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Pro-Line Predator Body HB D815

Pro-Line Predator Body For The HB D815

New for all you HB D815 drivers is a Predator Series clear body from the good folks over at Pro-Line Racing. The Predator for the D815 uses features from the Phanton and Type-R series bodies to give your buggy balanced performance out on the track. An optional high downforce nose piece is also included for tracks where you might want [...]


Pro-Line Predator Clear Body AE B6 B6D

Pro-Line Predator Clear Body For AE B6 & B6D

New from Pro-Line is a high performance Predator Body for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The Predator can not only give your Associated a cool new look, but was designed to yield more balanced handling around the track. Made from crystal clear Lexan, the body comes with over-spray protection, window masks, and a large decal sheet. Pricing for the latest [...]


Pro-Line Predator B44.3 Body

Pro-Line Predator B44.3 & Type-R D216 Clear Bodies

For all you indoor racers, Pro-Line Racing has announced a pair of new bodies for popular 2wd 1/10th scale race buggies. The first is a Predator series body for the Associated B44.3. The Predator series is designed to give nicely balanced handling with a sharp race type look. The B44.3 Predator is street priced at $28 with a part number [...]


Pro-Line Predator RC8B3E

Pro-Line Predator Clear Body For Associated RC8B3E

Looking for a high performance body for your Associated RC8B3E? If so, Pro-Line has you dialed with a new Predator. The Predator line of bodies is well known for a stylish look and balanced handling. It also comes with several optional air vents to help keep your electronics cool when the racing gets hot. The body is street priced at $28, [...]


Pro-Line Predator

Pro-Line Predator Clear Body For The Associated B5M

New and sleek for the Team Associated RC10B5M is the Predator from Pro-Line. The Predator first appeared for the RC8B3, but has now been scaled down to fit the B5M. Low and aerodynamic to give a balanced feel while on the track, the Predator for the B5M is priced at $28 and has a part number of #3459-00. Want to see [...]