxxas
Direct Link: Traxxas Monster Jam Replicas – Monster Mutt
Review by Brian.

Traxxas Monster Mutt

When Traxxas announced the Monster Jam Replicas, there were quite a few reactions around the office. I remember telling Cubby that I was going to be driving a monster truck with ears! Cubby just rolled his eyes, and gave me the usual face palm and disapproving head shake. Fine! See if you get to play with the new puppy when it arrives! A few weeks later, we had the Monster Mutt in the office and it was time for testing! Did it win over Cubby’s approval, or has he banished it to the dog house? Keep reading to find out.

Traxxas Monster Mutt

We just picked up the Traxxas Monster Mutt! We really wanted to review one of the new Monster Jam vehicles, and it’s hard to not want the one with the floppy ears!

We just started testing it this weekend, and something that really surprised me, just about everyone who saw it said ‘Hey, where is the tail?’ I’m not sure what the true answer is, but I’m guessing the way this thing wheelies, that tail would last 10 seconds! Anyway, check out the unboxing photos.

You can hit the Traxxas web site for more info on the truck, and we have started testing, so watch for a review soon!!

Update: We uploaded a video from Traxxas of these trucks in action, it’s embedded after the break.  The video sheds some light on other trucks that will be included in the lineup.  You can also expect to find Monster Mutt and Maximum Destruction in addition to Grave Digger and Grinder.  Also, Traxxas is now the “Official RC Truck of Monster Jam.”

Traxxas seems to be big on the officially licensed stuff now-a-days.   The jammin’ monster trucks of Monster Jam are next in line to receive the Traxxas miniaturization treatment.  You can look forward to finding the Advance Auto Parts sponsored Grave Digger and  Grinder right next to all the Stampedes on hobby shop shelves very soon.  Traxxas didn’t stop at just the bodies though, they created a new set of wheels and tires to go along with them.  The wheels are a faux bead-lock style and the tires have been designed to look like the hand-carved tires that all real monster trucks use.  The electronics package will consist of Traxxas’ waterproof XL5 brushed speed control paired to a Titan 12T 550 motor and the TQ 27MHz AM radio system.  A 7-cell NiMH pack and charger are also included.  The announcement doesn’t go into much detail but from the looks of it Traxxas are using the old Stampede 2wd chassis as the basis of these new RTRs.

Hit up the Traxxas web site for more info.