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Mugen Seiki MTC1

Mugen Seiki MTC1 Touring Car

Looking for a new high-end touring car? If so, Mugen Seiki has just announced the MTC1. The MTC1 is designed to win races and is loaded with the latest in touring car technology. * 4wd using dual drive belts * Zero tweak flex system * Big bore shocks * One piece motor mount * Aerodynamic front bumper * Laser etched, aluminum diff housing and shocks * Adjustable [...]


Pro-Line Predator Clear Body MBX7R ECO

Pro-Line Predator Clear Body For The MBX7R ECO

Put the latest style on your Mugen MBX7R ECO while increasing performance with the latest Predator series clear body from Pro-Line Racing. This is the body that Adam Drake chooses to run on his Mugen and was designed to give your buggy the clearance it needs for big 4S LiPo battery packs. The body includes multiple air vent holes and [...]


JConcepts Finnisher Mugen Truggy

JConcepts Mugen MBX-7TR Finnisher Clear Body

Need a new body for your Mugen MBX-7TR truggy? If so, JConcepts has announced a Finnisher series clear body for you. The Finnisher for the big Mugen is an original JConcepts design and is a drop on fit. * Pre-dimpled mounting holes * Blended wing/body design * Comes with protective film, window masks, and decal sheet * Cab forward, raked windshield design * Large center [...]


JConcepts Associated Mugen Front Scoop

JConcepts Mugen And Associated Front Scoop

New from JConcepts is a Front Scoop for the Team Associated RC8B3 and Mugen MBX-7R. The front scoop replaces the stock nose-cone and is used to enhance steering in high speed sections. It can also help while jumping and comes with 2 scoops per package. The clear polycarbonate scoop can be left clear, painted, or frosted, depending on what style [...]


ProStar RC Wing Arms

ProStar RC Wing Arms

Are you a 1/8th scale buggy driver? If so, ProStar RC has announced Front Suspension Wing Arms. The wing arms are designed to give your buggy more front downforce in high speed sections. The upper arms and wings are made from a super tough nylon and are available in a large variety of colors to fit buggies like the Mugen [...]


Mugen MTX6R 1/10 Nitro Touring Car

Mugen MTX-6R 1/10 Nitro Touring Car

Just announced by the crew over at Mugen is the MTX-6R. The MTX-6R is a 1/10th scale 200mm nitro kit for high-end racing, or going ridiculously fast around your cul-de-sac. Some of the highlights on the new MTX-6R include- * New chassis that is easy to mount center weights on * New thicker bulkhead brace * New front bumper mounting holes * Short carbon [...]


Mugen MBX7TR Eco Truggy

Mugen Seiki Announce MBX7TR & MBX7TR Eco Truggies

1/8 truggies are great machines for racing, but they also make good bashers. The latest 8th scale truggies to hit the market come from Mugen Seiki with their nitro powered MBX7TR and the electric MBX7TR Eco. Both truggies feature numerous upgrades from the previous version for better handling and improved durability. Some of the new stuff includes- * 16mm hard anodized [...]


Mugen MTG7 GT Touring Cars

Mugen MGT7 1/8th Electric ECO and Nitro GT On Road Cars

New from Mugen for the GT racing scene are the nitro powered MGT7 and the electric MGT7 ECO. Both are based off the world championship winning MBX7 platform and both should make excellent pavement scorchers. The body mounts are very adjustable, making it easy to mount up the body of your choice, while both offer low center of gravity designs [...]


Mugen MBX7R Buggy

Mugen Seiki MBX7R 1/8 Nitro Buggy

The 8th scale buggy World Championships are quickly approaching. As such, expect to see a lot of new products being announced for debut at the big event. Mugen knows what it takes to win world championships and they have just announced their latest uber race machine, the MBX7R. The 7R is based off the highly praised MBX7, with updates and refinements [...]


Mugen MTX-6 Nitro Touring Car

Mugen MTX-6 4wd Nitro Touring Car

Mugen has a long history of high-end 10th scale nitro touring cars, their latest is the MTX-6. The MTX-6 starts with a new chassis and has many updates over the previous model. The updates were designed to make it more durable, to give it more steering, and to generally make it a better overall car for club racers. Some of [...]



Teaser – Mugen MBX7T and MBX7T-ECO

There are a pair of new truggies from Mugen Seiki coming out this spring, the nitro powered MBX7T and the electric MBX7T ECO. As per the usual with Mugen, you can expect both versions to be high end race oriented machines, with specific upgrades and price points to be announced soon. You never know what you are going to get with [...]


Mugen MRX5 WC-Spec 8th Scale On-Road Nitro Kit

Mugen MRX5 WC-Spec 8th Scale On-Road Kit

Want to go fast, like really fast? If so, an 8th scale on-road car should be on your list. They have a lot of top speed and are on rails in the corners. The crew over at Mugen Seiki have just announced their latest 8th scale on-road car, the MRX5 WC-Spec edition. The WC-Spec edition comes with a bunch of upgrades [...]


Mugen Seiki MBX7 8th Scale Nitro buggy Kit

New- Mugen Seiki MBX7 Nitro 8th Scale Buggy Kit

Mugen Seiki are known for producing some of the most elite 8th scale off-roaders on the market, and today they have officially announced their new MBX7 Kit. This is an 8th scale, 4wd nitro buggy that should offer world class performance on the track, or be one tough customer while busting huge tricks at your local bash spot. It utilizes [...]


acer bearings

Acer Racing Now Selling Vehicles

In the market for a new RC vehicle? One of the first things on your hop-up list a bearing set? Well the people over at Acer Racing want to help. Acer Racing is now selling vehicles at comparable prices and are including their bearings with the vehicle at basically no cost! They have a bunch of vehicles to choose [...]