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FPV Racing

As winter rears its ugly head in the Midwest, I must find myself something to do while wishing for the return of warm weather. I couldn’t help but see the perfect winter project dance across my Facebook, Google+, and a number of websites I hang around at: FPV Racing. Blowing up with hobby lovers in Europe, a few of my fellow RC Pilots are going to set up (safely and following current FCC guidelines) some racing multirotors and fly a bit indoors and start finding locations for outdoor flight.

What is involved in FPV Multirotor Racing? There are a few basic requirements/rules, but they will change from group to group. Here are the rules that my little group will be following:

Size: Any frame (motor count up to you) that has a motor-to-motor diagonal size of 250mm or less.

Motor Size/kV: What ever limits you can push your frame and mainboard

Battery: 3S LiPo Maximum

Very few rules = Tons of Fun and ingenuity!! I already have a trick or two up my sleeve, and of course you all will get to see all the work and steps, as well as tips and tricks to setting up a racer of your own! Below you can find a YouTube video that I think captures the fun and carnage of this kind of racing perfectly!

I cannot wait for this project to get rolling, and you can get into it quite easily too in your local area when the Blade Nano QX FPV hits store shelves at the end of the month.

In other news, the Ethos HD/FPV and Optim 80 reviews are almost ready to go, and you will find out beyond a doubt what will be on your Christmas list this year. Have any questions about FPV, multirotor, or helicopter anything? Drop me a line through kevin (at) bigsquidrc (dot) com and I will definitely respond, or maybe you’ll get your own article or be featured in the future (still trying to get enough questions to start running Ask Hot Sauce). In either case, until next time, Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!

A-Main Speedway Spring Fling 2014Save the weekend of March 22nd and 23rd for A-Main Speedway’s 2nd annual Spring Fling in Pueblo, CO with a special event sponsored by us here at the Big Squid RC. You can get your fill of off-road racing with classes for pretty much every type of off-road rc vehicle in existence. 1/8th scale buggy, truggy, monster truck, electric, nitro, 2 and 4wd short course, a sportsman class for the newbs, and more.

Qualifying takes place on Saturday, the racing commences on Sunday. After the racing is done, it’ll be time to bust out some hang time in the Big Squid RC Big Air event thingy.

A Main Speedway is my local hobby shop and I will be there shooting a lot of pics. If you’re nearby come on down, find me and say “The crow kaws at the dawn of the first full moon.” That’ll be our secret code for “Give me free stickers or something*.”

You can sign up for this event at the RC Signups website and you can get more info by looking at that flyer up there or by hitting up the A-Main Speedway Facebook page and clicking over to the Events Section.

There’ll be door prizes, t-shirts, and more for competitors, plus lots of fun.

*  Something may include, but is not limited to, a passionate embrace.

TORC Series 2014
The rc world certainly has a bunch of short course truck fans and today the TORC Off-Road Series announced their 2014 Schedule. The TORC series has certainly gone through changes this off-season, losing Traxxas as the title sponsor, and adding The Armory as new owners, but hopefully the 2014 series will be just as exciting as ever. Check out below to see the schedule that includes brand new venues at Gateway Motorsports Park in St Louis Missouri and at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis South Dakota. If you can’t make it to one of the rounds TORC has a television package with NBC to air all the races.

* Primm, Las Vegas, NV: April 5-6
* Charlotte, NC: April 25-26
* Gateway Motorsports Park, St Louis, MO: May 17-18
* Crandon, WI: June 28-29
* Bark River, MI: July 19-20
* Buffalo Chip, Sturgis, SD: Aug 5-6
* Crandon, WI: Aug 30-31

To get more details on the 2014 TORC schedule simply hit up This Link. For more TORC news on BigSquidRC This is the link you want.


Bigsquid is now a racer sight? You guys used to be so cool, now you’ve lost your F@#$##@ minds!!!! I’ll never be back again @$$ho1es.

Cubby- Each year gets more amazing to me. April Fools comes every single year on April 1st, and every single year we post crazy stuff just for kicks (like THIS). Yet… every year we get 50 emails like this one. “Facepalm”.

So Russell, I know you aren’t reading this because you have apparently put us on your perm-a-ban list, but if you should just happen to stumble across this edition of ASK Cubby-> April Fools, we are back to full force bashing only. The only way BSRC has ever been, the only way it will ever be.

Injury during marshalling article

My name is Todd Anderson and I am the owner of RC Excitement in Massachusetts and just today finally decided and posted about no longer running 1/8th Scale on our Indoor Off Road Track.

Can you please send me a link to the article that was written on Big Squid about the marshal (Trent Dill I believe) that was hit in the face by an 1/8th scale. I’m hoping to use your article to make people understand why I’m so concerned and will no longer be allowing them inside. We will still be running them on our outdoor track where marshals have more room to be out of the way, or at least have a shot at getting away, but like the article says why wait until someone gets killed.
Thank you,

Cubby- Yo Todd, Brian forwarded your email over to me. Hit him up again for a free BigSquidRC t-shirt, you just won “letter of the month”.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. And… 8th scale buggies don’t try to hit people, sometimes there are some real idiots driving them with wayyy too much power and wayyy too little skill (or common sense) and they accidentally get wayyy out of control. And ya, getting smacked in the shin (or face) with a AE B4 or Losi 22 might sting, but getting hit by an 8th scale buggy is a completely different level of freak’n hurt.

For those of you that might not have read my rant about how dangerous it can be to marshal 8th scalers, HERE is the link. I was quite pissed when a friend of mine got tore up after get’n smoked in the face with an 8th scale while mashalling, so I went off on one of my patented rants. Click on the link to see the fairly gruesome pics of what a human face looks like after getting slammed with an 8th scale truggy.

I wrote that about 3 years ago, has anything changed for marshals since then? Nope, nada, not a dern thing. Not that I expected anything to change, if there is one thing that is consistent about rc racing its people bitching there aren’t enough marshals. But… yet every year I see and hear more stories about marshals getting hurt. This is flip’n toy rc racing people, there isn’t a reason in the world for anyone to ever, and I mean EVER, get hurt. But at nearly any track you’ve always got “those couple of guys” that are running 10 times more power than they could ever keep between the pipes and even though they are all over the place they STILL don’t let off the gas.

To you Todd, I won’t commend you for leaving the 8th scalers for the outdoors where the marshals have a bit more room to dodge bullets, I will however commend you on doing what you believe is best for YOUR track. Too many track owners are slaves to the 10 hardcore guys that eat/sleep/live at their track, it’s refreshing to see a track owner doing what he believes is right, even if it might torque off some people.

That’s it for this week, submit your questions, answers, rants, raves, and whatever else is floating through that groovy head of yours to Cubby at Get free stickers or maybe even a t-shirt if your letter makes the front page.

YOUR Cub Reporter

higgs bosonHappy Monday everyone and welcome to another exciting week in the wonderful world of rc. I hope you all got some trigger time in over the Easter weekend, we were fortunately to have good enough weather to bust out a bunch of packs. Unfortunately, both F1 and Supercross were off over the weekend, leaving the basketball Elite 8 games to fill up my enormous tv. Thankfully Supercross is on like Donkey Kong again this weekend.

So here is the big news for the day- BigSquidRC has official switched over to being a “racer” site. Yes, I know that might not be the best of news to some of you readers (actually, it will downright offend some of you), but we’ve decided that racing is where it’s at right now. The tremendous surge in sales of racing gear, along with the enormous popularity of all the sanctioning bodies, has proven to us that instead of being a basher site that we need to go all racer. I hope you are just as excited about this as I am, and I hope you are looking forward to all racer news all the time now from BigSquidRC.

In other news… the BigSquidRC crew will be covering all of the remaining ROAR national events, the IFMAR worlds, as well as the RC Pro Series national finals. We’ll be loading up Brian, Jeff, Tim, Bill, Craig, and tossing Adam in the trunk, to give these prestigious races the coverage that they so rightly deserve. Expect full coverage of the practice days, as well as up to the minute updates during quals and the mains. We are incredibly stoked to be bringing you a full weeks worth of intensive coverage per event. Brian is lined up to do all the videos, Tim and Jeff will be handling the pictures, while Bill, Craig and Adam will be searching out all the latest trick parts and hot news from the pits. Like I mentioned earlier, with our new format we’ll be all about racing from here on out.

March Bashness is still going off here on BigSquid. As I write this (Sunday evening) it looks like the Traxxas Summit is going to pwn the Vaterra Twin Hammers in one of our final four match-ups, then voting starts for the HPI Savage Flux and Traxxas Slash 4×4 tomorrow (read- today/Monday). I had personally thought the Twin Hammers was a lock to make it to the final, but all those pesky Traxxas fans have been voting in force.

Speaking of the Vaterra Twin Hammers, our very revealing review goes up on Tuesday. We’ve spent more on the Twin Hammers review than perhaps any other vehicle we’ve ever tested, mainly because it is so unique. Is it really a crawler? It is just a trail-truck? It is a perfect “all purpose” bash machine? Or is it simply a hodgepodge that is average everywhere but excellent at nothing? Yes, this paragraph has been one big tease, you’ll have to tune in on Tuesday to find out if we thought it sucked, or if we thought it kicked ass.

On a serious note, the BigSquidRC crew will be invading the Weak Signals RC Expo in Toledo Ohio this Saturday. If you are in the area we invite you to come on by and say hello to Brian, Tim and myself while we roam the arena doing show coverage. For those of you that may not have heard of the Weak Signals show is it primary an rc airplane event, but, it is a selling show, which draws a TON of people and makes it a whole lot more interesting. How many times have you went to a show and seen some incredibly cool looking gear, but then found out that you can’t buy it and take it home with you? At a “selling show” a lot of the booths (but not all) are actually selling their products, making it a whole lot more awesome. Anywhos, HERE is the link if you want to check it out.

That’s it for this week guys, as always support your local hobby shops, practice as much as you can at your local tracks, and race as many classes as you can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Xtreme Racing have got some new charger stands to help your charger keep it’s cool when charging. have one on your workbench and keep an eye on your battery with ease – no more squinting to read those tiny screens! They come in several sizes, colours and even materials, so they’ll suit anyones taste, and starting at $17.99, they’ll suit anyones budget too!

Xtreme Racing Charger Stands


Check out the Xtreme Racing website to see the full range available.

Turnigy has released a new 2WD Desert Racing Buggy. This brushless buggy is pre-built, but requires a radio and battery to be fully ready to run. You get plenty of power from a 35A esc with a fan and a 3300kv 540 motor, undoubtedly a bulletproof EZ-Run based system. You’ll also find steel driveshafts, adjustable camber and toe, as well as threaded oil filled shocks. Parts will be soon to follow as with all other RC cars sold by HobbyKing. It is also worth mentioning that it is a rival for the Kyosho Ulitma DB, as it costs just $120!


Check out the HobbyKing website for full details!

ECX Torment

Racing The Horizon ECX Torment Short Course Truck

By: Tim Mohr

During the 2011 iHobby Expo the BigSquid guys got in a rather heated debate, we knew the ECX Torment was a good basher, but could it actually win a race? Cubby was rather vehement that it was impossible, even at the local level, while I was sure that indeed it could.

Once we got home from the show Cubby and I had a long discussion. I was going to race the Torment at a local club race, but Cubby would only allow mods costing under $5 each to be done to the truck. Cubby theorized that given enough cash the Torment could win the IFMAR worlds, so to keep it realistic only cheap mods were allowed. Fair enough, the challenge was on. Click through to see what went down.. READ MORE

In the spirit of reaching across the aisle, here’s a little bit of racing news from the guys at AKA.  They recently had a very successful run at the 2010 Sidewinder Nitro Explosion event held at Thunder Alley Raceway.  Sean Gaffney took the win in the Sportsman Buggy A main running AKA Gridirons in the soft compound.  Colin Herzig rolled across the finish line in first place with the Enduros in soft and the new Evo wheel bolted on his ride in the Intermediate A main.  In the big time Expert main it was Cody King taking first and Mark Pavidis (seen here) getting third.  Cody used the AKA Enduro tires on Evo wheels and Mark had the AKA Impact tires in medium compound also on the Evo wheels.

So as they say what wins on Sunday sells on Monday Tuesday, so go check out the AKA web site for more info on these tires and hit up your local hobby shop to get some.

Editor’s Note — Here are the facts: Adam Drake was top qualifier in the buggy class. Jared Tebo TQ’d the truggy class. Tebo then went on to win both the buggy and truggy classes. Jeff was sent there to take pictures and provide coverage of the event. What we got back from him was this “story.” There is some truth here but much of the rest may be slightly exaggerated, greatly overstated, or outright fabricated. Read at your own risk and take it all with a grain of salt. Jeff also says that places, names, and times may have been changed to protect the innocent. We think he just forgot to write down all that stuff.

– Big Squid Editorial Board

Day 1

Journal Entry – Friday 3:30pm – Dear Diary, Just got off the phone with Brian, he wants me to cover the 2010 ROAR Off-Road Fuel Nationals this weekend. Get “a story to tell,” he says.

My phone is ringing, the caller ID shows Brian (Big Squid). I ponder for a second why he may be calling me. Have I not done enough posts this week? Possible. Has my new site design not included enough ad blocks? Could be. Is the site down? Most probable.

Having decided what this call is about I pick up the phone and go on the defensive. Before he says a word I start apologizing for seeding all those Warez and pr0n torrents off the server and taking down the site again, but he acts surprised and asks me what I’m talking about. “Oh nothing, never mind…” I say, “what’s up Boss?” Brian starts barking out the orders in typical over-bearing boss fashion. “The ROAR Nats are this weekend, you live closest to them, get your camera and get out there. Don’t leave until you have a story to tell and a bunch of pictures to post!” He then starts chanting over and over again “WE NEED CONTENT! CONTENT IS KING!”

I “accept” the assignment and hang up the phone, not really knowing what to expect. Brian told me it was going to be a long weekend, that’s all I know. I’ve never been to a big national RC event. I’ve never even been to a real RC race, I’m a basher to the core baby. My first opportunity to do both and I’m going to be stuck behind my Canon 5D and “Holly Hobby – Little Journalist” notepad the whole time. Sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous weekend. But then I key in on one thing he said, “have a story to tell,” and think to myself “I can work with that.”


This could quite possibly be one of the coolest announcements of the last decade.  ROAR is creating a new provisional racing class for 1/16 scale electric powered TANKS.  That’s right.  Tanks.  Check out these additions to the ROAR rule book.

Under section 5.3 – Scale tracked vehicles (tanks) powered by electric motors are a permanent demonstration class.  They may be run at all levels, unless specifically prohibited.

Under section 6 Body, Bumper and Wing Tank Hulls: Tanks hulls must be of realistic style from the World War II era and later.  These include:

  • M4 Sherman
  • M26 Pershing
  • M48 Patton
  • Tiger II/King Tiger
  • Gepard
  • Leopard 2
  • T-72
  • T-90

Others are to be excluded only at the discretion of the race director.

Under section 7.3 Tire Rules

7.4.1 – Tracks must be made of metal and provide a realistic appearance. – Molded rubber caps may be bonded to individual links on the track.  The cap must not provide any reinforcement between links.

7.4.2 – All track must be completely contained under the tank’s bodywork.  No amount of track may be exposed outside the width of the armor.

Probably the most explosive (heh…) new set of rules pertain to ordinance.  I’m not going to quote anything here because the rules are long in this area, but suffice it to say, your tank can have a real functioning main gun and you can attempt to disable your opponents tanks during the course of the race.

There’s a ton more in the rule book so be sure to check it out by going to the ROAR web site.