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Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit

We recently got the chance to check out the new Buggy Conversion Kit from Pro-Line. This kit makes it easy to change your PL PRO-2 short course truck into a scale looking off-road buggy. Here is what we found out…

From - Pro-Line Racing
Direct Link - PL Buggy Conversion Kit

Details - Part number 6254-00, street price $76. Fits PL PRO-2 SCT, and Traxxas 2wd Slash when equipped with PL LCG chassis, performance tranny, and ProTrac rear tower.

Set-Up Notes - We converted over Cubby’s PRO-2 SCT that was equipped with an Xpert servo, Castle brushless system, Futaba 4PK Super R radio system, and PL Badlands tires on Split Six wheels. Mike over at Blaze RC threw a wicked paint job on the body for us, and we used a 3S Dynamite LiPo for power.

Build Notes - The Pro-Line conversion kit went together without a hitch. The instruction manual was well done and easy to follow, and all the parts went together without issue. Installing the conversion kit didn’t take that long, roughly 2 hours of wrenching at a leisurely pace.

Upsides - There are two major upsides to the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit, the scale looks, and how the buggy jumps. With scale appearance being of the utmost importance now days, Pro-Line did a great job with the body and roll cage. The plastic netting on the roll cage looks good and doesn’t get ripped out like rubber netting would. Also, the roll cage is keyed into the chassis to help make it stiffer, this also helps keep the chassis from getting bent on big hits. On the jumping side of things, there is no parachute effect on the buggy like you would normally experience with a short course truck. You could hit jumps on a windy day with the buggy conversion and never have to worry about it flipping over backwards, this is a big plus in our book.

Downsides - While we didn’t break any parts during our review, the buggy uses much smaller bumpers and does not use long/flexible body posts like on the truck version of the PRO-2. The bigger bumpers & body mounts on the truck help offer more protection during extreme bashing than the units on the buggy.

The Final Scoop - We found the Pro-Line buggy conversion kit to be a great product. It was easy to install, gave our PRO-2 a cool new look, and it took a beating without breaking. The buggy conversion also helped our PRO-2 jump a lot better on the big outdoor tracks that we frequent. The Pro-Line conversion kit rocks and we can highly recommend it to you.

Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Conversion Kit
After months of teasing, Pro-Line has released full information on their new PRO-2 Buggy Conversion Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to convert your Pro-Line PRO-2 to a buggy, and it can be converted right back to a truck when needed.

Modeled after a Class 1 Desert Buggy, the supplied body and roll cage are loaded with scale detailing for a sharp look. Plastic window nets add to the scale appearance, but won’t pull out like rubber netting. Pro-Line light buckets can easily be added, as can a wing if you plan racing or just like that type of look. Also, the narrow buggy body is sure to suffer from a whole lot less parachute than a typical short course truck, making it easier to jump on windy days.

The part number for the conversion kit is #6254-00, the street price is $78, and you can get more information by simply clicking This Link.

Check out This Link for more Pro-Line news on BigSquidRC.

Pro-Line PRO-2 Carbon Fiber
Pro-Line has announced three new upgrades for their PRO-2 short course truck- front & rear towers and a transponder mount. All three hop-up parts are machined from carbon fiber to be light, stiff, and look trick.

The transponder mount has a part number of #6109-02 and a street price of $11. The front tower has a part number of #6109-00 and a street price of $16. The rear tower has a part number of #6109-01 and is priced at $12. To get more information on all three simply Click This Link.

Have you read our Pro-Line PRO-2 truck review? If not, you can check it out Right Here.

MIP Super Ball Diff for Pro-Line PRO-2
Ever thought about putting a ball diff into your Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT or your Pro-Line Performance Transmission? Well now the folks over at MIP have the hook-up for you. The MIP ball diff for the PRO-2 fits with no modifications and is lighter than stock.

The part number for the MIP Super Diff is #13375, it is priced at $60, and you can get more information by clicking Right Here.

You never know what you are going to find at the other end of a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link.


How would you like to win a piece of RC History?
We are giving away our Pro-Line Pro-2 Truck that was used in our review. The one for the exclusive announcement of the truck’s release! It is literally one of the first trucks off the assembly line!

This Pro-2 Truck was used in our unboxing pictures, and then later in the first complete Pro-Line Pro-2 Truck review.

We honestly hate to see this one go. It was an honor to be the first to announce the new PL truck, and it represents a lot to us, but we hope one of our readers will appreciate it that much more. It comes as the completed kit with the awesome custom body, but without electronics.

UPDATE: The folks at Pro-Line have been kind enough to supply us with prizes for a Second and Third Place! So, for second place, the winner will get to choose a FULL SET of Tires and Wheels!! Third Place, one pair of tires of their choosing! Awesome!

So here are the details and how it works.

The deadline for entries is October 24th, 2013 at 11:59pm CST. A winner will be announced sometime on October 25th. A random winner will be chosen from all entries received by our software.

Because we have had so many requests, and we don’t have to worry about shipping electronics, we are going to open this one up WORLD WIDE! So all you non USA readers who always send in the hate mail about contests.. you better get your entries in for this one!

Ready to get started? Lets go!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Extra special thanks to Pro-Line for letting us reveal the Pro-2 Truck to the world, and also for their support on this giveaway.

Pro-Line Pro-2 Video
The good guys over at Pro-Line have released a new video showcasing one of our favorite short course trucks, the Pro-2 SC. In the video you’ll see Matt and Gerardo go over some of the main features of the Pro-2. There is also footage featuring the Pro-2 in action, both on track, and running wild in a bashing environment.

To get more information on the Pro-Line Pro-2 simply click This Link. Click Here to read our full review.

Pro-Line Pro-2 Kit Shipping
The official press release on our favorite 2wd short course truck, the Pro-Line Pro-2 Kit, went out yesterday. As you can see in the picture above from Pro-Line’s Facebook Page, the PL crew is working hard to get all the kits put together for your driving enjoyment. The Pro-2 Kit should be hitting your local hobby shop very soon. Whether it be a day at the track, or just bashing around the cul-de-sac with your buddies, the Pro-2 is loads of fun. We are still beating on our test unit and it remains in one piece, pretty amazing considering the amount of people that have driven it like they stole it.

We’ve got a very special contest coming up in a few weeks with the Pro-2 truck, until then take a look at our Pro-2 Unboxing Pictures and our Full Review.

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THE Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Truck Kit Review

Pro-Line PRO-2 Short Course Truck Kit Review

After 30 long years the crew over at Pro-Line decided to try their hand at the full on kit game. The PRO-2 Kit is the culmination of a series of hop-up parts that ended up turning into an entire 2wd short course truck. Is the PRO-2 a racer or a basher? Is it just a bunch of parts thrown together or does it stand alone as a separate truck? Was it worth the 30 year wait? We’ve been driving the tar out of the PRO-2 attempting to learn every upside and downside it possesses, how does it stack up? Click the “Read More” and find out, and check out the video!


Pro-Line PRO-2 KitHey now everyone, thanks for tuning in to THE Cub Report, a column about your favorite hobby, rc.

Both F1 and AMA Motocross were in action over the weekend, but it turned out quite boring. SebVet creamed the F1 guys yet again, while RV2 and ET did the same to their respective classes at Lake Elsinore. Oofah, what I would do to watch a race where I wasn’t 98% sure of the winner before the gate dropped…

So lets dive right into rc news…

The biggest news of the week, and perhaps the entire year, was the announcement of the Pro-Line PRO-2 Kit. For 3 decades Pro-Line has put out some of the trickest and best performing parts in the entire rc industry, for them to bring their big name into the kit business is a huge deal. If Pro-Line can do to the car/truck industry what they’ve done for bodies and tires, they will quickly be the creme of the crop.

Our review for the PRO-2 kit goes up on Tuesday morning, find out what we busted, how well the kit went together, and if it is indeed worth the $389 price tag. Looking over consumer comments the price seemed to be their main concern, but I don’t see the issue with it. I see the PRO-2 as being an uber full-on factory works bike that you can buy, and performance is never cheap. If it were some cheap ole’ sourced-off-the-shelf-of-Hi-Moto product, yea, $389 is way too much, but when it is a truck made up of parts specifically engineered here in the U.S. of A by the Pro-Line staff to be the best of the best, I consider it amazingly affordable.

The PRO-2 is kind of a special case of course, it started out as hop-up parts for the Traxxas Slash, then eventually became all the parts to make up a truck, but you have to give Pro-Line props. They could have flow to Asia, toured some factories, then picked a pre-made truck off some OEM’s shelf and said “Looks good, we’ll take 10,000 of them!”. Too many companies source crappy off-the-shelf trucks and have their stickers put on. Pro-Line went about it the Pro-Line way, the right way, and engineered the parts to meet their standards- which is top of the line.


I’m used to poking fun at the rc news, not actually being a part of it. That wasn’t the case last week as the BigSquidRC crew made some waves inside the industry by being the media source chosen to introduce the new Pro-Line Pro-2 Kit to the world. Industry insiders pondered the whys, media types melted down, and you guys tried to blow up our servers with huge numbers. So just how did BigSquidRC land arguably the biggest scoop of the year? Well that’s a big secret, and I’m not telling. LOL. Actually, we didn’t do anything. We didn’t lobby for it, didn’t beg for it, we didn’t give away any free advertising for it, they just put it in our lap and told us to run with it.

And why would PL have us intro their first truck in 30 years? I certainly can’t speak for Pro-Line, but if I had to wildly speculate I would say they wanted to make a bold statement. A statement to bashers that Pro-Line cares about them and they want their business. Now… the truth may have been that Pro-Line put a bunch of media names in a hat and ours was the one that got drawn, LOL, but any which way, the PRO-2 unboxing/unveiling we did last week shot us to record numbers, and hopefully we helped PL get a whole lot of exposure for their new truck.

To wrap it up…

So… our PRO-2 review goes up on Tuesday and Wednesday night we’ll be doing another live G+ show at 9pm CST (with perhaps a special guest or two). I hear Brian has a couple other reviews ready for this week, and we’ll also be posting the second installment in our series of Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 hop-up articles.

Lastly, we are needing help around the offices. I think our biggest need is a sales rep, if you have sales and customer service experience we could really (read- really reallyyyyy) use you and you could make some nice bank. We also need a video editing guy, an airplane guy, a scale guy, a behind the scenes web guru, and lastly a painter/hydro dipper for our Chi-Town guys. I am amazed at how many people go on and on about how badly they want in the industry, but when the opportunity arises they are too lazy to actually put their foot in the door. If you aren’t lazy and you seriously kick ass, email us at the “Contact Us” button at the top of our site. If you can’t find it, then no, we don’t want you.

Hey that’s it for this week. From the entire crew here at BigSquidRC- Thank You for reading our website, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter


Our surprise Unboxing of the Pro-Line Pro-2 Truck was received extremely well, and had tons of email and comments pouring in, asking questions as well as giving praise for Pro-Line’s first jump into the full on vehicle kit world.

The overwhelming enthusiasm towards the release seemed to warrant a follow up, so we contacted our friend Matt Wallace at Pro-Line for a short interview where we could ask some questions that we had, as well as get some answers for questions our readers were asking. Check it out…

Update: Looks like we missed a few questions during editing.. they have now all been added back in.

Big Squid RC: The PRO-2 kit is obviously a labor of love on your part, give us an idea how many hours you have in the project.

MW: I have truly loved working on this project and expanding Pro-Line’s product lineup into new categories. But the foundation for this project was really laid by Tim Clark (Head of Product Development) many years ago with the development of the ProTrac Kit. This truly innovative suspension kit converted the short arm SC trucks with big offset wheels to long arms and race-inspired suspension geometry that has become the standard for all the new SC trucks that have hit the market since. My first contribution to this project came a little over 3 years ago with the Performance Steering Kit (my first project at Pro-Line) and I have been working on developing all the parts needed to make a full kit ever since; well, in-between all the other projects we work on here at Pro-Line like Tires, Wheels, Bodies, etc… So, let’s just say a TON of hours!

Big Squid RC: What single part on the PRO-2 are you particularly proud of?

MW: My first thought was to say the PRO-2 Chassis because I love all the details in the aluminum chassis and how the side bumpers look like Jet Fighter wings, but in reality it has to be the Transmission. The Transmission is always the heart of any vehicle and it was a huge leap forward for us as a company to design and develop something like a full Transmission. Before that, the most complicated thing we made was Shocks.

Big Squid RC: When was the last time you went bashing out in a parking lot?
MW: Just this last week! We had to “test” our new Rock Rage tires (along with some secret future goodness) for “work” with a smile on our face the whole time.

Big Squid RC: Does this mean we can expect more vehicles from Pro-Line in the future?
MW: I am sure this release will educate us further about our possible opportunities in the kit market. But just like the Pro-2, we would not start another kit project unless we see the opportunity to offer the customer a unique experience.

(Press READ MORE for the rest of the interview)

Pro-Line Pro-2 Short Course Truck Kit

For years rc’ers have had dreams about a day when Pro-Line might put a full blown kit on the market. Well that day is finally here! The first vehicle to come out of the Pro-Line compound is called the Pro-2 1:10th 2wd Short Course Truck Kit.

Below you will find detailed unboxing pictures. The Pro-2 actually comes partially assembled, making it a lot faster to put together than a traditional kit. The tranny is fully built and already mounted to the chassis, and the shocks are fully built needing just oil to be fully operational. The tires/wheels even come pre-glued saving even more time. What you see in the pictures below is exactly how it comes out of the box.

The Pro-Line Pro-2 comes with all the quality parts that have been available separately for months now. For instance, the Pro-2 comes with championship winning Blockade tires and a Flo-Tek body. The tranny is the same high quality unit that’s been available for just over a year now. The suspension consists of the Pro-Line ProTrac kit with PowerStroke shocks. The Pro-2 is all the uber parts that Pro-Line made to replace Traxxas Slash parts, all put into one box resulting in a high-end 2wd short course truck.

The part number for the Pro-Line Pro-2 is #4001-00, street price is $389, and it should be available at your local hobby shop sometime in mid-September. Enjoy our unboxing pictures for now, we are still thrashing our test unit with our full review going up next Tuesday, August 27th.

THE Pro-Line Pro-2 Performance Parts Review

Pro-Line Traxxas Slash Pro-2 Performance Parts

Pro-Line Racing keeps introducing more upgrade parts for the immensely popular Traxxas Slash platform. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of their newest performance parts to determine if they live up to Pro-Line’s legendary reputation and if they are worth your time and money. Come on, lets take a closer look…


Pro-Line Pro-2 Front Hub Kit
Pro-Line has just announced some new performance accessories for your Pro-2 Traxxas Slash. If you want the best performing Slash at the local bash spot, Pro-Line performance parts are the way to go.

Part #6101 is a high performance PRO-2 Front Hub kit. This comes with all new Steering Knuckles and C-Hubs, it has extra camber adjustment holes, and is more durable than the stock parts. Expect a street price of around $25 on this one.

Part #6102 is their hard anodized pivot ball and rod end set. Stock Traxxas rod ends are prone to binding, the Pro-Line set-up is said to be buttery smooth. Street price $29.

Part #6104 is a hard anodized front hinge pin brace. This aluminum brace is light yet strong, and has the Pro-line logo laser etched on the front. Street price $10.

For more information on these and all of Pro-Line’s fine products HERE is the link to their official website.

We have a lot more Pro-Line news right HERE on BigSquidRC.