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Graupner/SJ POLARON Pro Touch Screen Battery Charger
Yesterday we posted the new Graupner touch screen transmitter, today we are posting their new Polaron series touch screen battery chargers.

There are four different chargers in the Polaron series and they are offered in several different colors. They stand up on your pit table, making them easy to see while taking up a minimal amount of space. The chargers in the Polaron series include-

* Polaron PRO (#S2003, $319) – Boasts 3″ color touch screen, charge rates up to 20 amps, can charge up to 14S Lipo, and has 20 x 2 memory.

* Polaron EX (#S2011, $279) – 3″ color touch screen, charge rates up to 20 amps, charges up to 7S Lipo, and has 20 x 2 battery memory.

* Polaron AC/DC (#S2002, $299) – 3″ color touch screen and has internal power supply for use off AC power or can be used with DC power supply (11-15 volts). Maximum charge rate is 7 amps and the maximum Lipo cell count is 7S.

* Polaron Sports (#S2004, $259) – 128 x 64 graphic touch display, maximum charge rate 7 amps on up to 7S Lipo packs.

We haven’t heard if these will hit our shores, but you can hit up the Graupner Website to see what other products they offer.

Click Here for news on other touch screen rc products right here on BigSquidRC.

Open Hobby 11v to 27 volt power supply
The crew over at Open Hobby have shown a rendering of a DC power supply for their upcoming Zenith EX battery charger. The power supply is made to dock in an upright position right next to the Zenith, using a small footprint to leave plenty of space on your table to wrench on. Output for this switched mode power supply is stated to be 11-27 VDC. More information on all of Open Hobby’s products is said to be coming in early 2013.

Open Hobby’s website is not fully operational as it’s still being tested (it is not usable at this time), but you can view it at THIS link. To view the posts we’ve already done on their trick looking transmitter and battery charger hit up THIS link.

Hey, we’ve made it to yet another Friday, to celebrate why don’t you try a Mystery link?

Open Hobby TS-4 TransmitterYesterday we posted a picture of the new Open Hobby touch screen charger, today take a look at the Open Hobby TS-4 transmitter. The new TS-4 is rumored to have 4 channels, a touch screen, and be 2.4 GHz, but we’ve yet to hear when, or even if, they will be hitting the shores of America. Till then, keep an eye on the official Open Hobby Website.

We just wrapped up a new transmitter shootout that should be going live any day now, until then you can check out our first transmitter shootout HERE.

Open Hobby Zenith Battery Lipo ChargerIt seems everywhere you look now days is some type of uber new battery charger and the new Open Hobby Zenith is no exception. The Zenith has two channels of output and has a handy touch screen for your convenience. The Zenith also sports a small footprint to ensure there is plenty of room left on your pit table to wrench on. Not much more information has been released to the public on this one, but expect to see more soon on the Official Open Hobby Website.

Have you checked out our battery charger shootout? If not, you can view it HERE.