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Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Review

THE Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Review

First there was the Traxxas X-Maxx monster truck, then came the 8S Upgrade Kit, now there is the full RTR version of the Traxxas 8S X-Maxx. The newest version of the X-Maxx comes with a load of upgrades over the original, upgrades that are intended to make it faster, stronger, and an overall better bash machine. We’ve been running pack [...]


Team Magic E5 HX Monster Truck

Team Magic E5 HX RTR Monster Truck

After a few weeks of teasing, Team Magic has released details on their newest monster truck, the 1/10 E5 HX RTR. European company HRC Distributing has posted all the details, with some of them being the addition of a 7 LED light system, an over-sized rear wing, and the fact that the truck will be available in four different colors. [...]


LRP Antix MT-1

LRP Antix MT-1 Monster Truck

Recently introduced to the world by LRP is the Antix MT-1 monster truck. The Antix is a 1/12th scale 2wd designed to provide hours of fun bashing in your backyard. The MT-1 comes stock with a LiPo battery and charger that give it 10 to 15 minute run-times. Speeds of 35km/h+ are reachable by the MT-1 and it comes with [...]


Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Unboxing

Unboxing The Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Monster Truck

The new and improved Traxxas 8S X-Maxx Monster Truck is getting ready to hit stores so we took a bunch of pictures while we pulled our test unit out of the box. The 8S version of the X-Maxx comes with loads of upgrades over the previous version, making it even more of a beast. As you can see in the [...]


CEN Racing Colossus XT Mega Monster Truck

CEN Racing Colossus XT Mega Monster Truck

The folks over at CEN Racing have announced the Colossus XT Mega Monster Truck. The latest Colossus is a U.S. exclusive and is now in stock and being distributed by HRP Distributing. The Colossus XT is the same as the new CEN Reeper with the exception of the name and paint scheme on the body. Here are some of its [...]


HPI Savage X SS

Re-Release – HPI Racing Savage X SS Kit

Just announced by HPI Racing is the re-release of the Savage X SS Kit monster truck. The Savage X SS is a beastly nitro burning off-road machine that is legendary in bashing circles. The latest version of the Savage comes with multiple updates including all metal diffs with machine cut gears, super heavy duty drivetrain parts, and a 2.5mm twin [...]


Tekno MT410 Review

Tekno RC MT410 Monster Truck Review

Tekno RC, known best for their 1/8 racing rigs, has decided to make a big splash in the bashing market with the MT410 Monster Truck. The MT410 represents the first bash offering from Tekno and is marketed to be one of the toughest, best handling, monster trucks to ever hit the market. After weeks of bashing, thrashing, and jumping off [...]


HPI Racing Savage XL Flux

HPI Racing Savage XL Flux Monster Truck

Recently announced by HPI Racing is the Savage XL Flux Monster Truck. The latest version of the legendary Savage comes with a 2.5mm XL-Long TVP chassis and XL-Wide suspension arms, plus some other updates. A Flux 2200kV motor provides huge brushless power while its Flux ESC can handle up to 22.2 volts of input power. Here are some of its [...]


Teaser Team Magic Monster Truck

Teaser – Team Magic Monster Truck

Now being teased out of Europe by HRC Distributing is a new monster truck coming from Team Magic. The HRC crew isn’t giving out many details, but the truck will be shown to the world at the upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair. The teaser picture doesn’t show much, just a tough looking front bumper filled with lights. Needless to say the [...]


Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1

Traxxas Original BIGFOOT No. 1

Here ya go folks, nothing says monster truck like the original Bigfoot No.1. Thanks to the folks at Traxxas you will soon be able to get your own Bigfoot No. 1 with a gorgeous looking body and a bash ready chassis. Here is some of the scoop- * Fully licensed Bigfoot No.1 F-100 Ford XLT Ranger body * Fully built and ready [...]


Video Redcat Torture Testing

Video – Outrageous Durability Testing The Redcat TRMT8E BE6S

In case you haven’t received the memo, Redcat Racing has changed. Now days they are super hardcore with their bashing and the video above proves it. The video above contains one of the Most Epic Beatdowns we have ever witnessed. Dare we say that even we didn’t torture out last Redcat review vehicle are badly as the Team Redcat crew [...]


Dynamite SPEEDTREADS Vulture

5 New Monster Truck Tires From Dynamite

Just announced by Dynamite RC are 5 New Monster Truck Tires. Two of the models are designed to fit 1/8 scale monster trucks (Devices and Neutralizor), while the other three fit 1/10th scalers (Vindicator, Vulture, and Speedhawk). All of them will be available pre-mounted for your convenience or as stand alone tires with inserts so that you can glue them [...]


JConcepts Yellow Tribute Monster Truck Wheel

JConcepts Yellow Tribute Monster Truck Wheels

JConcepts has just announced that they will be producing their Tribute Monster Truck Wheels in Yellow. The new bright yellow wheels can certainly help your monster truck stand out in a crowd and have a great scale inspired appearance. * 2.6 x 3.6″ size * Includes multiple off-set adapters * One piece design * Comes with planetary caps & installation hardware Pricing for the yellow [...]


Traxxas E-Maxx Video

Video – Ready For Liftoff With The Traxxas E-Maxx

Recently posted by Traxxas is a new action video for the E-Maxx monster truck. Watch the video above to see some good old fashioned bashing, along with one amazing wall ride, put on by the legendary E-Maxx. The truck in the video is the brushed variant and puts on quite a display while hitting dirt jumps and roosting around corners. To [...]


CEN Racing Reeper Give Away

CEN Racing Reeper Monster Truck Giveaway

Want to be the First Person In The World to own the new CEN Racing Reeper monster truck? If so, Cen is having a give away over on their Facebook page. Use This Link to head over to CEN’s Facebook page to get entered. Whoever wins will certainly be stoked, not only for getting a Reeper for free, but also [...]