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Kyosho Plazma Porsche

Kyosho PLAZMA Lm Carbon Edition Porsche 962C Coupe

New from Kyosho is the Plazma Lm Carbon Edition Porsche 962C Joest-racing Coupe. This is a 1/12th scale pan car that features a highly detailed polycarbonate body on the outside, with lots of carbon fiber goodies under the hood. While the car comes as a kit, the body is pre-cut and pre-printed to make the build faster. A full bearing [...]


Kyosho Plazma Carbon Edition

Carbon Edition Toyota GT-One and Porsche 962C from Kyos…

Carbon fiber is just plain cool isn’t it? That’s why Kyosho America has announced two new carbon edition Plazma Lm Series 12th scale cars. Kyosho has given the carbon fiber treatment to their Plazma Toyota GT-One and their Plazma Porsche 962C. Both come as kits with highly detailed bodies that are pre-printed and pre-cut. Kyosho includes a 380 motor adapter [...]


Serpent S120 LTR 1/12 pancar

Serpent S120 LTR 1/12 Pan Car

One of the longest running and most popular classes on indoor carpet is 1/12th scale pan car. Needless to say, the competition to produce the best 12th scaler is quite intense. Serpent is known for their high-end products and have just announced their latest entry into the 12th scale class, the S120 LTR. Some of the highlights of the new [...]


CRC Xti-WC Kit

CRC Xti-WC 1/12 Pan Car Kit

One of the most popular indoor carpet classes has always been 1/12th scale and now you can own a version of the car that Marc Rheinard used to win the last 12th scale world championship. The CRC Xti-WC is now available for sale and comes with all the latest 12th scale design technology. The WC edition features a new chassis [...]


Kyosho Nissan LM

Kyosho 1/12th PLAZMA LeMans NISSAN R90CP

There are so many good looking cars hitting the market now days. Manufacturers are paying more attention to the details that can make their cars look just like their full scale equivalents. The new Plazma series car from Kyosho, the 24 Hour of LeMans Nissan R90CP, definitely brings it in the looks department. Its highly detailed Nissan shell looks just like [...]


VBC Racing Lightning10 Pan Car Kit

VBC Racing Lightning10 Pan Car Kit

While 10th scale pan cars don’t make good outdoor bashers, they sure can be fun indoors on carpet. What is the latest pan car to hit the market? The Lightning10 from VBC Racing. The tenth scale Lightning10 is perfect for the popular World GT class held here in the states. The Lightning10 was designed with versatility in mind. For example, it [...]


Schumacher SupaStox GT12

Schumacher SupaStox GT12 Kit

With that crisp fall air comes indoor season- carpet, high traction, and high speed. New from Schumacher to go fast indoors is the SupaStox GT12. This 1/12th scale kit was designed to go faster and be easier to drive than ever before. Some of its new features include- * LCG motor mounts * Adjustable droop screws * 2.5mm thick chassis * Multiple servo positions * [...]


Mon-Tech M10 Body

Mon-Tech M10 Clear Pan Car Body

For all you 1/10th scale World GT drivers, a company from Italy called Mon-Tech has announced their new M10 body. The M10 has a sleak look and was made to fit 200mm 1/10th scale pan cars. Molded from .75mm polycarbonate, it includes window masks, decals, and a high downforce rear wing. To get more details, simply hit up This Link [...]


XRay Pan Car

XRay X12 2015 Edition

With indoor carpet season just around the corner, XRay has announced their new 2015 X12 pan car kit. The ’15 edition of the X12 comes with plenty of updates to keep you at the front of the pack. An all new chassis leads the list, but numerous others make the X12 easier to drive, easier to work on, and more [...]


XRay X10

XRay X10 2015 Edition

The folks over at XRay have recently announced the 2015 edition of their X10 pan car. The X10 was given a slew of upgrades to make it easier to work on, drive, and to adjust. Some of the updates on the X10 include- * Narrow chassis with new battery placement & weight balance * Narrow rear pod * Harder material used on new [...]


CRC Toyota LOLA 1/12th Bodies Black Art

CRC Toyota and Lola 1/12th Bodies from Black Art

The good folks over at Calandra Racing Concepts have a couple of new bodies to keep your 12th scale pan car flying around the track. The first is a high downforce Black Art Toyota TS030. The Toyota is made for high speed tracks where higher downforce is needed and uses a center spine for more stability. The second is a Lola [...]


VBC Racing LightingF Car Kit

VBC Racing LightningF Formula Car Kit

The Formula 1 class has become quite popular and one of the newest cars on the market is the VBC Racing LighteningF. The LighteningF looks pretty trick sporting loads of carbon fiber, scale appropriate wheels, tires, and wings. * Hardened rear axle * Carbon fiber front arms * 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis * Ball differential * 7075 aluminum rear bulkheads * Easy motor access The part number [...]


Speed Passion LM-1 Le Mans

Review – Speed Passion LM-1 Le Mans Spec Racer

THE Speed Passion LM-1 Le Mans Spec Racer ReviewYa, you’ve probably heard of Speed Passion ESCs and motors before, but you might not be aware that they sell cars too (or that they have an office right here in Chicago). When we first saw the product announcement for their new LM-1 Le Mans Spec Racer we immediately made the call, [...]


Speed Passion LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer

Unboxing – Speed Passion LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer

When Speed Passion first announced their new LM-1 LeMans car we were immediately interested. It’s a pan car so it should be fast and it has some pretty cool scale looks, nobody can resist that combination. While we are finishing up the LM-1 review, have a look at the unboxing pictures. It comes in two boxes, a small box containing the [...]


Speed Passion LM-1 Spec Racer

Speed Passion LM-1 1/10th Scale LeMans Spec Racer

The crew over at Speed Passion first put their new LM-1 LeMans Spec Racer on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, now they are announcing it is about a month from hitting hobby shops. The LM-1 Spec Racer is intended to be an affordable, fast, and durable on-road car. Under the highly detailed LeMans style body lies a 2wd pan [...]