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2016 Futaba O.S. Nitro Challenge

Coming In August, Futaba/O.S. Nitro Challenge

BigSquidRC is all about bashing, you very rarely see us promoting an actual “race” style event. However, the BSRC Bash Crew has attended the Futaba/O.S. Nitro Challenge since its inception. It is a HUGE 1/8th scale nitro race that attracts some of the best racers in the world. Plus, it is held at a track that we test at on [...]


Tamiya TG10-Mk.2FN

Tamiya TG10-Mk.2FN Nitro Chassis Kit

New from the crew over at Tamiya is the TG10-Mk.2FN nitro on-road kit. The TG10-Mk.2FN has a narrow chassis layout, thus giving a proper look when used with the more traditional 190mm touring car bodies. A Tamiya FS-12FN nitro engine comes standard and features a slide carb, recoil starter, and die cast heat sink. * New narrow suspension arms * Shaft driven [...]


HB D815 V2

HB D815 V2 Nitro Buggy Kit

Recently announced by HB Europe is the D815 V2 1/8 nitro race buggy kit. The version 2 of the D815 buggy comes with a slew of upgrades to help it handle better and perform better on the track. Perhaps the biggest news is that the V2 comes with two chassis plates- the regular and a 4mm longer version that savvy [...]


XRay XB8 2016

2016 XRay XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

During the summer time, 8th scale nitro racing rules the outdoor tracks. To compete in the outdoor wars, XRay has announced the updated 2016 version of the XB8 Buggy Kit. The XB8 uses high-end construction materials and was designed for elite track performance. The latest edition of the XB8 has a plethora of all new parts, some of them include- * [...]


Serpent Cobra 1/8 Race Roller

Serpent Announces Two New 1/8 On-Road Cars

New from the crew at Serpent is the electric powered Cobra GT Raceroller and the nitro powered Cobra GT Cup-Version. Both are pre-assembled race rollers that require electronics before hitting the track, but were made to be affordable, entry level cars into the class. Both versions are highly upgrade-able and come with Dragon-RC on-road tires. The Cobra GT Raceroller requires radio [...]


Kyosho INFERNO NEO ST Race Spec 2.0 KT-331P

Kyosho INFERNO NEO ST Race Spec 2.0 With KT-331P Radio

For you guys that love the smell of nitro in the morning, Kyosho has recently announced the Inferno Neo ST 2.0 w/ KT-331P Radio. Kyosho’s latest readyset truggy comes fully assembled and sports one of the nicest RTR radios that you will find, the KT-331P. The radio is of course a 2.4GHz unit, but also sports a nice little LCD [...]


2016 XRay XB8

XRay 2016 XB8 Nitro On-Road Car

Some of the fastest, craziest, racing in the rc world is found in 1/8th scale on-road. 4wd 8th scalers are insanely fast, plus they can handle like they are on rails. Designed to win at any level of racing, the new 2016 XB8 from XRay is a great example of a high-end 8th scale nitro on-roader. Some of the updates [...]


O.S. Gold Edition 21

O.S. Speed 21 XZ-B Spec II Gold Edition Nitro Engine

Who said nitro was dead? In fact, we saw more nitro burners at our bash last weekend than we’ve seen in recent years. The 8th scale nitro racing community is also having solid turnouts, thus the need for 8th scale race engines like the one recently announced by O.S. Engines. The crew at O.S. have released information on a Gold [...]


Serpent Cobra SRX8 Buggy

Serpent Cobra SRX8 1/8 Nitro Buggy

While Serpent sure did some teasing with the new SRX8 1/8th Nitro Buggy, they have now released full details. Just in time for nitro buggy season, the SRX8, designed in part by Billy Easton, is ready to dominate at your local track. What is the scoop? * New larger gear diff cases that hold more oil * Diffs have built in pressure [...]


XRay NT1 2016

2016 XRay NT1 Nitro On-Road Kit

One way of fulfilling your need for speed is to get a smoking fast on-road car. Nitro 4wd tenth scalers are extremely quick around a track, or a cul-de-sac. The latest to hit the market is the 2016 edition of the XRay NT1. The NT1 has long been one of the most elite cars in its class, the list of [...]


Dynamite Blue Thunder

New Nitro Fuel From Dynamite

Some people like the pure power of brushless, while others like the sound, smell, and high revving excitement of nitro. For all you nitro fans out there, Dynamite RC has announced two new Blue Thunder Fuels. The first is a Blue Thunder HP8 blend that is specially formulated for high performance 1/8th scale engines. This 9% caster-enhanced blend provides crisp throttle [...]


Kyosho Durability Testing

Video – Kyosho MP9 TKI4 Durability Testing

What happens when you take a world championship caliber driver out to the track and durability test the new Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4? Find out in the video shown above. While the MP9 TKI4 was designed to crush the lap record at your local track, you’ll see in the video that it was also designed to take a good beating [...]


Serpent Cobra GT 3.0

2 New Cobra GT 3.0 Cars From Serpent

Got an 8th scale on-road itch that you just can’t scratch? Maybe the new cars from Serpent can give you some relief. Serpent has announced a pair of newly updated Cobra GT 3.0 4wd 1.8th scale on-road cars. The 3.0 GTE (#600048) is the electric powered version, while 3.0 GT GP (#600047) is propelled by nitro power. What’s the scoop [...]


Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4

Full Details – Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4

Kyosho did a bit of teasing with their new Inferno MP9 TKI4 1/8th scale nitro buggy, but now full details have been announced. Like previous versions, the TKI4 is sure to be a premium contender at racetracks across the world this summer. So, what are some of the changes? * 1.5mm X 5 hole shock pistons * Larger receiver box opening * Improved [...]



Video – Kyosho Mad Force Kruiser 2.0

Check out the bashing antics of the Mad Kruiser 2.0 VE and GP (Nitro) in the new video from Kyosho. Set in a genuine bashing area filled with mud, rocks, and jumps, the Kyosho crew airs out both of the new Kruisers for your enjoyment. The video also showcases some of their features, like the Orion brushless system in the [...]