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On a recent episode of Mythbusters, they started talking about a video showing someone hydroplaning a motorcycle over a large area of water. They talked about the physics and how it may or may not work, and decided step one was to try it with RC motorcycles!

I’m surprised they didn’t give a call to our own hydroplane expert Craig the Crazy Ramp Builder! That guy can hydroplane anything! As always, it was cool to see someone showing off RC on television, and it seems our friends at Mythbusters usually give us what we want at least a few times a season! Also cool were the scale Jamie and Adam!


They tried a few times, but discovered in the hi-speed video that their RC motorcycle wasn’t hydroplaning, but just cutting through the water and riding the bottom, so they had to up it to a full scale tire. Might have to send this one over to Craig so he can show them how it’s done!

Now with video!

Need to see more RC On TV click the link.

It’s Friday, so that means we need to include a Mystery Link! I’m always surprised when I hear from readers that they didn’t know we had THIS PAGE.

Have you ever tried to hydroplane an RC vehicle? If so.. what? And how did it go? Let us know in the comments below..

Just a heads up that the Atomik RC Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha Motorcycle is on sale now! If you have been thinking about picking one up, now is the time before the sale ends! Click HERE to visit the sale page!

Hit this link for our Atomik RC news with more Brian Deegan goodness!

Ohhh my goodness …ohhh me goodness. Why can’t Kyosho just leave me and my measly bank account alone? Kyosho says this 2nd version of their awesome Mini-Z Moto is now available for your salivating pleasure! I won’t rehash all the specs here but she will come with a 2.4 Radio, E-Gyro, Adjustable Caster Angles, Lipo with Charger and enough smiles to make your jaw hurt!

Click Right Here for all manner of Mini-Z everything!

Duratrax Motorcycle
The folks over at Duratrax have announced a sweet deal when purchasing one of their motorcycles. When you buy a new Duratrax brushless 5th scale DX450 dirtbike or DXR500 street bike by October 31st 2012, you will receive a Free Onyx 6 cell 3000 mah NiMH battery pack. If you are feeling burnt out on the whole car/truck scene, give one of these bikes a try, they are a blast to drive (and jump!). HERE is the link to the official Duratrax page for more information.

Have you read our Duratrax DXR500 motorcycle review? If not, check it out HERE.

atomik rc metal mulisha

Atomik RC has just announced the Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha MM 450 R/C Dirtbike! This is cool. The Atomik RC bikes are pretty fun to drive and bash with, and now they have gone and added some more scale looks and a ‘mini Deegan’. Metal Mulisha fans should be lining up for this one.

Keep reading, as we have embedded a video of it in action!


kyosho mini z motorcycle

We finally got a little more info on the Kyosho 1/18 scale Mini-Z Motorcycle (moto racer) that we broke the news on a while back.

Yes, it is official now! Kyosho will be releasing the MC-01 chassis and it will be called the Mini-Z Moto Racer. The first 1:18 scale motorcycle will be modeled after the YAMAHA YZR-M1.

Some of the features include:

Frequency Hopping Spectrum System (FHSS) 2.4GHZ system with up to 40 bikes operated at once.

E-Gyro equipped and adjustable from the transmitter to speed up or slow down the gyro for either stability or agility.

Full Ball bearing drive train.

Lipo battery and charger included that propels the bike to 12mph and run for about 10 minutes

Available in the U.S. in March and expected to have a street price under $200.

Until March, check out this fun little drifting video after the break..


kyosho mini-z motorcycle

Ok, we are still going to fill this under rumor because there has not been an official announcement yet, BUT word on the street is that Kyosho has a 1/18 scale Mini-Z Motorcycle (moto racer) in the works! A few details: It’s about 4 inches long, will come with 2.4ghz radio, Lipo battery, top speed about 12mph, and ships around March/April. There are one or two other details we have heard, but I think since this isn’t an official announcement, and our info has been on the DL, we will hold off a little bit.

Watching the video, you can see there is some seriously awesome gyroscope technology going on here because it stays up-right at an extremely low speed, and it also looks pretty agile in the turns.

After the break is a video of what may be a prototype version of it in action.

DuraTrax DXR 500 Motorcycle Review

Duratrax DXR 500 Motorcycle

RC Motorcycles are rarely come across our desk, but when they do everyone’s heads turn to see what’s up. There is just something about driving a rc vehicle on two wheels that takes the experience to the next level, that is when you can drive it. Keep reading to see if we can handle the DXR or if it handles us…


Duratrax DXR 500 Motorcycle

We recently got a Duratrax DXR 500 1/5 scale Motorcycle that we will be putting to the test soon. Before the beatings testing starts, it’s time to get a few unboxing photos to remember what it used to looks like.

Make sure you head over to for more info!

Duratrax just posted up a video of their DXR500 1:5 Scale Motorcycle. The video looks pretty cool, and the wheelies this thing pops are impressive. Check it out!

Looks like we are all about videos this weekend.. so watch for another on Sunday. :)

Thunder Tiger SB5 Motorcycle

Jeff was just talking about how much Thunder Tiger news we have been posting, and here we are again. This time it’s about the new 1/5 Scale SB-5 EP Motorcycle. It comes RTR in brushed or brushless form with a 2.4GHz radio. The brushed version will feature the 17T 540 motor and Velosci-RS ESC or you can go brushless with IBL 36/39-540C motor and BLC-40C speed control.

The Brushed version of the SB-5 will run about $399 retail, with the brushless going for $449. Expect these prices to be a little lower when they hit the market in July of 2011. Check out the Thunder Tiger website for more info.

Aching to burn up a little pavement 2-wheel style? DuraTrax has the cure with their new DXR 500 1/5 Scale RTR Brushless EP Motorcycle. The flywheel gyro makes it easy for anyone to run at any speed while stile maintaining control. The bike comes with front air fork shocks, an oil-filled rear shock, and a brushless 3800kv motor with a lipo-ready ESC. You only need a battery as the 2.4GHz radio system comes pre-installed as well. The DXR 500 should be available anytime in four different colors for right around $400.

Hit the link to jump over to Duratrax and check out all the specs of this new pavement peeler.

From: Venom Racing
Direct Link: Venom VMX 450
Review by Brian.

Venom VMX BikeSo we recently got our hands on a Venom Racing VMX 450 1/4 RC Dirt Bike!

From the moment I opened the box, I was pretty excited about this motorcycle. First off, it’s big. There have been a bunch of 1/5 scale motorcycles going around lately, and let me tell you, the difference between a 1/5 scale and 1/4 scale is huge. Bigger is better, right?