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RJ Speed Spec Sprint Car Kit

RJ Speed Spec Sprint Car Kit

Years ago, oval carpet racing was really big. Now days, not so much, but there are still pockets of oval carpet racers around the country and it truly is a fun class to race with the right crowd of people. To help keep costs down and the racing fair, RJ Speed has a new Spec Sprint Car Kit on the way. [...]


RJ Speed Spec Modified Oval kit

RJ Speed 1/10 Spec Modified Oval Kit

The new Spec Modified Oval Kit from RJ Speed is an affordable way to get into oval racing. Based on a legends style platform, the RJ Speed Spec Mod Oval Kit comes with a twin spar fiberglass chassis and a clear polycarbonate modified style body. Foam tires come standard as does a ball differential. The part number is #2014, [...]


PROTOform Gen3-C

New Products from PROTOform

For all you on-road fanatics, PROTOform has announced some new goodies. First up is their new Gen3-C Clear Body. The Gen3-C features the distinct look of a NASCAR Nationwide Series car and was designed for maximum performance on the track. Featuring an add-on spoiler, double step splitter, and bumped out area for battery clearance, the PROTOform Gen3-C has all the [...]


McAllister Racing 2014 Ford Mustang Nationwide

McAllister Racing 2014 Nationwide Ford Mustang & Chevy Camar…

For all you NASCAR Nationwide Series fans, McAllister Racing has announced a pair of new bodies. Both bodies are designed to fit 1/10th scale cars, both are 200mm wide, and both come with a decal pack to finish the body off after you are done painting it. The 2014 Nationwide Chevy Camaro has a part number of #298, while their Ford [...]


McAllister Racing Ford Nastruck

McAllister Racing 2014 Nastruck Ford, Chevy, and Toyota Bodi…

The crew over at McAllister Racing have announced three new clear Nastruck bodies. For all you oval racing fans, these highly detailed bodies make it easy to paint up a replica of your favorite truck, or simply a cool body to wow the guys at your local bash spot. All three bodies are 200mm wide and were designed for optimal [...]


PROTOform G6-T Light Weight Clear Body

PROTOform G6-T Lightweight Clear Oval Body

PROTOform’s latest body is a lightweight version of their G6-T oval body. It is molded from lightweight .025″ genuine Lexan and is designed to give ultra-high downforce. In the picture above the G6-T sports a slick “Breaking Bad” paint job, but comes in clear so you can put your personal paint scheme on it. * Comes with spoiler mounting [...]


PROTOform Cyclone 10.0 Clear Body

PROTOform Cyclone 10.0 Clear Oval Body

The crew over at PROTOform have announced their latest oval body, the Cyclone 10.0. The Cyclone is a full 10″ wide resulting in a body good for rubber tire, loose dirt track, 4wd, and Nitro Late Model driving. For aerodynamic performance, the Cyclone features offset front fenders and skewed quarter panels on the rooftop vortex generators. The Cyclone is all [...]


PROTOform Chevy Camaro ZL1 Body

New Bodies and Sanding Drum from PROTOform

The crew over at PROTOform have been very busy, here are their three latest products. First up is their new Chevy Camaro ZL1 clear lexan body. The Camaro body is 190mm wide and made to bolt right up on your touring car. Great scale looks with PROTOform style give this body an edge over the competition. The part number is #1532-30 [...]


TIC Racing Manic Oval Car

TIC Racing 2013 Manic Mini Stox RC Oval Kit

Who is TIC Racing? Well, they are Europe’s largest manufacturer of oval rc car kits and accessories, that’s who. From the looks of their latest kit they like their oval racers strong, simple and affordable. Sounds like a good basher to us. So what is the latest car from TIC Racing? It is called the Manic Mini Stox. This is a [...]


PROTOform T-HD Clear Light Weight Oval Body

PROTOform T-HD Light Weight Clear Oval Body

Having a proper body on your oval car makes a world of difference. PROTOform has just announced a re-release of their popular T-HD oval body. The new T-HD is pulled from lightweight .025″ genuine Lexan to help make your car faster than ever. The new lightweight T-HD helps to lower your cars center of gravity, therefore giving you faster corner [...]


PROTOform Gen3-D

PROTOform Gen3-D Clear Oval Body

The crew over at PROTOform have just announced their latest body, the Gen3-D. This trick looking body is the latest and greatest for oval racers, it not only looks good, but performs even better. Some of its features and specifications include- * NASCAR Nationwide styling * Made from durable .030 Lexan * Clear, not pre-painted * Length: 18.5″ (469mm) * Width: 8.25″ (209mm) * Height: 4.1″ [...]