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Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swamper SC 2.2"/3.0" Tires Mounted
Do you hate spending time gluing up tires as much as we do? If so, the crew over at Pro-Line have announced pre-mounted Interco Super Swampers for short course trucks. These save time by coming pre-glued and are mounted on the proper offset F-11 wheels for a perfect fit on the Pro-Line PRO-2, Losi SCTE, and Associated SC10 4×4.

The part number is #10103-11, they have a street price of $36 per pair, and you can get complete information by clicking Right Here.

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Pro-Line Sling Shot 2.2 Mounted 10101-10
Pre-mounted tires are great for saving time and the aggravation of the whole gluing process. Now you can get Pro-Line Sling Shot 2.2″ paddle tires pre-mounted on black Desperado Wheels. The Sling Shots have 12 paddles and are ready to roost some serious sand on your Traxxas 1/16th Revo.

The part number for the Sling Shot pre-mounts is #10101-10 and have a street price of $25 per pair. Check out This Link for more information.

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pro-line pre-mounts
For all you 8th scale buggy drivers, Pro-Line has announced that three of their most popular tires now come pre-mounted on Velocity wheels. Bow Tie 2.0, Big Blox, and one of our favorites, Blockades for 8th scale buggy now come pre-mounted, saving you a bunch of time.

The part numbers are #9039-033 for Blockade X3, #9045-033 for the Bow Tie 2.0 X3, and #9048-033 for Big Blox X3. Street price is $35 a pair and you can get more information on everything Pro-Line at This Link.

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Pro-Line Rock Rage 3.8 Pre-Mounts
We love pre-mounts around the BigSquidRC offices. To us, time used gluing up tires is time wasted, we would rather be out in the parking lot playing demolition derby.

Thankfully Pro-Line makes a bunch of pre-mounted wheels and tires. Their latest pre-mounts are their new Rock Rage 3.8″ on black F-11 wheels. These come with 17mm hexes and a half inch offset making them a perfect fit for Traxxas Revo/T-Maxx/Summit, as well as other monster trucks like the Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 and eMTA.

The part number for the Pro-Line Rock Rage pre-mounts is #1199-13 and they have a street price of $45. Hit up This Link for complete information over on the official Pro-Line website.

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New Pre-Mounts from Pro-Line
If you are the type that hates wasting time gluing up wheels and tires, Pro-Line has two new sets of pre-mounts to make your life easier.

First up are Blockade SCs in M3 compound mounted up on F-11 wheels with ProTrac offset. The Blockades are proven performers that work exceptionally well on not just hardpack, but just about any prepped dirt surface. These are made to bolt right up on the new Pro-Line Pro-2 truck, Losi SCTEs, the rear of Losi XXX-SCT & SCB, ProTrac equipped Traxxas trucks, SC10 4×4, and rear of the SC10. The part number is #1183-25 and they have a street price of $35.

The other new pre-mounts are Big Joe IIs mounted up on F-11 wheels. The Big Joe IIs are big and ready to tackle the nastiest terrain you can find. The F-11 wheels come with a big 17mm hex and will fit on a variety of vehicles that include the Traxxas T-Maxx, E-Revo, and Summit. The part number is #1198-13 and they have a street price of $45.

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Pro-Line Hole Shot 2.0 2.2" M3 (Soft) Off-Road Buggy Rear Tires Mounted
For all you 10th scale buggy drivers, Pro-Line has just announced Hole Shot 2.0 Pre-Mounts to save you time in the pits. We are big fans of pre-mounted tires around the BigSquidRC offices, they allow us to bash more while spending less time behind a pit table gluing.

The Hole Shot 2.0′s have more pins and a wider contact patch than the original giving you more traction, especially on dusty, hard packed tracks. The pre-mounts are available on either ultra-light yellow wheels (#8206-16) or on white wheels (#8206-15). Street price is $23 a pair. For more information simply click THIS LINK.

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THE Duratrax Lineup C2 Pre-Mounted 8th Scale Buggy Tire Review

Duratrax Lineup Buggy Tire Review

If you’ve run 8th scale buggy for very long, then you already know how tire costs can eat at your wallet. Duratrax has an extensive line of affordable shoes for your 8th scale buggy, today we’ll be taking a closer look at their Lineup buggy pre-mounts in C2 compound. Are they good for bashing or only for the track? More importantly, are they worth the cash? Click the “Read More” to find out.


Pro-line Trencher 2 point M2 Tires Mounted Desperado
Last month Pro-Line announced their 2.2″ Trencher Tires for the Traxxas 1:16 Revo, now they are available Pre-Mounted on either Desperado or Titus Bead-Loc wheels. Pre-mounts save time and work thus making them a favorite around the BigSquidRC offices. If you are looking to mount up the best bashing tires you can buy on your Traxxas Mini-Revo, these are the way to go.

The Trencher 2.2″ pre-mounts on Desperado Wheels have a part number of #1194-11 and a street price of $25 a pair. The part number for the Trencher 2.2″ on Titan Bead-Locs is #1194-13 with a street price of $40. For more information on everything Pro-line simply hit THIS LINK.

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Pro-Line ShockWave Pre-mounts
We really like pre-mounted tires around the office, they save us a bunch of time and work and they keep Brian from gluing his fingers together. Pro-Line is in the business of making lives easier so they’ve announced a bunch of new pre-mounted tire/wheel combo’s.

First up are their new Shockwave 3.8″ pre-mounts. These feature their new Shockwave tires mounted up on 3.8″ F-11 black wheels made to bolt right up on your monster truck. These lightweight tires give better than stock traction on all the surfaces that bashers like- grass, pavement, and of course in the mud. Street price for these monsters is $45 a pair and they have a part number of #1193-13. Click Here for more information.

Pro-Line has announced new Badlands pre-mounts as well. Badlands are perhaps the most popular bash tire here at BigSquidRC and the new pre-mounts come on black Renegade wheels in both Slash rear and Pro-Line ProTrac offsets. Part numbers are #1182-15 for the ProTrac offset and #1182-13 for Slash rear. Street pricing is $35 a pair, simply click THIS LINK for more information.

For you guys that do most of your bashing on the street Pro-Line has introduced new Road Rage 2.8″ pre-mounts. Road Rages give great traction on pavement and seem to wear forever. These come in two different offsets, #1172-12 and #1172-13 to ensure a proper fit on your Traxxas Stampede. Street pricing is $35 a pair and HERE is the link you want to get more information.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Pro-Line has you covered with new Sling Shot paddle tire pre-mounts for short course trucks. The new Sling Shot pre-mounts come in two different offsets on black Renegade wheels. Part numbers are #1158-17 for Slash rear offset and #1158-18 for Pro-Line ProTrac. Street pricing is $35 a pair, for more information THIS is the link you want.

The last set of new pre-mounts are Trencher 3.8″ mounted up on black F-11 wheels. Trenchers are a legendary bash tire that we use on a daily basis here at BigSquid because they work great on nearly every surface. These new pre-mounts come with 17mm hexes to fit vehicles like the Revo and the Summit and have a part number of #1184-13. Street price is $45 a pair and check out THIS LINK for more information (and even a BigSquid mention!).

AKA Handlebar STD Buggy Tires
The latest addition to AKA’s tires line-up is the Handlebar STD for 10th scale buggy. The new STD version of the Handlebar has taller treads to give more traction and longer tire life. They are available in three different compounds- Clay, Super Soft, and Soft compound. The new Handlbar STD’s are also available pre-mounted on either white or yellow HEXlite wheels with AKA red inserts, and are made right here in America. Hit up the AKA Website for more information.

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THE Duratrax Equalizer Pre-Mounted 8th Scale Buggy Tire Review

Duratrax Pre-Mounted Equalizer Tire Review
In the last 5 years there has been an explosion in the 8th scale buggy tire market. One of the more affordable choices comes from Duratrax, where they have a complete line of reasonably priced tires and pre-mounts. We’ve been bashing and thrashing two sets of Duratrax Equalizer Pre-Mounts (one in C3 (super soft) compound and one in C2 (soft) compound) for a few weeks now. Are they worth your cash to bash with? Come on, let’s find out…


Pro-Line Trenchers Pre-Mounted on Renegade Wheels
What is possibly the best tire you can put on your short course truck for bashing? Pro-Line Trencher X SC’s of course, and now they are available pre-mounted on black Renegade wheels.

The Trencher X’s and Renegade combo make not only a very scale looking combination, but also a great performer out in the dirt. With them now being pre-mounted they save you the time and frustration of the entire gluing process.

Pro-Line has Trencher X pre-mounts available to fit vehicles like the Traxxas Slash and Slash 4×4, the HPI Blitz, Associated SC10 4×4, Pro-Line ProTrac Slash, and Losi Ten SCTE. Part numbers are #1190-13 and #1190-18, and you can hit THIS link for more information. Street price is $35 per pair.

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Pro-Line Big Blox Pre-Mounted M3
Pro-Line has announced that their Big Blox 8th scale buggy tires are now available all glued up and pre-mounted for your driving pleasure. The mounted Big Blox save you time and hassle by coming ready to bolt right up to your buggy, giving you more driving time. The pre-mounts are available in their popular M3 (soft) or M4 (super soft) compounds, and come mounted on white Velocity wheels. Part numbers are #9048-32 for M3, #9048-33 for M4, and both have a street price of right at $35 per pair.

Pro-Line Big BloxBig Blox are also now available in Pro-Line’s new long wearing X2 (Medium) and X3 (Soft) compounds. Big Blox are already known for their long wear characteristics, I would think that in X Compound you should be able to complete an hour long main and still have plenty of tread left. Part number for the X2 Big Blox’s is #9048-002, the X3′s are #9048-003, and both have a street price of around $22 per pair. Hit up the official Pro-Line Website for even more information.

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