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Muchmore Power Supply
The good folks over at Muchmore Racing recently announced their latest power supply, the Powermaster World Edition 3 Evo. At a robust 24 amps it has plenty of juice to power your charger with and is available with either a black or blue anodized finish.

* Low noise temperature controlled cooling fan
* 5 volt 2 amp USB charging port
* 12 to 15 volt adjustable output

The part number for black is #MM-CTXP3UK, blue is #MM-CTXP3UB, and you can get Complete Details over on the Muchmore website.

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Hitec X1 Pro Multi-Charger
The latest battery charger from Hitec is called the X1 Pro Multi-Charger. The Hitec X1 Pro is designed to be teamed up with their new 17 amp power supply called the E Power Box 17A. The tandem is available in 3 different colors- red, silver, and black, and both are expected to ship in July. Some of the specifications on the X1 Pro charger include-

* Charges up to 6S Lipo and 15 cell NiMH
* 11-18V DC input voltage
* Max charge rate 16 amps (180w)
* Max discharge rate 8 amps (30w)
* 16 characters × 2-stage LCD screen
* Built in balancer
* Quiet high performance fan

Some specs on the E Power Box 17A power supply include-

* 17A available current
* Output voltage: 13.8V DC
* USB Output: 5V 2.1A
* Active PFC Design
* Nine LEDs to indicate power output
* Comes with smart cooling fan

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Hitec ePowerBox 50A
Charging high cell count LiPo batteries at fast charge rates not only requires a good battery charger, but also a power supply with enough current to get the job done. Rated at 50 amps, the new ePowerbox 50A from Hitec is a beast indeed. Some of its features include-

* 15 to 30 volts DC output
* Good for up to 1200 Watts
* Two 5 volt USB ports
* One 50-Amp & three 10-Amp outputs
* Dual cooling fans
* Stated to be 89% efficient
* Size- 12.0 x 6.7 x 3.3 in

Part number for the Hitec 50A is #44213 and it will have a street price of $289.

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Racers Edge PRIME 30 Amp Power Supply
When you need to charge big battery packs at a high rate, you have to have a beefy power supply, and needless to say we charge a lot of battery packs around the BigSquidRC offices. A few weeks ago the folks over at Racers Edge sent us their new PRIME 30 Amp Power Supply to check out (read- abuse), here is what we found out.

The PRIME 30 worked great for us. We continually used a pair of Hyperion 720iNet3 chargers on it, charging a pair of MaxAmps 2S 6500mAh Lipo packs each at 20 amps (336 watts total), and it didn’t overheat or go into protection mode. The PRIME is rated for 540 watts, so we weren’t even close to pushing it hard.

The voltage is adjustable via a knob on the top of the power supply from 12-18 volts DC. The display is backlit, making it easy to read in dark areas, and it shows how much current is being pulled.

The PRIME comes with a pair of USB outputs which come in mighty handy when charging your cell phone.

The PRIME 30 is stiffly regulated, we only measured a .1 drop in output voltage when drawing over 300 watts.

Perhaps the best thing about the PRIME 30 is its fan. The fan only comes on when needed, and even when it kicks on it is one of the quieter units on the market.

After a few weeks of abuse the PRIME 30 is still working like new for us, we highly recommend you try one out if you are in the market for a new power supply. The part number is #RCEPS30, it has a street price of $129, and you can get more information at This Link.

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Racers Edge PRIME 30 Amp Power Supply
Is your tailgate covered with a small army of battery chargers on the weekend? Do you like to charge your battery packs at high rates? If you answered “yes” to one or both, Racers Edge has announced their new PRIME 30 amp switching power supply. With 540 watts of power it can help you handle all your charging duties.

Some of the features and specifications for the Racers Edge PRIME 30 include-

* Dual output ports
* Two USB charging ports
* Backlit LCD screen
* 12-18V DC Output
* 30 amp output current
* Comes with cooling fan
* Size: 218 x 139 x 59.5

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Venom Pro Charger 2
Venom Group is introducing a new battery charger and a power supply for the summer bash season.

The new Venom Pro Charger 2 comes with an internal power supply and is capable of charging at up to 6 amps. Some of its other features include- can charge up to 6S Lipo, on-board balance block, fan cooled, five memory profiles, and comes with 9 of the most popular charge leads. The part number is #677, the street price is $69, and it is expect to hit hobby shop shelves in mid-May.

Venom PS 600 Power SupplyAlso new from Venom is their PS 600 Power Supply. This is a dual output unit that is constructed out of stamped steel. For power, the PS 600 is good for up to 40 amps (600 watts max) and it has an adjustable output of zero to twenty volts. A backlit LED screen makes it easy to read while a fan helps it to keep its cool. The part number is #0673, the street price is $199, and it has an expected release date of late May.

For more information on all of the fine products from Venom Group hit up THIS LINK.

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THE TrakPower DPS 12 Volt 25 Amp Power Supply Review

TrakPower DPS 25 Amp Power Supply Review

If you are into the rc hobby to stay there are a few items that you use all the time where spending the extra money on a high end item is worth it. For example, a good transmitter will last for years and be worth every extra penny. On that same note, if you are a serious hobbyist you need a good 12 volt power supply. A good power supply is well worth the extra cash as the years pass by.

When TrakPower introduced their new VR-1 Battery Charger they also introduced a mating power supply called the DPS 12v 25 amp. When we reviewed the VR-1 the DPS worked as a perfect mate for it, since then we’ve been running the tar out of it on a variety of other battery chargers to see how it stacks up. Let’s get on to the review shall we?


Trakpower VR-1 charger video
The latest video from Trakpower showcases all the features and specs of their VR-1 battery charger and DPS 25 amp power supply. From a sweet looking, tilt-able screen, to a large back-lit display, to the ability to plug the charger directly into the power supply, this Trakpower duo makes a great combo. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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Open Hobby 11v to 27 volt power supply
The crew over at Open Hobby have shown a rendering of a DC power supply for their upcoming Zenith EX battery charger. The power supply is made to dock in an upright position right next to the Zenith, using a small footprint to leave plenty of space on your table to wrench on. Output for this switched mode power supply is stated to be 11-27 VDC. More information on all of Open Hobby’s products is said to be coming in early 2013.

Open Hobby’s website is not fully operational as it’s still being tested (it is not usable at this time), but you can view it at THIS link. To view the posts we’ve already done on their trick looking transmitter and battery charger hit up THIS link.

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Hitec ePowerBox 30 amp power supply
To power today’s high output DC only battery chargers takes some serious power. Hitec announced today a new high output power supply called the ePowerBox 30. The new ePowerBox puts out 30 amps of current with a variable voltage output of 12-18 volts DC. On top of the power supply is a backlit LCD display showing both voltage and amperage, and there are dual sets of 4mm output jacks making it easy to hook up a pair of chargers. Part number for the ePowerBox 30 is #44174 and you can expect a street price of $110. Hit up the official Hitec Website for more information.

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Trakpower VR-1 Dual Output Battery Charger
Since we first reported HERE, TrakPower has released more information on their new VR-1 Dual Channel Charger and DPS 12 volt 25 amp power supply.

The computerized DC powered VR-1 can charge two batteries at once and hosts a slew of the high end features that you are looking for. Some of the specs and features include-

* Fast Charge Current: 0.1-20.0A (0.1A increments)
* Discharge Current: 0.1-10.0A (0.1A increments)
* Charges 1-6 cell LiPo/Li-Ion and LiFe
* Charges 1-14 cell NiCd/NiMH
* Charges 1-12 cell Pb (Lead Acid)
* Capable of charging two different chemistries simultaneously
* Docks directly to the DPS Power Supply eliminating cables and freeing up pit space
* Charges at 20A on channel 1 (up to 6S) and 6A (up to 4S) on channel 2
* Tiltable reverse backlit (128 x 64mm) 21×8 character graphic LCD display
* Display Backlight: White
* Four membrane pushbuttons with jog/dial switch
* Includes battery storage mode
* Input Voltage: 11-15V external DC power supply
* PC Communications: USB to UART device type
* Case Material: Aluminum and plastic
* Cooling System: Built-in, two 40mm and one 25mm DC fan
* Case Size: 7.1 x 6.1 x 2.5″ (180 x 155 x 65mm)
* Weight: 2.1lbs (970g)
* External Port: Temperature sensor probe, Mini USB
* Delta Peak Detection: NiCd: 5-25mV, NiMH: Zero-15mV/cell
* Trickle Charge: Off, 50-500mA, auto
* Charge Cutoff Temperature: 50-176°F (10-80°C)
* Charge Voltage: NiCd/NiMH: 2.0V/cell (fixed), LiPo: 3.7-4.2V/cell
* Balance Current: 300mAh
* Discharge Cut-off voltage: NiCd/NiMH: 0.1-1.2V/cell, LiPo: 2.5-4.2V/cell, Li-Ion: 2.5-4.1V/cell
* Discharge Wattage: 80W
* Balance Cells: 6 cells
* Memory: 40 models
* Charge Method: CC/CV for lithium types, Auto, normal, linear, GMVIS, Impulse, reflex and repeak for Ni-XX
* Channel 2: Fast Charge Current: 0.1-6.0A, Battery Types/Cells: NiCd/NiMH: 1-10 cells, LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe: 1-4 cells
* Part #: TKPP5000

TrakPower DPS power supplyTo perfectly power the VR-1 is the new TrakPower DPS 12 volt 25 amp power supply. The DPS pumps out 25 amps of power and mates right up as a base for the VR-1, saving space on your table and generally looking very trick. Part number for the power supply is #TKPP5505.

Street price for the VR-1 charger is $199, while the street price for the DPS power supply is $99. Hit up the official TrakPower Website for more information on this uber charging combination.

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Thunder Power 300 x 2 or 500 x 1 Power Supply
Maybe you’ve got a pair of DC only battery chargers and are looking for a new power supply. Thunder Power RC has just announced something you might be interested in, their new TP1527PS Switching Power Supply. The TP1527PS can be used with dual 15 volt 300 watt outputs, or you can mono-block it for 27 volts with 550 available watts. Some of the other features are-

* Powerful, dual output switching power supply
* Ideal for high-capacity chargers up to 550W
* Wide operating temperature of 0 – 65 degrees C (32-150 F)
* Features USB, Banana Plug and Bind post outputs for maximum versatility
* Dual cooling fans with auto speed control
* Built-in power protection circuitry
* AC Power Switch
* Removable 110V Power Cord included
* 20 amps max continuous current
* 5 volt 1 amp dual USB outputs

Look for MAP (minimum advertised price) pricing of $170 and they should be hitting hobby shop shelves sometime in December. Hit up the official Thunder Power Website for more information.

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trakpower vr-1 and dps

There are very few things that actually cause us to drool instantly, but this new combo from TrakPower triggered our inner Pavlov’s dog. On top is the new Trakpower VR-1 dual racing charger, and on the bottom is the Trakpower DPS 12v 25A power supply. Could this be the charger to finally make us give up our beloved ICE chargers?
The VR-1 charger boasts dual outputs with built-in balancing, tiltable backlit screen, and 40 model memory! The DPS Power Supply lets the VR-1 dock directly on top, has multiple outputs for up to 3 devices, and it looks like both even a USB ports for charging things like your phone.

Adding this one to our must buy list.

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