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Thunder Tiger Facebook page
In an effort to spread the word about their Facebook page, the folks over at Thunder Tiger Taiwan are doing a big giveaway. The winner gets a Desperado JR. OBL, a big (27″ long) brushless powered boat that has a street price around $250. Getting entered is super simple, just hit up This Link to head over the Thunder Tiger Facebook page.

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Ready for Battle

Ready for Battle

Want to do more with RC boats???? How about naval battles. would you like to go and sink your buddies boat. RC Naval Combat maybe just what you need, with small and quick to big and Beastly.

RC Naval Cannons

You should be able to find something that will trip your trigger. Firing BBs or small ball-bearings. These RC ships Can send your foe to the depths.

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Boat turn 1 rc boat

How much water do I need?

Most likely this question only comes up after the boat is in hand. This should be question number two, only behind what type of power plant. A small boat in a large body of water can still be fun.

A large / fast boat will be hard to have a great time on small water. You will run out of water too fast and just squirting back and forth gets old. If someone adds a second boat or more, that space gets crowded fast.

My rule of thumb is add 100’ to what you think you need and give that a try.

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With the weather turning warmer and spring in sight. I did some spring cleaning in my shore bag. This got me thinking of what do I “NEED” in there. I have the normal tools,chargers, stands and such but what are those few things we should all have. Here is a quick list.

1. sealing tape
sealing tape

2. Spare Props and control surfaces.

3. Drive grease.

4. Some way of retrieving a boat. If you have more than one boat my favorite is 15’-20’ of floating fly line and a large bobber. “Think rodeo”
I will cover boat retrieval more at a later date.

5. Sun block, hat, and polarized sun glasses. the reflection off any body of water just blinds and burns you quicker.

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Boat Maint. 3

With winter set in, and most of the country socked in with snow and ice, I figured it was time to cover some basic preventative maintenance. I don’t enjoy this any more than you do, but this work needs to be done to keep your craft in top working order.

1.Draining the water jacket and lines. I do this with canned air for blowing out P.C.s. Make sure the outlet is clear and free before using this method. A few short burst will get most of the water out.
Boat Maint. 1

2. Check all hull penetrations and boots for cracks and proper sealing. Lube, repair, or replace as needed. This help keep water out.

3 Clean, inspect and lube the drive system. Any unnecessary drag just slows you down and creates heat.

Boat Maint. 2

4. Check your control surfaces for damage and wear.

5. Finally go over the hull for any cracks, chips, or damage you will need to repair. This is a good time to look at any gaskets if your hull uses them.

Once you are done, enjoy the fact that this weather won’t last forever, and you will be back out on the water soon.

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Thunder Tiger Voyager III Sailboat
With spring nearly here, Thunder Tiger has announced a new sailboat for your boating enjoyment. The Voyager III is a fairly large boat with an overall height of over 5 feet, and its large sails should catch plenty of wind. When not on the water, its scale looks are sure to attract a lot of attention in your rc room.

* Exceptional scale detailing
* Light and durable blow molded ABS hull
* Improved tear-resistant sails
* Low-drag hydrodynamic steel ballast on keel
* Overall Height- 67″
* Mast Height- 51.4″
* Length- 39″
* Beam- 6.75″
* Sail Area- 666 in²
* Weight- 7.7 lb

The big Thunder Tiger sailboat has a part number of #TTRB5551, a street price of $159, and it should start hitting hobby shops in late March.

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Swamp buggy

Air Boats

With the water here solid as a rock I thought it was time to go into air-boats. Air-boats normally have a Jon Boat style flat hull with a Fan drive mounted on the rear. With this drive they do not need much water to run on. Ponds and wet grass to light snow powder will get you a fun time and the fan drive will give a great roost. Air-boats turn by rudders moving the air from the fan skidding the hull sideways like pulling donuts with a car back first. These are not speed demons, they are hooligans on water.

You can get “air-boats” that are more plane than Boat. These are a ground effect craft.

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AquaCraft P-27 Gunslinger Crackerbox RTR
We were stoked to see the press release from Aquacraft announcing their new P-27 Gunslinger Crackerbox RTR, it reminds us that all this ice will melt and spring will be here before we know it.

The Gunslinger is the first rc boat that sports a true RTR crackerbox hull. Its hull design helps make it faster and more responsive in the water, which of course are two things we highly approve of. Some of it other features and specifications include-

* ABS crackerbox racing hull w/ drain
* 1800kV 6 pole brushless motor on aluminum motor mount
* 50 amp ESC w/ LVC
* 3mm straight shaft drive system
* Kick-back rudder
* FRP propeller w/ spare
* Center-mounted skeg
* Water-tight radio box
* Hull length- 28″
* Height- 6″
* Width- 10.25″
* Weight (less battery)- 37.5 oz

The part number for the Gunslinger is #AQUB1815, it has a street price of $229, and they should start hitting hobby shops in April. Hit up This Link to learn more about it on the official Aquacraft website.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday, have a go at a BSRC Mystery Link.


Rc boating covers a lot of hull types. I would like to cover the basic difference of the main three types Vee, HydroPlane, and Catamaran.

Vee- best rough water capability. Vee shaped Hull design cuts through rougher water. Good handling and stability. Easiest hull to setup Best all around hull IMHO

Hydroplane- Not good for rough water, rockets on glass or light ripple. Very nimble when setup correctly. Will blow over or turn into submarines if not balanced correctly.

Catamaran- Great on glass to medium chop. Good handling and tracking. A little harder to setup and balance then a Vee hull, but when done correctly a Catamaran will outrun a Vee of the same power and weight.

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Pro Boat Rockstar 48 Gas Catamaran
If you are looking for a big beast of a boat the new Rockstar 48 from Pro Boat should be something to look at. At 48″ long and powered by a 26cc gas engine, chances are if you are piloting one of these you will rule the waters at the local park.

* Water-cooled Dynamite® 26cc gas engine
* Capable of speeds over 40 MPH
* Push button R.O.S.S. starter system
* Large-scale servo with over 270 oz.-in of torque
* Composite radio tray is removable
* Durable inline rudder
* Wide hull for better stability
* Centrifugal clutch to prevent the prop from spinning at idle

The Rockstar 48 has a part number of #PRB09000 and a street price of $1200. To get more information simply hit up This Link.

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Prop wash

This week I will be covering prop material and blade count effects on propellers, screw, hélice. Whatever you feel like calling it. The material of your prop has a greater effect than most hobby boaters realize. Plastic Props are cheaper to make and work fairly good so most boats come with that material. Metal is much stiffer giving you a crisper feel and and better throttle response. Plus a metal prop stays sharper and smoother longer, and is much more resistant to shearing off a blade. I like plastic props for fun on water I know, and metal for performance and ponds with debris.

Blade count is more for balance, efficiency, and surfacing “running a prop partially out of water”. The fewer blades on a prop the more efficient it should be but harder to balance and less resistant to surfacing power loss. Higher blade counts are less efficient, balance easier and are more resistant to surfacing power loss do to more blades in the water. Three bladed props are common due to their efficient nature and ease of balance “think jack of all trades”.

For all the ‘but I got an outboard crowd’, any boat that steers by turning a lower unit with the prop, a general rule will gain steering with more blades. More blades = More surface at a given angle.

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Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra Review
We have been water bashing the Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra for a couple of months now, today we are posting what we found out during our review process.

The GP-1 Ultra is a fairly small (18″) and affordable ($139) Hydroplane boat. Ours came as a Rx-R, meaning it came fully assembled but needed a radio system and battery before hitting the water. Installing a receiver and mounting the battery took us under 15 minutes.

While driving the GP-1 we found out that its powerful brushless motor likes some space to run. The GP-1 has more power than you can use in a small area like a pool, it is better suited to pond sized areas at your local park. We also found out that it likes fairly smooth water. When the water got rough it was difficult to drive the GP-1. While the water was smooth the GP-1 would absolutely rip across the lake.

Out of the box, the GP-1 tended to nose down into the water. This was easy to fix as we adjusted the prop higher and slid our battery pack towards the rear, solving the issue. Once this was done we didn’t have a problem getting the boat up on plane and it still cornered well.

The GP-1 comes with a watercooled, 2200kV, brushless system. Combined with an ElectriFly 3S 1200 Lipo it had very strong performance on the water. If this is your first boat you will be impressed with how much power it has.

We didn’t experience any issues with our review GP-1 Ultra. Our test unit ran well, didn’t break, and never failed to keep a big smile on our faces. If you are looking for an affordable first boat that is easy to hit the water with (and has some real power!), we highly recommend the Aquacraft GP-1 Ultra.

To get more details on the GP-1 Ultra check out This Link over on the official Aquacraft website.

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RC boat  prop
Hello, I am Iron Mike and welcome to another installment of our weekly boat column, Prop Wash.

Have you ever changed the motor to a higher wattage motor-wanting to use that power to go faster. Only to find your boat won’t go any faster? Odds are you are out of the running specs for the hull and or prop. Changing the prop out on your boat can give you longer run times, lower time to plane/ Faster acceleration, or raise the top speed, if done correctly. This is just like adjusting the gearing on your RC cars- too much either way will have negative effects.

Boat props are sized by blade count, prop diameter, and pitch. I will cover the Pitch stuff in this column. As a general rule more pitch gives more speed. A Prop with specs of 40mmX52mm is 40mm in diameter with a pitch of 52mm. In a perfect world, that would allow this prop to move 52mm forward for one rotation of the prop. If your boat started with a 40mmX40mm going to a 40mmX52mm would give you a higher potential top speed -like going to a higher tooth count pinion. Going to a 40mmX32mm would lower your top speed, but raise your acceleration -just as going to a lower tooth count pinion would. So remember, if you change your motor to a different KV you will need to change your prop to get all the benefits.

Tune in again next week when I will go over how different blade count and material will affect the performance of your boat.

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