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FS Racing Victory Review

FS Racing Victory Monster Truck Review

Being a bash oriented website, we always welcome the chance to beat on a good monster truck. The last few weeks we’ve gotten the chance to test the FS Racing Victory, an affordable 1/10 scale 4wd. How does it hold up? Does it have enough power? Has does it handle the rough stuff? Read on to find out… Direct Link: [...]


FireBrand Pre-Mounted MT tires

FireBrand RC KOMOTO 2.8 Wheels With Pre-Mounted Cobra M…

New from Fire Brand RC is a set of Cobra 2.8″ Mud Tires pre-mounted on KOMOTO Wheels. The wheels are made from high quality ABS plastic and a medium compound rubber is used on the tires for long lasting performance. The wheels come with a 12mm hex to fit a wide variety of different trucks. A set of four has a [...]



Ultra Affordable 1/10th AMP Line-up From ECX

Aimed right at the bashing crowd is the new 1/10th scale AMP line-up from ECX. The biggest news from the AMP line is price, with both the DB desert buggy and MT monster truck hitting the streets at just $129. Some of the other highlights of the line include- * Waterproof electronics * 2 wheel drive * Everything is included, like AA batteries [...]


Fire Brand RC Banshee Truck Body

Fire Brand RC Banshee Truck Body

Add a distinct new look to your ride with the Multi-Fit Banshee body from Fire Brand RC. Being a multi-fit body means that the body can be installed on a wide variety of different trucks and it comes in clear, ready for your custom paint scheme. A large decal sheet is included, as are window masks and a protective over-spray [...]


HPI Jumpshot MT

HPI Racing Jumpshot MT RTR

The HPI Racing Jumpshot MT was first shown back in Our Nuremburg Show Coverage back in January, but the wait is nearly over as it is expected to start hitting hobby shops next month. The scoop on the Jumpshot MT is this- it’s an affordable 2wd monster truck that uses a twin vertical plate chassis like the legendary Savage. Some of [...]


SRC Hobbies Tires

Belted Monster Truck Tires from SRC Hobbies

Isn’t it cool when you tag the throttle on your brushless truck and the tires expanding into giant pizza cutters? Sure, that might look impressive, but pizza cutters are extremely hard to drive on. To help fight tire expansion, SRC has a pair of new tires that are belted. So who is SRC? They are a new brand from Sweep Racing. [...]


Losi XXL2-E MT

Losi 1/8 LST XXL2-E RTR Brushless 4WD MT with AVC

Ever driven an overpowered monster truck that was nearly impossible to keep on its wheels? The folks at Losi set out to fix that with their new LST XXL2-E. You see the XXL2-E comes with AVC stability control to help put 6S worth of brushless power to the ground. It also comes with the LST’s legendary reputation for toughness and [...]



No Limit RC – 2015 World Finals Photos (Part 2 of 2)

If you missed it, you can catch part one of the photo’s Right Here. There were so many cool vehicles, we wanted to make sure we got most of them in the posts. For anyone who doesn’t know, the No Limit RC guys put on their amazing World Finals at the Diggers Dungeon compound, home of the Grave Digger Monster [...]



No Limit RC – 2015 World Finals Photos (Part 1 of 2)

Every year the No Limit RC guys put on their amazing World Finals at the Diggers Dungeon compound, home of the Grave Digger Monster Truck. This year saw about 350 entries, and our own 3DBill was there snapping pictures of some of the awesome vehicles. There are some incredible monster trucks, pullers, and all sorts of other vehicles ready to [...]


Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Review

Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA Monster Truck Review

When we first saw the Thunder Tiger Kaiser e-MTA a few months ago, we couldn’t wait to get one in our hands. Its body had a nice scale look, it had a big ole’ brushless system inside, and it is one of the first trucks to hit the market with an on-board engine sound module. We’ve been bashing the daylights [...]



Thunder Tiger Kaiser eMTA Unboxing

Since we first heard about it’s upcoming release, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Thunder Tiger Kaiser Monster Truck. When we got the call asking if we’d like the FIRST ONE before anyone else, I could only hope they didn’t hear the extra excitement in my voice. This truck is truly a beast. We like the body style, [...]


Pro-Line Destroyer Monster Truck Tires

Full Details on Pro-Line Destroyer Monster Truck Tires …

After a week of teasing, Pro-Line has released full details on their new Destroyer 2.6″ Monster Truck Tires. * Alternating (chevron) deep grooved tread for scale appearance * Massive forward bite * Designed for maximum performance * Made Pro-Line’s M3 race compound rubber * Lightweight soft white inserts for plush landings * Designed for the ideal tire diameter and width for lighter weight and agility The [...]


LRP Limited Edition S10 Twister 2 MT

LRP Limited Edition S10 Twister 2 Monster Truck

Aimed right at bashers worldwide, LRP has announced their new Limited Edition S10 Twister 2 Monster Truck. The Twister MT is a tenth scale 2wd monster truck designed to be an affordable, yet capable, bash machine. Some of its features include- * Brushed 540 motor with digital LRP ESC * Metal gear diff * Slipper clutch * Splash proof electronics * Complete ball bearings * Robust [...]


GPToys S911 MT

GPTOYS S911 Foxx 2WD 1/12th Monster Truck

New from GPToys is a 1/12th scale monster truck called the S911 Foxx. The Foxx comes as a pre-built RTR that is ready to get your bash on. A 2.4GHz radio comes standard, as does a 800mAh LiFe battery pack. Some of its other features include- * Runtimes up to 10 minutes * Speeds up to 42 km/h * Size- 32 x 26.5 [...]


Thunder Tiger KAISER eMTA Monster Truck

Thunder Tiger KAISER e-MTA Monster Truck

The second big nasty monster truck to be announced by Thunder Tiger this week is the Kaiser e-MTA. Following the theme of scale realism, the Kaiser comes stock with an Engine Sound Module and highly detailed body, roll cage, light buckets, and driver’s helmet. Aluminum shocks and towers help soak up massive jumps, while waterproof electronics make it basher friendly. [...]