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Novak Wire Stripper Cutter
If you are an avid hobbyist, chances are you do a lot of solding on your cars and trucks. There is nothing like having the proper tool to get a job done right so the crew over at Novak have announced a Wire Stripper and Cutter Tool. Some of its features include-

* Built in cutter
* Comfortable handles
* Blades automatically adjust to wire
* Has screw to adjust jaw tension

The part number is #5880, they are street priced at $18, and they are available right now. Get complete details Right Here on Novak’s website.

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Novak Brushless ESC
The “top-of-the-line” Pulse V2 Pro from Novak has received updates to both hardware and firmware to be more adjustable and to increase performance. The Novak crew has designed the Pulse V2 Pro to be robust, able to handle the heaviest of loads while on track. It has a part number of #1756, a street price of $209, and should start hitting hobby shops in mid March. Hit This Link for complete information.

The Novak GTB 3 has been redesigned as well. A host of hardware changes, including on-board power capacitors, help make the spec racing GTB 3 more powerful and efficient than before. The GTB 3 has a part number of #1747, a street price of $129, and will also start hitting dealers in mid March. For more information simply click This Link on the official Novak website.

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Novak RCThe folks over at Novak recently announced a change in ownership, now they have announced that they will become exclusively distributed by Hobbico/Great Planes in North and South America. Hit up This Link to visit the official Novak website, and check out the official announcement below.

“We are proud to announce that Novak R/C has partnered with Hobbico/Great Planes to exclusively distribute our full line in North and South America. This partnership will allow us to focus our strengths in design and manufacturing, while welcoming Hobbico’s distribution and marketing expertise.

Hobbico has distributed Novak products for over 25 years, and is the industry leader. We are committed to providing dealers and customers with premier electronic speed controls, motors, and accessories, and have plans for releasing several exciting products in 2014. We will be working more closely with Hobbico on its marketing efforts to keep dealers up to date so they have the information and knowledge to better serve our customers.

This exclusive distributor partnership goes into effect on January 20, 2014″

Novak RC
Novak Electronics has gone through some changes recently. Now they have a new name, Novak R/C Inc, and some different people in ownership positions. Check out the press release below for the full scoop, and click Here to visit the Novak website.

“Effective January 1, 2014, Novak Electronics, Inc. will be operating under a new entity named Novak R/C, Inc. Bob Novak, President and co-founder of Novak Electronics will retain partial ownership in the new company, and will continue to focus his efforts in product development. Bob’s daughters, Linda Novak Logan and Laura Novak-Roesgen, and Novak’s Engineering Director, Adnan Khan, all whom have been with Novak Electronics for over 25 years, complete the ownership. The management and design teams for Novak R/C will remain the same.

“We are excited for Novak R/C to continue the Novak legacy and bring innovative product to our customers. We will also maintain the high level of standards of customer service on all Novak products,” commented Bob Novak.”

novak update

Wanted to give a heads up that the Team Novak webpage has gotten a pretty serious overhaul. There is a lot of good info up there, and the page makes products very easy to find. If you have a moment, head on over to the Novak Webpage and take a look. Make sure to tell them we said hello.

Looking for more news from Team Novak? Click Here.

What a couple of pleasant looking fellows, eh? We stopped by the Novak booth to take a look at their newly announced Impact brushless ESC. You can read the announcement here. While the Impact was billed in the announcement as a small ESC, we were kinda surprised at just how small it is. Tiny would be a more appropriate word. We also got a chance to look at their still relatively new Activ8 ESC for 1/8 scale brushless buggies and truggies. It’s not so tiny. But both have plenty of great features. Check out the pics below, then head on over to the Novak web site for more info.


Novak Electronics is introducing the smallest, most complete and feature-packed brushless ESC to date. The Impact Racing Brushless ESC with X-Drive is 1.15” x 0.95” square, 0.75 oz., and feature 1s-2s lipo and 4-6 nimh compatibility.  It is a sensor-based brushless ESC.  It comes prewired with Novak Super Flex  14-guage wires.  The part I like “These power wires don’t just have a 14 printed on them─ they are top-quality, Novak Super-Flex wires.”  It includes Novak’s All-New Super Tuner™ Interface which allows for extensive on-board tuning options via 5 different-colored LEDs. Nothing extra is needed in your toolbox.  No need for special programmers or a laptop.   This will be compatible with all popular 2-pole, 540-size sensored motors.  More info after the jump


Looks like Novak is now shipping the Diablo Dual Battery Brushless 550 System. This setup is Novak’s answer to all those 1/10th scale trucks that use dual 2S LiPo setups like the Traxxas E-Maxx or HPI E-Savage. It’s supposed to be easy to use/setup with 3 different modes. Default gives you full driving power with 50% reverse power. Standard gives full driving and full reverse power. Finally, Limited is setup for training, first time users with limited power. We like that option a lot since we are always lending our vehicles to newbies! The first two modes also include BASH BOOST which will give you even more power when the motor reaches it’s ideal RPM. The system also comes wired with a Traxxas battery connector. Sounds like they have been reading the Big Squid RC wishlist!

Head on over to the Novak website for a bunch more details.

Novak GTB X Drive Ballistic System A new combo from Novak is the Novak GTB 2 X-Drive LP ESC and Ballistic Brushless motor. The GTB 2 is a sensor-based esc built for all non-timing spec style classes for 2WD buggy racing. You can get it with either a 8.5T or 17.5T motor which are all spec legal.

Head on over to the Novak website for more details.

novak club system New from Novak is a new brushless esc and motor combo. The Novak Club Sensored ESC and Sensored Brushless Motor has a huge list of features. The One-Touch and Go universal driving profile, lipo battery protection, very small and lightweight esc, built on the novak EDGE 2S platform, and sensor-based design for optimal driving. They have 17.5T and 25.5T versions for all you club racers out there.

Head on over to the Novak website for more details on their Club System.


Novak Timbuk2 Wraith Ed.

Just got an Axial Wraith RTR and was wondering if you guys have tested or reviewed the Novak Timbuk2 Wraith Edition?? Some of the crawler forums out there are saying that the Novaks are junk and to stay away. What do you guys think of this system, and Novak in general.


Cubby- Hey what’s up Kale, and thanks for the email.

So… is the Novak Timbuk2 junk and should you stay away? I have not personally used one, so I will not say one way or the other.

What do we think of Novak in general? Pretty much like any speedo manufacture they have had a few issues over the years, but the majority of their product has worked fine. We tested a couple of their systems last year and both worked flawlessly.

Btw… I think too few people realize that the “perfect” system for one person may be much different than the perfect system for another. You see on forums all the time that one guy will argue “brand X” is far and away the best, which it might very well be for him, but nobody mentions that “brand Y” might very well be a better system for the masses. What I’m trying to say is don’t put too much weight into what you read on forums (or anywhere on the net for that matter, including BSRC), first hand experience is certainly the best way to go. In the case of the Novak Timbuk2 Wraith Edition that might mean you’ll have to spend your cash and try it for yourself, but hopefully you can get lucky and pull trigger on it at a local rc crawling spot. Either way, if you get one shoot us an email and let us know how it worked out for ya.

Cub is biased
When you review cheap lipos you always use smaller mah packs that make them look weak when compared to over priced batteries name brand batteries. All your battery reviews are biased and you should use bigger packs to make things equal.
Billy t.

Cubby- Hey Billy thanks for the email.

Why am I so biased? I believe in the old adage “If someone says you should trust them, that’s when you run!”. So I am not going to say I am not biased (and expect anyone to believe me). LOL. However, our entire crew goes to great lengths to be as unbiased as we possibly can be. Trust is something earned, not given. If I haven’t (or if BigSquid as a whole) earned your trust, just keep on reading and perhaps someday you will believe what we say. Or, if we never earn your trust, so be it, this is America, you can believe what ya want. :)

Why do we test small capacity “cheap” Lipo’s? We get our batteries two ways for reviews- the manufactures send us packs, or we go out and buy them. In the case the manufacture sends us a pack, we review what they send us. In the case we have to buy packs we purchase the best available. As you are probably aware, a manufacture may sell a 7000 mah 200C, but if they are out of stock we can’t test it. If the best pack they have in stock is a 4000 mah 15C that’s what we review. Simple as that.

Btw Billy, in case you missed it check out our 4S Lipo Shootout . The pack with the largest capacity didn’t take the overall win, neither did the pack with the highest “C” rate, and neither did the most expensive pack. But even then, the overall winner of our shootout may not be the best pack for you. Everyone is different and has different priorities. I’ve always encouraged people that read our shootouts, to omit the categories you don’t care about, and total up your own custom winner. For instance, you may only care about voltage under load, in that case the Thunder Power would be the pack you want. Or you may only care about price, in that case the Turnigy would be your winner.

Peace and love, peace and love…. LOL

That’s it for this week ya’ll, shoot me your questions, comments, meltdowns, etc to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com!

YOUR Cub Reporter

Cubby If you were lucky enough to attend the LA Supercross Saturday night you were treated to one heck of an EPIC 450 main event with Chad Reed lay’n down the smack on Dungey/Villopotto/Stewart. Reedy was on fire for the win, Dungey put in solid laps to finish second, RV2 crashed early but blasted through the pack to fourth, and Bubba has now crashed in all 3 main events of the 2012 season (but did end up 3rd on the podium).

Unfortunately… if you were at LA you also would have seen two of the sports finest riders get seriously injured (and some inappropriate behavior by Feld to keep the audience “pumped up” while the two downed riders were being carted off the track after the race was red flagged). On the first lap of the 450 main Ryan Morais and Trey Canard had a burly accident over the first triple, the worst I’ve ever seen at a Supercross. Ryan suffered fractures to his C1, C2, C6, C7, T1, jaw and ribs. Trey fractured his T10 and T12 and is said to be having surgery on Thursday. Both are reported to have feeling and movement in their extremities, but give’em a prayer if you can, they can use it. Injuries to those guys (and thousands of others each year) in full scale racing should also serve as a remind to all of us that we are indeed just racing toy cars and there is Never an instance to flip out on the drivers stand for ANY reason. If guys that put their lives on the line every time the gate drops can maintain their composure through rough days at the track, guys that have virtually nothing on the line should be all smiles and kittens, no matter how many times the local hack us out.

On a different note…

I heard Jeff’s 0/10 score on his RedCat review ignited some real “intense talk” on some of the message boards. Hey, that’s what the net is for, everybody expressing their opinion, good, bad, smart, dumb, or straight-up ugly. I haven’t read any of the threads dedicated to his review, heck, I have yet to read his review, LOL, all I know is what I heard about his testing around the office- the truck broke ALL THE FREAK’N time. Jeff would drive it, it would break, he’d wait for parts, then drive it a few more minutes and it would break again, and the ugly cycle would continue. I kept riding Jeff’s a$$ to post the review weeks ago after it broke the first few times, but Jeff insisted on giving it more time hoping the early breakage was just flukes (unfortunately they were not). Craig tested a couple RedCats that didn’t break a lot, but the unit Jeff performed like it was molded out of glass. BSRC doesn’t get paid a penny extra if a product is awesome or if it sucks, we are just here to report what happens when we drive’em, love it for hate it, that’s how it works around here.

Speaking of reviews… I hear this weeks Tuesday review is a recent Losi release, and that Brian, “Wrench” Bill and “3D” Bill absolutely, positively, gave it one of the most severe tests (read- unnecessary beatings) in the history of BSRC. Humm…. that should be fun to read, I am looking forward to that one myself. :)

I am not a fan of unboxing videos, most are simply way too long (read- BORING) and I just don’t have the time to waste. Brian isn’t a big fan of unboxing vids either, so that’s why we normally just do pics- you can view’em in a few seconds and get on with your day. Well… somebody (read- me!) came up with a wacky idea for an unboxing vid for the new Duratrax DXR8-E electric 8th scale “race” buggy. Look for it on Tues or Weds, LOL, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

In product news….

Remember KO Propo? Ya, the company that used to put out popular high end transmitters? The KO name dipped out of the spotlight for a couple years, but they are back with an all new high end transmitter called the EX-1 K.I.Y. featuring a modular “customize it yourself” system. You can set the wheel high or low, you can adjust the angle of the display, there are both right and left hand versions, and you can even elect to use a stick for steering instead of a wheel. The styling is definitely for the Borg crowd, but I dig how it looks much better than their older EX-10 Eurus (which is looking quite dated now days). It’s sweet seeing some new competition for the uber transmitter crown, which at this point means going up against the Futaba 4PKS and Spektrum DX3R Pro. Also good to see I don’t have to attach my cell phone to it to use the uber features.

Speaking of cell phones on transmitters… Traxxas began shipping their XO-1 “supercar” to hobby shops last week. We’ll probably get ours sometime around October, that’s how much pull we have over at Traxxas, LOL. Does Traxxas just hate us that much, or do they know all we are going to do is jump it off the roof of the nearest 3 story building? Humm… I wonder… :)

Novak released info on some new rotors for their brushless motors that use Samarium Cobalt magnets instead of Neodymium. The Cobalt magnets can take higher temps than Neo, good news for you guys that like gearing your motors to the moon. If you are a basher the scoop is this- they are less prone to be damaged by heat, but aren’t quite as strong as the Neo units that typically come in brushless motors. If you are constantly overheating your motor and ruining your magnet/rotor, you’ll want to look into the new Novak rotors.

The good guys (and gals!) over at Pro Line announced Square Fuzzy tires are coming back with a vengeance ! Oh the sweet memories of races gone by where Square Fuzzies were absolutely glued to the track, can’t wait to lay my hands on some of the new ones.

Yes, that’s it for this week! Support your hobby, local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

novak x-drive

Our friends from Novak just sent out a little PR that their GTB 2 ESC’s now incorporate their X-Drive technology. This new technology is a software/hardware combination that does their motor-firing. It improves on throttle, braking and operating temperatures. The GTB 2 is a good 1/10th scale brushless system. You can read our GTB 2 Review Here if you are looking for more info.

Head on over to the Novak website for more details on their X-Drive update.