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VBC Racing FF18 Touring Car

VBC Racing FF18 FWD Touring Tour

Looking for a high-end front wheel drive touring car? If so, VBC Racing has announced the new FF18. The FF18 was designed for high performance and to lower your lap times, or it can be used as a base for your next on-road custom build. Here are some of its highlights- * New motor mount allows for the use of larger [...]


2018 Xray RX8

2018 Xray RX8 1/8 On-Road Kit

What is the fastest road course class that you can race on-road? That would be the 1/8th scale 4wd nitro class. What is a good car for the class? One of the very best over the years has been the XRay RX8. For 2018 XRay has given the RX8 numerous revisions to lower lap times, as well as to increase [...]


Infinity IF18

Infinity IF18 1/8 Nitro Kit

Recently announced by Infinity is the IF18 on-road kit. The IF18 is a 1/8th scaled 4wd nitro car designed for high-end competition. After winning the world championship in 2017, Infinity set out to make an even higher performance car, the IF18 is the result of all their hard work. Here are some of its highlights- * New 7075 aluminum bulkheads * New [...]


XRay 2018 NT1

XRay NT1 2018 Nitro Touring Car

Nitro touring car is not a huge class today, but it is still super competitive. To help you win your next race, XRay has announced the 2018 version of their NT1. The NT1 comes as a kit and is totally about high-end performance. Here are some of the 2018’s updates- * New chassis * Innovative front flex adjustment * New rear layshaft bulkheads [...]


Carisma M40S Lotus Exige V6 Cup R

Carisma Lotus Exige V6 Cup R

Whoa, now here is a sharp looking new car, a Lotus Exige V6 Cup R from Carisma. The newest Carisma is fully licensed by Lotus and sports serious scale detailing to give the car an incredibly realistic look. Here are some of its other highlights- * Photo realistic body * 1/10 M40S 4wd on-road chassis * Comes fully assembled as a RTR * Limited [...]


McAllister Racing ZL1 Stock Car Body

McAllister Racing ZL1 Stock Car Body

For all you indoor racers, McAllister Racing has announced the ZL1 Stock Car Body. The ZL1 can be used to give your car an authentic NASCAR look with its nicely detailed exterior. The body comes with a decal sheet and has a part number of #317. Hit This Link for more details, or Click Here to read more McAllister news on [...]


ARC R8.1

ARC R8.1 On-Road Kit

Earlier today the folks at ARC announced their new R8.1 on-road kit. The R8.1 is a 4wd 1/8th scale nitro on-road race machine that now sports a number of upgrades over the original R8. * New front bulkhead with adjustable belt tension * New shock springs * New spur gear sizing * New X-Hard clutch spring * Aluminum front arm downstop * New anti-roll bars To get [...]



ARC R8.1E 1/8th Kit

Just announced by ARC is the gnarly looking R8.1E. The R8.1E was designed for high speed 1/8th on-road racing, but looks like it could make one heck of a speed run car to us. ARC updated the R8.1E with numerous revisions over the previous car, here are some of the updates- * Front bulkhead with adjustable belt tension * New anti-roll bar * [...]


HPI Hoonicorn Ken Block Mustang Unboxing

Unboxing The HPI Racing Ken Block ’65 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn

While on-road in general has been a bit slow lately, there are cars being released to help boost the segment. A great example of that is the HPI Racing Ken Block ’65 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn. The Hoonicorn is an absolute beast in the full scale world, best known for the crazy videos that it was driven in by rally car [...]


Traxxas Ford Mustang GT Freestyle Video

4K Video – Traxxas Ford Mustang GT Muscle Car Freestyle

What’s this, a Traxxas Ford Mustang GT at a skate park? Indeed it is. The latest video from Traxxas does a great job of showing how much fun can be had with the Mustang while catching air and sliding around on the polished concrete. The iconic Ford Mustang GT not only sports some serious scale appearance on the outside, but [...]


Shepherd Velox V10 WC2018 Touring Car

Shepherd Velox V10 WC2018 Nitro Touring Car

Just announced by Shepherd is the Velox V10 WC2018 nitro touring car. The latest version of the Velox V10 includes various upgrades to make it easier to drive, more reliable, as well as being easier to work on. Here are some of its new upgrades- * Improved rear sway bar * New ventilated brake discs * Redesigned 2-speed adapter * O-rings for body mounts * [...]


2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Kyosho 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Whoa, now here is a sharp looking new car from Kyosho, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. The Demon already has a gnarly reputation in the full scale world, the 1/8th scale Kyosho looks just as mean! With a fully licensed Dodge body and a potent KE25 nitro engine, the Demon should really fly around your cul-de-sac. The highly detailed Dodge [...]



XRay 1/8 GTXE Kit

While the XRay GTXE was designed for on-road racing, we can envision some of you guys snatching one up to convert into a speed run car. XRay has long been known for making some of the most esoteric cars in rc, the new GTXE looks like it totally lives up to that reputation. Here is the scoop- * 1/8 luxury electric [...]


Destiny RX-10SR

Destiny Racing RX-10SR Touring Car

Recently announced by Destiny Racing is the RX-10SR touring car. Their previous car, the RX10S, was known as a fierce competition machine, the RX-10SR sports numerous improvements to help you lower your lap-times. * Updated carbon fiber chassis * Lower aluminum bulkheads * New one piece 7075 aluminium servo mount * New carbon fiber shock towers * 3 different suspension mounts to vary width of [...]


Tamiya TRF419XR

Tamiya TRF419XR Touring Car

In the works right now from Tamiya is the TRF419XR touring car. The 419XR comes in kit form and was developed to be a high-end touring car. Here are some of its highlights- * 2.25mm thick chassis * 2mm thick carbon fiber top deck * Length- 370mm * Revised to increase corner speed and response * Bearing raced front & rear stabilizer bars * Center pitch [...]