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Can I check if Big Squid is gonna to do a review on Radiopost products? They’ve been out for a year now. Would be good to hear some honest reviews.
Adric T.

Cubby- Guess what Adric? You have just won “Letter of the Month” and are therefore going to receive one way-super-uber BigSquidRC t-shirt. Shoot Brian your shirt size and snail mail and he’ll totally hook ya up.

And ya, the RadioPost radio gear has been out for a while now. We have attempted contacting them but haven’t heard back from them. And not that it’s weird to not get a reply from a company, there are a bunch of companies out there that won’t touch us with a ten foot pole. But… our numbers can not be denied. If RadioPost has an interest in getting the word out about their products to the vast oceans of people in the bashing community, BigSquidRC is the place to be seen, for better or for the worse.

With that said, I really don’t know much about RadioPost, maybe they just aren’t heavy into marketing, maybe they are indifferent about the bashing crowd, I have absolutely zero idea. However, I do know the guys at Futaba and Spektrum have their acts together and passionately want their products in the hands of every basher from the Atlantic to the Pacific. If I’m going to spend my hard earned cash I’d be more willing to give it to people that are actively seeking my business than those that aren’t even talking to your favorite website. But then that’s just how I see it…

This next letter was a little long to fit it all on the front page, so make sure to KEEP reading to get the full letter and our answer..

To Horizon,
Below is s sample of the type of review I’m writing throughout the RC web.

I bought several Electrix Vehicles as did a dozen friends and the majority of the cars have never worked right. Most of the Electrix vehicles have a short range for radio reception or an off and on intermittent glitch with the car starting and stopping constantly–all batteries and connections have been checked repeatedly. I called A Main and Horizon a number of times. Each time Horizon sent first a new Tx then a new esc and neither corrected the problem. There has been a lot of time spent trouble shooting these vehicles most of which still do not work.

Our school community bought a dozen various ECX = Electrix cars and the majority have similar problems. I have called Horizon a number of times and they did send several radio component replacements but most of the time the problem persisted. Though these vehicles have a low price and the plastic parts seem sturdy the electronics often work intermittently and are discouraging to entry level customers and bad for the RC hobby. Better to pay more for Traxxas or Associated and drive happily for years.


Radiopost has been teasing their TS401 radio for a little while now in the print rags and other places.  Now they’ve sent out the official PR on it.  The TS401 is a 4 channel, 2.4 GHz radio built on a proprietary chipset.  One of it’s cooler features is a large, full color screen that swivels down for storage.  It also features an internal antenna, a swappable wheel for righties or lefties, all kinds of cool programmable features like brake mixing, anti-lock braking, and all the other things you’d expect on a high-end radio.  The TS401 also includes TWO five channel receivers in the box, helping you to quickly fill two of the 20 model memory slots.  It’s not often we see a new company jump into the high-end radio market, so it’s cool to see some new competition in the arena.

The Radiopost TS401 has an MSRP of $449.99 and is available now direct from the Radiopost website.  If you are a dealer interested in carrying Radiopost products, contact them.