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Ofna Easy Pull Nitro Handle

OFNA Easy Pull for Nitro Pullstart Engines

Tired of getting blisters while trying to start your nitro engine? To make life easier, Ofna has announced and Easy Pull Handle for nitro engines. The handle fits on all nitro engines with a pull rope and is much larger than most stock handles to be more comfortable. The handle is street priced at $10, it has a part number [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 02.05.2014, Version- Whoa, Letter of the Month Ti…

“My pro-line mt I need some advice, there isn’t anyone who has pegged the best electronics system for bashing with the new pro-line pro mt and proclaimed it as such. I just ordered a kit and there aren’t even any recommendations on their website. I know you reviewed it with a castle mamba max pro sct with 1410 series 3800 kv [...]


OFNA Hyper H2e RTR

OFNA Hyper H2e RTR 2wd Buggy

Looking for an affordable buggy to bash this winter? Ofna has announced the new H2e RTR for your bashing enjoyment. The H2e comes with a waterproof ESC, a 2700kV brushless motor, and 2.4GHz radio gear. Some of its other features include- * Dual pad slipper * 12mm Pro aluminum shocks * Beefy gear diff * Heavy duty CVA axles * Sealed bearings * 12mm wheel hexes * [...]


OFNA 1/8 Hyper SSTe Electric Truggy RTR

OFNA 1/8th Hyper SSTe Brushless Truggy

If you are a hardcore basher you just have to love truggies. With their big tires and huge power they can pretty much jump over/plow through anything. Ofna has a RTR Brushless truggy called the Hyper SSTe. This beast comes standard with a 2000kV brushless motor, a Savox steering servo, and a 2.4GHz radio system. Big bore shocks and a [...]


Hobao Hyper MT Sport Electric

Hobao Hyper MT Sport Electric Monster Truck

2014 is certainly a banner year for Monster Trucks. With the HPI Savage Octane and Losi LST XXL-2 leading the way on the gas side, and other big entries to the market like the ARRMA Kraton and Kyosho Psycho Kruiser, it’s never been a better time to be a monster truck fan. Hobao is now teasing their latest monster truck, the [...]


OFNA 1/8 Hyper 8SC 4x4 Nitro

OFNA 1/8 Hyper 8SC 4×4 Nitro RTR

For all you nitro fans, or just people looking to add some realistic sound to your short course truck bashing, Ofna has announced their new 1/8 Hyper 8SC Nitro 4×4. The 8SC comes on a big 8th scale platform and uses a Force .32 pull-start engine for massive propulsion. For electronics, a pair of Savox servos are mated to a [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 05.01.2014, Version- You Dare to Write, I Dare to…

“One Request Guys, Can you randomly pick my name for the Losi 5ive T? BTW, as a retail store owner, I liked the format of the contest. Making people look at videos and reviews, liking Losi on Faceypage, etc. is a great idea. I read so many reviews and watched so many videos… If I ever do a give away, I hope you don’t [...]


Ofna Hyper GT

Ofna Hyper GT Nitro RTR

The latest release from Ofna is their 8th scale nitro Hyper GT on-road car. The Hyper GT uses a big block .28 engine and a two speed transmission to pump up the pulse factor, while it uses on-road optimized suspension to put all the power to the tarmac. Some of its other features include- * Black anodized 17mm shocks * Polished tuned [...]


Ofna SSe Electric Buggy

Ofna 1/8 Hyper SSe Brushless RTR Buggy

If you want to go really fast on dirt, brushless 8th scale buggies are the weapon of choice by many a basher. The guys over at Ofna have a new brushless 1/8th scale buggy hitting the market, the Hyper SSe. The SSe comes with a high performance brushless power system and has a deep battery tray with velcro straps that [...]


Ofna X3-GT 8th 4WD nitro car

Ofna X3-GT 1/8th 4WD Nitro Touring Car

Ofna has just announced a new on-road machine, the X3-GT 4wd Nitro Touring Car. The car is set on Ofna’s race oriented X3 off-road chassis for a smooth drivetrain and plush suspension, and has a futuristic looking Cosmic GT body on top. Some of its other features and specifications include- * Force .28 nitro engine * 2 speed transmission * Rear diffuser * 16mm [...]


OFNA Hyper Sprint 1/8th Dirt Oval Car

Ofna Hyper Sprint RTR 1/8th Dirt Oval Car

We often throw around the saying “Go fast, turn left!” as a type of good-bye around the BigSquidRC offices, but there aren’t that many oval cars introduced to the rc market each year. For all you oval fans out there, say hello to the Ofna Hyper Sprint. The Hyper Sprint is an 8th scale nitro powered dirt oval car that [...]


Ofna Hyper Cage Buggy

Ofna Hyper Cage Nitro Buggy

Getting burnt out on the electric scene and looking for a fun nitro buggy to bash with? If so, check out the new Hyper Cage Buggy from Ofna. The Hyper Cage buggy uses a big .28 nitro engine for power and keeps it real with a simple cage look. Some of its features and specifications include- * C-hub suspension * 17mm big [...]


Ofna X3 Sabre RTR

Ofna X3 Sabre RTR 8th Scale Nitro Buggy

Ofna is known for their affordable 8th scale nitro buggies and now they have announced their latest, the X3 Sabre. The X3 Sabre RTR is based off the X3 Sabre 2.0 Pro Kit and comes with a powerful Force .28 sized nitro engine. Other features include- * 16mm V2 shocks * 2.4GHz radio system * Weighs under 7.5 lbs * Front and rear sway [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 09.05.2013, Version- Hey Look, More Questi…

Torment Xtreme LCG Kit I have a new Torment and I’m interested in putting an Xtreme LCG kit on my truck. My only question is, what is the ground clearance after you put the Xtreme LCG kit on the Torment? How does this truck compare to a 2wd Slash with the STRC LCG kit on it as far as handling goes? I [...]


Ofna H4e Pro Kit

Ofna H4e Pro 1:10 On-Road Kit

Ofna has announced a new touring car called the H4e Pro. The H4e comes with a rear motor, right side battery layout, and diagonally split front and rear bulkheads. Big bore shocks and roll bars help keep it under control, while closed design a-arms help it drive away from big hits. Some of its other features include- * Stiff Duralite [...]