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Blade Vortex 250 Pro BNF Basic

Blade Vortex 250 Pro BNF FPV Racer

Blade has released full details on their ProTuned 250 class FPV race quad, the Vortex 250 Pro BNF. The Vortex comes Bind-N-Fly for your convenience, plus it offers some of the most sought after features that aspiring FPV racers are looking for. Light, strong, and powerful, the Vortex was designed to win races right out of the box. Some of its [...]


Dromida Verso Inversion Drone

Dromida Verso 110mm Inversion Drone

Thanks to reversing motors, the new Dromida Verso can take-off, fly, and land inverted. All it takes is one push of the invert/flip button and you can go from flying normally, to inverted flight, and vice versa. Some of its other features include- * Everything needed for flight comes in the box * LED lighting * Three different flight modes * Available in four [...]


Hobbico Holiday Drone Video

Part 1 – Hobbico Holiday Drone Video

Once again Hobbico is putting out a special series of videos for the Holidays. This year the focus is on drones, watch the video above for part 1 of what is sure to be a neat series to get everyone in the Holiday spirit. To get more details on all the drones offered by Hobbico simply Hit This Link, or by [...]


xiro xplorer

Xiro Xplorer RTF Drone

One of the latest high-tech drones to hit the market is the Xiro Xplorer. The Xiro comes two different ways, as a normal RTF (#16000, $499), or with a 3 axis gimbal for a GoPro camera (#16002, $699). The Xplorer comes with brushless motors and is appropriate for all skill levels. * Wi-Fi capable with 5.8GHZ transceiver * Auto take-off and land [...]


Toad 250 v2 - 6

Guerilla Drone Toad, Tadpole and Bullfrog.

Guerilla Drone Founded by Javier Delgado Sr, has some of the most popular racing frames on the market. Their frames are compact, have a unique organic design and come in three flavors. Bullfrog 205, Toad 250 and Tadpole 180. Guerilla Done is an American Company based in California. For more info on these aquatic designed frames hit this link. Looking for more quadcopter news [...]


Cubby Quadcopter Shovel

Chicago Council Passes Drone Ordinance

According to a Chicago Channel 9 news report, ( Link to WGN News) the city council approved a new ordinance which will ban drones from flying near hospitals, schools and churches. Drone operators also can’t fly directly over a person or property without getting permission first. The park district will set up designated areas where the drones can fly freely. (Can’t wait [...]


Blade Edition Vortex Pro Quad Racer

Sneak Peak – Blade Edition ImmersionRC Vortex Pro Quad Racer

While Blade RC is best known for their helicopters, they also make some pretty cool quads. Today they are teasing their collaboration with ImmersionRC on an upcoming Blade Edition Vortex Pro Race Quad. The Blade Edition will feature Spektrum Bind-n-Fly technology to make the Vortex Pro a true competition ready package. To get more information on all Blade products simply hit [...]


Ares RC Spidex 3D Quadcopter Drone

Ares RC Spidex 3D Drone

Want to try your hand at 3D drone flying? If so, Ares RC has a new quad that makes it easy, the Spidex 3D. Just hit a button and the Spidex 3D is flying upside down, then its innovative software takes over and makes it easy to keep on flying upside down. * 3 different flying rates * 6-axis control * Easy to [...]


Heli-Max Fuse Foamie

Heli-Max Fuse Foamie 250 Class Drone Racer

New and affordable from Heli-Max is the Fuse Foamie 250 Class Drone Racer. The Fuse is a 250mm sized drone perfect for use as an entry level FPV racer. The Fuse is extremely light, weighing in at just 4.1oz, and is recommended to be used with a 3S 1300-2200mAh LiPo battery. The Fuse is street priced at $199, it has a [...]



Dromida Vista – Possible Motor Issues – Fixed

Let me start by saying I like the Dromida product line and especially the Vista, are normally a very easy to fly and tough little drone at a good price. Just wanted to say that I opened up a new one that I received a few weeks ago and it spun around in circles and would not take off. As entertaining [...]


Heli-Max Joule 250

Heli-Max Joule 250 Class Carbon Fiber Racing Quad

FPV quad racing just keeps getting more popular. You’ve probably seen the videos of quadcopters racing around an track at breakneck speeds, heck, maybe you’ve even thought about building one for yourself. If you are in the market for an FPV racer, Heli-Max has announced the Joule 250 Carbon Fiber Race Quad. This is a 250mm (hence 250 class) quad [...]


Elanview Cicada Brushless RTF w/FPV Camera

Elanview Cicada Brushless RTF With FPV Camera

New from Elanview is the Cicada Brushless Drone With FPV Camera. The Cicada is flown FPV from your smart device and comes loaded with a Wi-Fi enabled 1080P/16MP high-def camera. The camera has electronic image stabilization and rests on anti-vibration rubber grommets to produce sharper images. * Take off or return to home via slide of a button * 3-axis gyro with [...]


Heli-Max FORM500 Utility Drone

Heli-Max FORM 500 Utility Drone

New from Heli-Max is the FORM 500 Utility Drone. What is a utility drone? It is a quadcopter that can do just about anything. The FORM 500 can be flown with a camera, or it can be flown just for fun. Some of its features include- * Comes with Tactic TTX810TS radio * Has a lifting capacity of 2.2 lbs * Comes with [...]


Estes Proto X Vid with Camera Nano Drone

Estes Proto X Vid With Camera Nano Drone

Looking for an affordable drone to get your feet wet shooting aerial video? Ya, me too. New from Estes is the Proto X Vid. It is extremely wallet friendly and can shoot 480p video of your flights. A 2.4GHz radio system keeps thing under control, while a six axis gyro with an “Auto Upright System” self-corrects the drone no matter [...]



DJI PRO app and IOS 9 – Gimbal / Camera Issue

If you have upgraded your IOS device and are having trouble with no gimbal control or no image. DJI support has just confirmed that the latest version of the PRO app is not compatible with the latest version release of IOS 9.0.2. They are working on a new release but there is not date on when. So if you have not updated you [...]