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Pandora RC Mitsubishi GTO 3000GTRemember how cool the Mitsubishi 3000GT (and Dodge Stealth) were back in the day? Now you can own a Mitsubishi GTO body for your rc car. Pandora RC has released a cool rc version that is made to fit most popular 1/10th scale touring cars with wheelbases from 258-260mm. The body comes clear so you can throw on your own paint scheme and it includes a polycarbonate front bumper, rear wing, and rear light parts.

The GTO body is Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Certified, has a part number of #PAB-154, and these are available right now. Hit up This Link over on Pandora’s official website for more details.

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Pandora RC Nissan 180SX
The Pandora RC crew has released yet another trick drift body, this time it’s a Nissan 180SX Origin Labo Edition. The body is sized for 10th scale drift machines (width 198mm, for wheelbases of 258 – 260mm) and comes unpainted so you can throw your own custom scheme on it.

* Decals, window masking, and wing parts are included
* Comes with polycarbonate bumpers and bonnet ducts
* Retractable lights
* Certified by Nissan Motor Company Ltd

The part number is #PAB-147, they should start shipping any day now, and you can get more details by hitting up the official Pandora RC Website.

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pandora rc subaru impreza WG 22B
Pandora RC has a trick new body that should look great on your touring car or drift machine. Their new Impreza 22B clear body is their latest entry into the aftermarket body market and is scheduled for a late July or early August release date. I know there are a lot of Subaru fans here in the states that should be salivating to get their hands on one of these.

For more information on everything Pandora RC, hit up THIS LINK to head over to their official website. To see what else Pandora has been up to, click THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Lexus LFA Pandora RC Clear Body
Pandora RC is well known in the drifting scene for their cool looking bodies. Their latest release is a clear polycarbonate body of the Lexus LFA. The Lexus LFA body is intended for 10th scale cars with wheelbases of 258-260mm and it has a width of 198mm. The part number is PAB-036 and it is scheduled for a mid-June release date. Check out the Pandora RC Website for more information on this and all their other bodies.

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Toyota Vellfire Clear Lexan body by Pandora RC
Tired of the norm? Looking to put something different on your car? If so, take a look at this new Toyota Vellfire clear lexan body from Pandora RC. If you are looking to turn heads at your local bash spot this is the body to do it with. Formed from polycarbonate the Vellfire was designed to fit most popular 10th scale touring cars. Decals, window masking, and wing parts are included.

The new Vellfire body (part #PAB-024) is on sale right now overseas but we have no information when, or if, it will hit the states. Check out the official Pandora RC Website for more information on all their drift bodies.

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There are a lot of good looking new bodies on the market right now, but one of the hottest is from Pandora RC. Pandora RC has just announced their new Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R clear lexan body that is sure to turn heads at your local bash spot. This body is sized to fit nicely on most 10th scale touring/drift cars, and comes with windows masks and a sticker sheet.

Pandora RC Nissan GT-RThe new GT-R body has a release date of sometime in February, but we have not received any pricing information. Hit up the official Pandora RC Website for more information on all their scale drift bodies.

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Looking for a hot new body to bolt on your touring car or rc drift machine? Take a look at this trick Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34 Roadster) body from Pandora RC. This 10th scale clear lexan body is set up to fit most touring cars and comes with light buckets, windshield, control panel, and window masks. These are available right now with a street price of right around $35. Hit up the Pandora RC Website for more information on this and all their other bodies.

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