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RPM Rear A-arms Traxxas Nitro SlashIf you want to toughen up your Traxxas Nitro Slash, RPM has just announced new rear a-arms for your truck. These are molded from RPM’s legendary plastic and have eliminated all the unused mounting holes to make them much stronger than the stock parts. Also of note, they are 20% lighter than the stock arms, less weight with greater durability is a great thing.

The arms have a part number of #73652, they are street priced at $11, and you can Click Right Here to get more details over on RPM’s website.

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STRC Traxxas Nitro Slash Hop-ups
ST Racing Concepts (STRC) makes some of our favorite aluminum hop-up parts. If you look over the Bash Crew’s personal rigs, you’ll find STRC parts in all the critical areas.

The STRC crew has just announced some new aluminum upgrade parts for the Traxxas Nitro Slash 2wd, electric Slash 2wd, and LCG Slash 4×4.

The CNC machined #ST4434 aluminum rear chassis brace for Nitro Slash helps reduce flex and is priced at $22.

Also new are aluminum engine mounts for the Nitro Slash. These are also CNC machined from aluminum with a part number of #ST4460 and a price of $29.

STRC also has new aluminum rear a-arms that fit both the electric Slash 2wd and the Nitro Slash. The rear arms come with delrin inserts and hinge pins with a part number of #ST2555G and are priced at $34.

New for the LCG Slash 4×4 is a heavy duty CNC machine aluminum motor mount. The mount is much beefier than stock and is available in a range of different colors. The part number is #ST7460 and it has a street price of $39.

Finally, the popular STRC shock shaft pliers are now available all murdered out in stealth black anodizing. The part number is #ST22353BK and they are priced at $20

The weekend is nearly here, click on THIS BigSquidRC mystery link to kick your weekend off right.

rpm rc products
The good guys over at RPM RC Products have just released a list of their existing products that will bolt right up on the new Traxxas Nitro Slash 2wd. The list is long, filled with RPM products that can make a rather boring stock Nitro Slash into a much tougher customized rig.

Here are the part numbers-

70322- Shock Spring Clips Black
70325- Shock Spring Clips Blue
73152- Spring Cups Black
73155- Spring Cups Blue
73157- Spring Cups Yellow
73158- Spring Cups Purple
80242- Front Arms Black
80244- Front Arms Green
80245- Front Arms Blue
80332- Body Savers Black
80341- Body Savers White
80372- Front Bearing Carriers Black
80401- Shock Shaft Guards White
80402- Shock Shaft Guards Black
80404- Shock Shaft Guards Green
80405- Shock Shaft Guards Blue
80430- Medium to Heavy Shock Pistons
80511- Long Rod Ends White
80512- Long Rod Ends Black
80515- Long Rod Ends Blue
80712- Caster Blocks Black
80732- Rear Bearing Carriers Black
80862- Rear Shock Tower
80882- Front Shock Tower
80922- Roof Mount Light Bar Black
80923- Roof Mount Light Bar Chrome
80925- Roof Mount Light Bar Blue
80952- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Black
80953- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Chrome
80955- Front Bumper and Skid Plate Blue
80982- Light Canister Black
80983- Light Canister Chrome
81122- Adjustable Front Body Mounts
81142- Adjustable Rear Body Mounts
82322 – Front Wheel
82323 – Front Wheel
82332 – Rear Wheel
82333 – Rear Wheel

For more information on all of the RPM’s outstanding products visit their official website HERE.

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nitro slash hop ups

Need some more hop-ups for your Traxxas Nitro Slash? We just got word from GH Racing that they now have a link to all the parts that will fit the Nitro Slash. So if you are looking for some aluminum hop-up bling click here.

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st racing concepts traxxas nitro slash hop-ups
Plan on adding a new Traxxas Nitro Slash to your rc garage this year? Lucky for you, ST Racing Concepts already has hop-up parts available and they have more on the way. Many of the parts from the electric Slash work on the Nitro version, hence the reason STRC has plenty of bling-bling goodness ready to go. Hit up THIS link on STRC’s website to see all the parts already available.

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Traxxas Nitro Slash

Our own 3DBill stopped by the Hobby Town in Orland Park, IL. and snapped a few pictures of the new Traxxas Nitro Slash. First impressions were decent, though he’s not a nitro guy at all. Apparently he’s waiting for a gas version. I don’t suggest holding your breath on that one. I’m not so sure I like the looks of that battery box hanging out back there. The way we play demo derby, I hope that thing is bullet proof.

Enjoy the pics.

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Traxxas 2wd Nitro Slash 44054
It has been a few days since we posted the rumor, but Traxxas has finally released full information on their new 2wd Nitro Slash. The Nitro Slash comes with the powerful TRX 3.3 engine, and should be nuclear fast at your favorite bash spot. Some of the highlights of the new Nitro Slash are-

* TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
* High-Torque steering and throttle servos
* Oil filled ultra shocks
* Dual stage air filter
* Slipper clutch
* Officially licensed BFGoodrich tires
* Race Replica SCT wheels with color-coordinated centers and beadlock trim
* Metal gear diff
* Double deck 6061-T6 aluminum and composite chassis
* Aggressive, authentic Pro 2WD body design
* TRX® 3.3 engine with EZ-Start® electric starting
* Tuned exhaust system with blue-anodized aluminum header
* Compact enclosed receiver box
* High-flow dual-stage air filter
* Large capacity 150cc fuel tank
* Heavy-duty drivetrain with rubber-sealed ball bearings
* Ready-To-Race® with race replica factory-finished and decaled body
* Gear ratio- 2.81
* Length- 22.24″
* Track- 11.65″
* Height- 7.4″
* Wheelbase- 13.07″
* Weight- 7.78 lbs
* Includes- EZ-Start® Power Cell and Charger, Fuel Bottle, Extra Glow Plug and Air Filter, Precision Tool Set
* Part #44054

Updated Price:
Street price for the Nitro Slash is said to be right at $600 $399 and you can expect a late January release date. For more information hit up the Traxxas Website.

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