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ASK Cubby

“Animus 18TR

I was recently reading a thread on your website that reviewed the Animus 18 TR. I believe it was posted by Tim Mohr in Nov. of 2011. Near the bottom he talks about mods over $5 being a good quality charger, which would be around $50. I was wondering what the brand of charger (model # too) was and how long it would take to charge those batteries on that newer charger.



Cubby- Yo hey Pete, thanks for taking the time to shoot in an email.

If there is one thing I truly hate it is using a wall charger that takes 5, 6, 7, or 8 hours to charge up a pack. I am just not wired to sit around that long waiting on a pack to be ready to jam.

There are a plethora of good chargers at the $50 price point to quick charge the Helion Animus 18TR’s 1100mAh Ni-MH pack. But sometimes those pesky Ni-MH packs can like to false peak, so I am going to recommend this one to you- the Duratrax Onyx 210 (#DTXP4210). It sits right at the $50 mark, is AC/DC, has more than enough power to charge the stock 18TR pack in under an hour, and I’ve used one extensively around the office with minimal false peaking. Oh ya, I really like its big LCD display as well.

How long would it take to charge the 1100mAh Ni-MH on the Onyx? You could set the 210 for a .8 amp charge rate, resulting in a charge that would take just under an hour and a half, or the stock Helion pack might be able to take a 1.5 amp rate, if so, you would be looking at charge times under an hour.

If you want to stick with a Firelands product, I would recommend the Radient Primal. The Primal is an AC only charger, but I’ve used it extensively and it has worked well for me. Oh ya, it also has plenty of power for small packs, plus it can charge Lipo, which if you haven’t switched over to yet, you really need to pull the trigger on. The price point is awesome too, just $40.

Hey Pete, when ya pick up a new charger shoot us an email on what ya ended up buying. Later homie, go fast, spin tires.



So some people are getting wound up because of the quadcopters appearing everywhere. Never mind, now how about an update on the first quad shootout. I’d love to know what’s the best one to get now, especially with Christmas on the way.

The reviews and shootouts are great. Keep them coming.

Gary F.”

Cubby- Hey, good to hear from ya Gary.

I hate quads, or maybe I should say, I used to hate quads. I am truly a surface kind of guy, it is just how my brain is/was wired, but I have actually been using the Estes Proto X quite a bit around the office. It flies for a while, it is super fast to charge, and it takes some skill to put it where ya want it. If you are looking to pick one up for X-mas, I highly recommend it.

So… ya, you can put me on the list of people wanting to see an updated quad shootout. We’ve been toying with ideas for a bunch of different shootouts for a while now, but we get relentless emails about the quads. I need to crack the whip on Brian and make that one happen. There are bucket loads of new quads on the market, heck even I want to see how they stack up.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, shoot me your letters/questions/rants/manifestos to Cubby at If your letter makes the front page shoot us an email with your snail mail so we can hook ya up with a sticker pack!

YOUR Rub-a-dub-Cub Reporter


Hi I have an hip e savage and I want to convert it to brush less and I was wondering if the radient reaktor 3500 kV combo would work?

Ryan G.

Cubby- Yo to the yo Ryan G, thanks for the email and shoot Brian your snail mail so we can hook ya up with a BigSquidRC sticker pack.

So you have a Savage that’s so cool it’s hip? I kid, I kid, you have an electric HPI Savage and you want to know if the Radient Reaktor brushless system we reviewed a few weeks ago will power the beast.

The answer is Yes, but… not for very long. No, I have not tried the Radient in a Savage first hand, but I’m fairly confident from years of experience that it just won’t work. The Radient Reaktor system was not designed to power a vehicle as heavy, or with as much rotating mass, as an HPI Savage. To reliably power the Savage day in and day out it will take a larger motor and a speedo capable of handling such high power demands.

So… I won’t leave ya hang’n bro, I’ll give ya an affordable alternative that should work. We reviewed an 8th scale Kershaw system a long time ago, it was one of their “Gen 2″ 8th scale power systems and it worked well for us. Kershaw doesn’t sell the “Gen 2″ system anymore, however they have “Gen 3″ 8th scale systems starting around $150. You might want to hit’em up with an email and say you are looking for crazy power for your Savage on the cheap. Oh ya, tell’em Cubby said “What’s up”.

Here are a few links you may want to check out:
Our Radient Reaktor 3500 Review

Our Kershaw Designs Review

A link to Kershaw’s Gen2 System

What do you think about those car action reader choice awards? Are they fake or what? It seems like every year they end up with some bullsh&* winners that nobody would ever vote for.

Benji K.
Utica New York

Cubby- What’s up Benji? Do you always ask such loaded questions? Haha, good for you for not holding anything back.

I won’t hold back either. I have zero, absolutely no “first hand” information that there is anything bogus about the RCCA awards. I don’t know how the voting works, or what categories there are, I basically know nothing about them, let alone about anything fishy going on.. About the only thing I know about them is they named a motorcycle as “car of the year” a few years ago. We still laugh about that one around the office.

However… there have been rumors floating around for years within the industry. Maybe they were started after a touch of jealously by a company that lost, or maybe they were just started by someone look’n to stir the pot, I have no idea.

I will say two things here-

1. I have no idea why you even care about who-wins-what in the dinosaur media. You really should move into the internet age. If you took the time to write me an email then obviously you know where the internet is, use it.

2. We do see surprise winners every year during our March Bashness tournament. For example, some very heavy hitter Traxxas vehicles have bit the dust early when every single person in the office expected them to make the final 4. Upsets do happen, and products that you or I think are extremely popular might not actually be.

With all that said, our own March Bashness tournament is now underway, and I can give you 100000% certainty that it’s legit in every way. Click the vote buttons and show the world which vehicles you think are the best.

Click HERE to go VOTE NOW!

That’s it for this week gang, hit me up with your questions, answers, psychopathic rants, and whatever else you have stewing in that mind of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If your questions hits the big time you get free stickers, and if you are extra special and I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” you’ll get a free t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

THE Radient Origin AC/DC Battery Charger Review

Radient Origin Battery Charger Review

Every day more and more people make the jump into the wonderful world of hobby grade rc’s. Most of these people end up walking out the hobby shop door with a RTR and low-end Ni-MH battery. New people to the hobby don’t really need some high-zoot uber charger, they need a charger that is easy to use with enough power to get the job done. Today we are taking a closer look at such a charger, the Radient Origin. Is the Origin easy for a noob to use? Can it stand up to the day-to-day beating of a basher? Most importantly, is it worth the cash? Read on and find out…


Cubby iHobby Truck Give awayThe AMA Supercross series is 4 races deep and Davi Millsaps is still sporting the red plate, who would have guessed that before the season began? Dungey visited the LCQ again Saturday night but went on to win the main, Speedy Reedy has become a first lap human torpedo, RV2 is the fastest guy on the track but 4th in points, and Bubba’s knee is a mess but he looked faster than he has in the last two years. Bam-Bam’s sx season is over points wise, but he put it on the podium, Shorty is a riding a bike off the showroom and beat a bunch of factory talent, and Canard’s early season speed seems to have gone missing. Yes my friends, supercross is awfully good this season.

On to rc…

First up a couple of reminders. This coming Saturday, February 9th, the BigSquidRC Bash Crew will be doing special coverage of the world’s largest indoor flying event, eFest, from Champaign Illinois. Expect news posts and a live video feed (as much as the net will allow) from the event floor. If you can’t join us in person keep an eye on our front page to see exactly what we come up with.

Last week we posted three reviews- the Axial Jeep Wrangler, iMaxRC X200 charger, and Radiant Reaktor brushless system. This week we’ll be posting reviews on Pro-Line Pro-2 performance upgrades, TrakPower DPS power supply and VR-1 dual charger, Atomik 8th scale Deegan SCT, and the electric Thunder Tiger Mini Cooper. Yes, another huge week for reviews here on BigSquidRC. Btw, shoot us an email on how you are liking our new A/B/C/D grading system, we’d like to know if you like it better than our old 1-10 system.

Also… try and catch our Wednesday night Google+ LIVE show. This week we just might be breaking more big news (like we did last week, more on that later), and we will once again be inviting you, yes you, to join us live in the Google+ Hangout live video feed. To be able to join in with us, you’ll need to have a G+ account plus a webcam and mic already set-up. More details on Wednesday…

Also in rc news…

The Nuremberg Toy Fair was huge last week, so huge it put a serious hurt’n on us media outlets. It’s pretty rare when we simply can’t keep up with all the new products being introduced. In fact, I think last week was the first time ever. Congrats to the big German show, and congrats to the industry for its continued growth.

What was the biggest news from the Toy Fair? You’d have to have been living on Mars to have not heard about Vaterra yet. Horizon has been teasing about an all new brand for months now and they did the official unveiling at Nuremberg. It was a nicely done introduction- a big reveal at the Toy Fair, the Vaterra dot com and FB page went live with perfect timing, and they even sent out some pretty sweet press kits to the media.

It’s quite obvious someone over at Horizon has been eating/breathing/shit’n Vaterra for the last 6 months. For example- the unveil was amazing, all the pics of the new vehicles were incredibly well done, all the videos were amazing, and all the products look to be solid inside and out. I have the feeling a bunch of midnight oil got burnt by the Horizon crew the last few months, but it turned out awesome and hopefully those guys are finally able to get some much needed sleep.

The actual Vaterra product looks incredible, to the point of being legit shelf queens that you can actually drive. As a hobby grade rc’er it was burnt in my brain from the start that you can either have a high performance hobby grade rc, or you can have an incredibly detailed scale looking body, but you can’t have both. Vaterra is the first entire line (off and on-road) in our industry that shows that yes you can, you can have your performance cake and incredible scale looking icing too.

Horizon already had two solid line-ups, the legendary Losi line, and the upstart ECX line of surface vehicles. Was there a need for a third? Some industry types will say definitely, the third brand name helps put even more Horizon product on LHS shelves to help push other brands off. Then other industry types know how long (and how much money) it takes to get a new brand off the ground. Certainly it takes years for a new brand to earn its keep on LHS shelves, and certainly it takes millions of marketing dollars to firmly plant the name into consumers heads.

Vaterra is certainly off to a stellar start. Everything they’ve done thus far has been top notch, certainly a testament to the rc passion of the staff over at Horizon. 2012 was very quiet for them, but thus far Horizon owns 2013. Now it’s a matter of waiting to test the actual product. Does the performance and reliability of the new Vaterra gear stack up to all the marketing hype and incredible scale looks? We’ll find out soon enough, and should the actual platforms be rock solid, Vaterra has a long prosperous future in rc. In fact, the Vaterra line might go down as a real game changer, the line that proved that us rc’ers can finally have machines that look as good as they perform.

On a different note…

We broke some pretty big news on our Wednesday night Google+ LIVE show last week. We broke the news that HPI will soon be exclusively distributed by Hobbico/Great Planes. In the past HPI was distributed by Great Planes, HRP and Horizon, starting later this year they will only be available from GP. No doubt Great Planes is the premier distributor of rc products in the entire world, they’ve got their act together, and they should be able to take HPI to new heights. Rumors have been floating around for years about the financial status of HPI, hopefully exclusive distribution by GP will fix any ills that might be going on over there. Look for the official announcement to be made March 1st.

Speaking of HPI, they once again had their Octane gas engines on display at Nuremberg. If there is one thing that can put HPI on top of the heap it would be their Octane powered vehicles taking over the market. If the Octane works as advertised, HPI is staring directly at a sales floor success like they’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, and I know first hand, that there is at least one other “big” name that is getting close to announcing their own gas power-plant for smaller scales. I hope HPI’s decision to announce their gas platform well over a year before it could hit shelves does not come back to haunt them.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of rc fanatics. Thanks for reading, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

THE Radient Reaktor 3500kv Sensorless 1/10th Scale Brushless System Review

Radient Reaktor 3500kv Sensorless 1/10th Scale Brushless System Review

Intro- There are a whole lot of noobs out there that have been driving their brushed powered RTR’s and have mastered the stock power system. When that happens, boredom sets in, and a new brushless system goes on the wish list. The crew over at Firelands Group has a new entry level brushless system called the Radient Reaktor. This 540 system should be an easy swap for RTR gear, and should instantly transform boring RTR power up to “Holy Cow this thing rips!”. How does the Radient Reaktor truly hold up? Lets find out…


Radient RC Origin Battery Charger
With Santa delivering a lot of RTR cars and trucks for Christmas there is a need for an easy to use Ni-MH charger. The crew over at Radient have come up with just that, their new Origin Ni-MH charger makes battery charging simple at an affordable price. Some of its features and specs include-

* Charges up to 4 amps on AC or DC
* Charges 1-8 cell Ni-MH
* Charges Ni-MH and NiCd type of cells
* Single button interface
* Uses LED to show charge status
* Slim design to save space
* Part #RDNA0014

The Radient Origin has a street price of $35 and they are available right now at your local HobbyTown USA dealer.

Want to read one of our previous Radient battery charger reviews? HERE is the link you want.

radient reaktor

New from Radient RC is this brushless motor and ESC combo. The 3500kv system is built to be ideal for your 2WD 1/10th scale vehicles and can even handle running in your 4WD Helion Dominus SC and TR. It can handle 2S or 3S lipo setups, and the waterproof esc is ready for your bashing.

The Radient product line can be found at the Hobby Town Website.

Looking for more Radient RC news on Big Squid RC?

HobbyTown USA Booth iHobby 2012
Many of our readers are quite familiar with HobbyTown USA, for those of you that aren’t, they are a large chain of hobby shops here in the United States. HobbyTown corporate has a booth here at iHobby showing some of their exclusive products like the Helion line-up of vehicles and Radient battery chargers. Of particular interest is their new Helion 10TR truggy, look for a full BigSquidRC review in the next couple of weeks. Hit THIS link for HobbyTown’s website that features much more information on all their products.

Looking for more Hobbytown USA news? HERE is the link you want.


Hello, I was wondering if the Radient Ascend charger will somehow charge AA size NIMH batteries. I have 8 AA nimh batteries { single, not a battery pack } and would like to know if the ascend can handle this { maybe with an adapter of some sort? } Thanks!!

Jim P.

Cubby- Ahoy thar Jimmy P, what ye be doin? Be sure ‘n send Brian ye snail mail so we can flood ye mailbox wit’ sweet BigSquid stickers.

Let me guess, ye use 8 AA NiMH batteries in ye transmitter? ‘n ye’d like to charge them wit’ ye Helion Ascend?

Can th’ Radient Ascend charge 8 AA NiMH cells at one the hour? Yarr, absolutely no problem. In fact it can charge just one, or just a pair, ect, all th’ way up to 8 like ye be tryin’ to do. ye could charge each sin’le AA separately, but that would take a dozen sails around the globe. What I would recommend be ’tis- use a battery tray out ‘o an barnacle-covered transmitter. Remove th’ tray from th’ barnacle-covered transmitter, throw a connector ‘o some type on th’ wires (if needed, it might already have a plug ye can adapt to), ‘n charge th’ 8 AA NiMH batteries all at once wit’ ye Ascend. Use a 1C charge rate (2 amps if they be 2000 mah cells) ‘n ye be dialed.

First off – just want to say I really enjoy your site. As someone getting back into RC after about 15 yrs it’s been helpful and informative, not to mention entertaining. After picking up a 2WD Slash last winter and an SC10 this summer for racing the local tracks here the northern burbs of Chicago when I can get the time – my daughter is starting to show an interest (she’s almost 5 yrs old).

So what better excuse to pick up another vehicle – enter the Ruckus. Picked it up from the local HobbyTown USA and it fits the bill perfectly. It has that big truck look that she enjoys and out of the box it isn’t quite fast enough for her to cause any real damage. I found that the large bumper from the ECX Torment is a direct bolt-on by the way.

To my question – I read in your initial review that you had trouble fitting a Lipo battery in there yet during the RTR Monster truck shoot-out a Lipo was used in all three trucks. I’m curious if you did any specific mod to get it to fit? Or if you just used a velcro strap around the chassis or something?

Just for the longer run times and continual even power I may eventually swap out the esc to the XL5 from my Slash (for the low voltage protection) and run it with a lipo. Another thing I found out is that the 7-cell nimh flat packs DO fit – which works out since I had a couple of these before making the lipo switch on my Slash. I couldn’t confirm the 7-cell fitment anywhere online before purchasing the vehicle.


Matt F.

P.S. Thanks for the posting about the price decreases of ECX vehicles – HobbyTown gladly price matched it since their supplier is Horizon Hobbies.

Cubby- Greetin’s dearest Matt, ‘n hearty thanks fer writin’ in ‘n fer th’ lust.

No, we didn’t mod th’ battery tray in any way on th’ ECX Ruckus durin’ our shootout. We used standard ROAR hardcase 2S SpeedPack Lipo’s from Dynamite fer th’ shootout. No, they weren’t an easy fit, we had to push below on th’ battery bar pretty harrrd fer th’ fastener to properly latch, but it did set the sails. Btw, I totally dig th’ fact that ECX does not use body clips on their battery bars, ‘n their set-up never comes loose or causes any issues, salutes to them on that.

But yarr, many common battery packs be slightly taller than what ECX intended thus makin’ it harrrd to get th’ battery strap on. I drive an ECX Torment nearly every day ‘n here’s th’ scoop on what I did to make it a wee bit easier to install slightly taller packs-

1. Get out a Phillips head screwdriver.
2. Slightly loosen th’ a pair bolts that thread up into th’ battery strap latches, ’tis be typically only a couple ‘o turns.
3. Slightly loosen th’ four screws at th’ back ‘o th’ battery box to gift th’ rear area a wee bit more height as well.
4. All done ‘n dialed.

To boil it below, a standard sized Lipo be slightly a pain to put in th’ Ruckus but it can set the sails, ‘n, ’tis super easy to loosen a few screws to gain a wee bit ‘o height if needed.

That’s it ye bunch of swashbuckling pirates, submit ye questions ‘n whatever else happens to be on ye mind to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com! If ye be lucky that be all I can take to make th’ front page ye’ll get free stickers, if i reckon yours be th’ “letter ‘o th’ month” ye get a really burly BSRC t-shirt.

YE Cub Reporter

origin charger

New from the Radient RC folks is a entry level charger called the Origin. It’s a one button, NiMH/NiCd charger that is meant to keep it as easy as possible. It can handle 1-8 cells and charge from 1 to 4 amps.

Radient chargers can be found on the Hobby Town Website.

We have reviewed several Radient chargers in the past, click HERE to check them out.

THE Radient Ascend Battery Charger Review

Radient Ascend Charger

Tired of using that 8 hour wall charger that came with your new RTR? Looking for a quality “do-it-all” charger at a decent price? Have ya seen one of the new Radient chargers at your friendly/local HobbyTown USA and are wondering if it’s any good? Well… welcome to Cubby’s Radient Ascend review where I’ll give ya all the answers.


radient primal charger

THE Radient Primal Charger Review

Have you just bought a RTR that comes with a ridiculously slow wall charger? Want to measure charge times in minutes instead of with a sun dial? Rejoice, as Radient RC has a nifty upgrade charger called the Primal. Today we’ll be taking a look at Radients affordable new Primal charger. How well does it work? Let’s take it for a spin and see…


Radient Primal

Straight from another press release we posted on the Radient Primal Charger here are the unboxing photos.

Expect to see it on the Hobby Town site or in your local Hobby Town shop soon.