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RC4WD Aluminum Wheel Review

RC4WD Aluminum SCT Wheel And Tire Review

Can you get high-end performance while getting the ultimate in scale realism? That was the primary question that was on our minds when we got a chance to review a set of high-end aluminum wheels and licensed tires from RC4WD. Our Bash Crew has been thrashing a set of RC4WD Raceline Aluminum SCT Wheels and Mickey Thompson SCT Tires for [...]


RC4WD Raceline Avenger 1.7 Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Avenger 1.7″ Wheels

Want to put a new look on your scale rig? Like how 1.7″ wheels look? If so, then RC4WD has some news for you. New from the good folks at RC4WD are officially licensed 1.7″ Raceline Avenger Wheels. These are now available for pre-order and are CNC machined from high quality aluminum. * Highly detailed * Raceline logo on wheel face * [...]


RC4WD Raceline Gunner 1.7 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Gunner 1.7″ Wheels

Bolt on a unique new look to your scale rig with Raceline Gunner 1.7″ Wheels from RC4WD. Of course the new Gunners are officially licensed by Raceline and feature a beadlock design to keep your tire’s bead locked firmly to the rim. * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Incredible scale detailing * Black anodizing * Standard 12mm hex * Scale hex bolts * Scale wheel [...]


RC4WD Raceline Havoc 1.55 Beadlock

RC4WD Raceline Havoc 1.55 Beadlock Wheels

Just announced from RC4WD are Raceline Havoc 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels. From one glance you can tell they continue the tradition of scale realism from RC4WD and they are fully licensed by Raceline. A standard 12mm hex allows them to be mounted on a wide range of trucks/buggies and they are CNC machined from aluminum, then anodized black, for a stellar [...]


RC4WD Raceline Revolver 1.55 Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Revolver 1.55 Beadlock Wheels

Need some hot 1.55 sized wheels for your latest build? If so, have a look at the new Raceline Revolvers from RC4WD. The Raceline’s are fully licensed for an authentic look and were designed to fit your 1.55 tires. * Machined from billet aluminum * Beadlock design * Comes with scale wheel nut covers * Uses a standard 12mm wheel hex * Scale hex bolts [...]


RC4WD Raceline 1.7 Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Monster 1.7″ Beadlock Wheels

Have some 1.7″ tires that need trick wheels? If so, the crew at RC4WD have some new Raceline units for you. The Raceline Monster 1.7″ Beadlocks from RC4WD are CNC machined from aluminum and look incredibly scale realistic. * Standard 12mm hex * Officially licensed * Comes with scale hex bolts * Width- 0.98″ * Negative Offset- 0.45″ * Weight (each)- 1.57oz The wheels are street [...]


RC4WD Raceline Monster SCT Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Monster Short Course Beadlock Wheels

Looking for a realistic set of wheels for your short course project truck? They don’t get much more realistic than the new Raceline Monster Short Corse Beadlock Wheels from RC4WD. These are machined from aluminum and officially licensed by Raceline. * Uses a universal 12mm hex * 2.2/3.0 size that works with most SCT tires * Width- 1.7″ * Negative offset- .89″ The part number [...]


RC4WD Raceline Monster 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Monster 1.9″ Black Beadlock Wheels

Need some extra bling for that 1.9 scaler of yours? These black RC4WD Raceline Monster Beadlock Wheels can help give your truck the look you are after. These are CNC machined from billet aluminum then anodized in black for that tough off-road look. * Officially licensed and highly detailed * Fit on standard 12mm hexes * Scale hex head bolts for [...]


RC4WD Raceline Octane 2.2 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Octane 2.2 Beadlock Wheels

Some of the latest trick wheels from RC4WD are Raceline Octane 2.2 Beaklocks. These are CNC machined aluminum, black anodized for the official 909 look, and are officially licensed by the Raceline Wheel Company. * 2.2″ with internal beadlock design * Standard 12mm hex * Highly detailed with Raceline logo on wheel nut cover * Width- 1.22′ * OD- 2.2″ * Weight (each)- 3.38oz The part number [...]