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Graupner Race Copter Alpha 250Q HoTT

Graupner Race Copter Alpha 250Q HoTT RTF

Do you know what’s taking off right now? Quadcopter racing, that’s what. That is where people race their quads around corners and through obstacles while driving FPV. One of the latest Race Quadcopters to hit the market is the Alpha 250Q HoTT from Graupner. The 250Q comes in a variety of forms but all of them use very trick carbon [...]



Raging Rotors: Not a Confession, But Declaration of Int…

It may sound cliche, but I feel like a true pioneer. On many occasions in the past year or so that quadcopters/drones/multirotor technology, flight, and regulations have been compared to the early days of the internet, calling it a ‘wild west’ phase for the technology. That pretty much nails the current situation of the whole multirotor hobby right on the [...]



Now THIS Was What Quadcopters Were Made For!

Surfing the web the other day, and I found the holy grail of custom quads! There have been wild posts the past few months of Star Wars based quadcopters, and I have found the source! Imgur user olivierc600 has posted all his work to date: Minion Bomber, Star Destroyer, and the Millennium Falcon to name a few. Check out the few [...]



DJI at it again already?!

As quick as the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1  were announced and released, it looks like DJI has another multirotor up its sleeve: the (maybe) Matrix 100. Here are a few of the RUMORED features:Expansion bays: like all fun things, the ability to be modular is a must. Dual Battery Option: LOOOOOOOONGER flight time SDK (Software Development Kit): For the computer science and all other nerdy programming types (myself included), [...]


Ares SpectreX

Unboxing the Ares SpectreX and FPV Kit!

I always love seeing packages on my desk, and this one came from the folks over at Ares RC, the SpectreX Quadcopter and FPV Upgrade kit. This little orange bugger is the next review I’m working on, and before I started chasing Brian and Cubby around the office, I took a few unboxing photos. See them below and keep your eye out for the [...]


Phone Drone 2

Make your phone a drone!

I was doing my usual ‘shopping’ on Kickstarter, and couldn’t help but see this need little design: the Phone Drone by XCraft! Designed as a simple quad frame, this drone uses a standard flight control board and couples it with your smartphone to create a self or manual flying drone for all your aerial photography needs! Here are some of the key features:Easy [...]



Southeast Electric Flight Festival 2015 – SEFF Coverage

3DBill here with a picture recap of SEFF 2015. SEFF is one of the biggest events of the year on the rc air side and is held every year in Andersonville, GA. Hobbico, Horizon, Castle Creations and many others sponsor the event and are there showcasing and demonstrating products tons of products. Pilots from all over the country and even [...]


Lily Camera Drone

Lily “Auto Follow” Camera Drone

“Auto-follow” drones are all the rage right now. One of the latest and most interesting to hit the market comes from Lily. The Lily Camera (1080P at 60 fps) Drone will automatically follow your every footstep, or you can program it to fly in front of you, or to circle around you. Needless to say it makes getting some very [...]


Airdog Auto Follow Drone

Airdog Auto-Follow Drone with Video

A company called Airdog has a new drone that will automatically follow you around to capture cool aerial video. How does it work? The Airdog comes with a quadcopter and an Airleash/tracker. Normally the tracker is mounted to your body for the quad to follow behind, but we can see enterprising bashers mounting the tracker to their cars/trucks instead. The [...]


Yuneec Q500-4K

‘Aerial April’ continues with Yuneec!

Yuneec APV continues what I have dubbed ‘Aerial April’ by releasing a preview picture of a new Q500 Typhoon quadcopter. This one features a 4K resolution camera, what seems to be a bigger controller screen, and a neat gunmetal color. No details on pricing, release, or any other pertinent information, but you can see the comments and responses on Yuneec‘s Facebook Page. Look for [...]



Join the Race with the Blade Mach25 FPV Racer!

Joining in on the ARF racer crowd, Blade Helicopters announced a FPV Racing quad today: the Mach25! Featuring tilted forward motors and self-locking propellers, this quadcopter may just be what the non-DIY pilot needs! More features include:SAFE® technology equipped with 3 flight modes Spektrum 25mw ultra micro FPV camera system Powerful 2300Kv brushless motors Compact Castle Creations 4-in-1 ESC Self-tightening prop hubs Robust 2mm carbon-fiber frames Intense, multi-color [...]



DJI Announces New Phantom 3 Series of Quadcopters

This was a big day for DJI indeed, as they announce new Phantom quadcopters utilizing the controllers and software systems of the Inspire. There will be 2 versions: the Phantom 3 Advanced with 1080p video camera/gimbal system installed, and the Phantom 3 Professional featuring a 4K resolution camera/gimbal system. Besides using the DJI Pilot app featuring built in live-streaming capabilities, camera control, and practice simulator, the Phantom 3 series touts some [...]


3DRobotics Quad Preview3

New 3DRobotics Quadcopter Coming

It must be Aerial April, because the team over at 3DRobotics just modified their homepage with the date April 13, 2015 and a video teasing some baboons flying a new quadcopter. A few screenshots are below, but this is a definite upgrade from their current IRIS+ quadcopter. This month just keeps getting better and better! For all 3DRobotics news, trust BigSquidRC! See previous news Right Here.



Drone Rider from Hobbico – With Video

Have you seen this thing?! Holy moly! The new Drone Rider from Hobbico is looking to change the transportation world! I think a few of the Big Squid RC crew may have to work out a little to make it under the weight limit, but it will be worth it. It’s not cheap, but at least the guys won’t have [...]


BS Squidink_24_Web Surfin_03_30_2015

SquidInk #24

Finally, another new SquidInk! Been sitting around the PC many of days and nights flipping through rc news, pics, videos, whatever pretty unimpressed.. then once in a while something comes along that makes you stop and say whoa… You can click the image for the high-res version, and don’t forget to click the share buttons! Want to see the previous comics? Click [...]