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hpi super 5sc


Have a need for a giant electric rc? HPI Racing  just announced at the Nuremberg show the HPI Super 5SC Flux. So if you want to run everyone over at a high rate of speed, this 5th scale short course will be just the thing! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 [...]


coyote db

HPI Racing Coyote DB

Building on the Mini Trophy Truck line, HPI Racing  has posted the first picture of the Coyote DB at the Nuremberg 2012 show. This Desert Buggy looks like it’s going to be 1/12th scale, and share a lot in common with the MTT. We will update with details if there is anything unique. Check the official HPI Racing site in [...]


savage flux xs ss

Savage Flux XS SS

HPI Racing  seems to be ruling the Nuremberg show this year with all sorts of new releases. This one the HPI Savage Flux XS SS. I suddenly feel we need a ‘say it, don’t spray it’ category. Anyway, there are not a lot of details, but it sounds like this is going to be more of a kit version. [...]


hot bodies rock crawler

Hot Bodies Competition Rock Crawler

A sneak peak from the Nuremberg show, it looks like Hot Bodies is going to throw their hat into the RC Rock Crawling arena with the introduction of their new Competition Rock Crawler. Only time will tell if Axial has some ‘Competition’ on their hands. The Hot Bodies website other info. Watch for our Nuremberg show coverage this week.


hpi gas apache c1

HPI 1/8th Scale Gas Engine Fits Everything?

Remember a while back when HPI Racing  hinted that they were going to go to gas soon ? Well 5 months later, here we are, and here is HPI’s new 1/8th scale gas engine! What’s really cool, is that it looks like they are planning for it to fit a lot of their 1/8th scale vehicles. They have a Gas Savage [...]


Random Nuremberg Imagery

I was just going through all of the images we got from the Toy Fair, making sure I didn’t miss anything important. I believe I’ve exhausted most, if not all, of the big R/C news so I figured I’d throw this post together with some of the extras. The Nuremberg Toy Fair is more than just R/C, it’s [...]


More from Nuremberg – Kyosho Booth

Kyosho had a pretty substantial booth at Nuremberg, and they were showing off a ton of product.  Some of it has been seen before, some are new updates to existing products.  Mostly they dedicated their show to announcing price points for products that will be new to the European market.  One item of note is their Inferno VE Race Spec, [...]


Robitronic’s Nuremberg News

Robitronic unveiled their all new electric 1/8 scale buggy, the Vision, at Nuremberg.  The Vision has been designed from the ground up for brushless power, it’s not just a simple conversion of a nitro buggy.  The chassis is carbon fiber, with alloy inlays to aid in heat dissipation, one unique feature among many on this car.  Robitronic is also touting [...]


Nuremberg Schumacher news

Schumacher’s big news at the show was their prototype 1/10 scale 4wd buggy, the CAT SX3.  The all new mid-motor layout and LiPo saddle pack configuration is said to offer great weight balance and much more agility.  The inline motor and wheel rotation also aid in creating better jumping characteristics.  It will be offered in two verions, the C/F Pro [...]


Team XRAY Nuremberg news wrapup

The biggest new item from XRAY at the Toy Fair was their prototype 1/8 scale brushless truggy, the XT8E.  They were characteristically tight-lipped about specs, features, release timeframe, and cost at this early point, but it should be a cool new entry in a rather small segment.  Being XRAY, the XT8E is sure to be an all carbon fiber race-bred [...]


Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 4WD Monster Truck

If there was any new truck coming of the Nuremberg Toy Fair that could make the basher in Bill jump for joy, it’s the picture of this new monster truck from Thunder Tiger. Seriously, to a basher, this sandwich cage says ‘Bring it On!’. It’s an electric, brushless, RTR monster truck called the MT4 G3, it’s due out in [...]


HPI updating Savage X 4.6

Another announcement from the HPI camp at the big German toy fair is an update to the Savage X 4.6.  Quite a bit has been changed in this new version, it now comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system, waterproof servos, a new body style with all new graphics, and most importantly more durable diff gears with a larger tooth [...]


HPI showing “Mini Savage” prototype at Nuremberg Toy Fair

HPI is taking their ultimate basher and scaling it down.  Right now they are referring to it as the “Small Scale” Savage.  It’s a completely new design for 2011 and features the looks and style it’s big brother.  The chassis is that familiar Savage TVP design, the drive train is shaft driven 4wd with metal gears, and the electronics package [...]


Nuremberg Toy Fair- Traxxas Press Event

Our European field reporter, and good friend Igor P. is at the Nuremberg Toy Fair this week and hopefully be bringing us lots of great stories and news from the show! If you are out there, he’s the one with the Big Squid RC Shirt! Make sure to tell him hello! We have a lot of European readers so we [...]