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Pandora RC Mitsubishi GTO 3000GTRemember how cool the Mitsubishi 3000GT (and Dodge Stealth) were back in the day? Now you can own a Mitsubishi GTO body for your rc car. Pandora RC has released a cool rc version that is made to fit most popular 1/10th scale touring cars with wheelbases from 258-260mm. The body comes clear so you can throw on your own paint scheme and it includes a polycarbonate front bumper, rear wing, and rear light parts.

The GTO body is Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Certified, has a part number of #PAB-154, and these are available right now. Hit up This Link over on Pandora’s official website for more details.

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HPI Mustang Drift VideoWhile the last couple of years might have been considered “quiet” for HPI Racing, there are industry insiders now saying that HPI is ready to go big in 2015. Perhaps a sign of that was their activity at SEMA this year. They introduced a trick new RTR ’15 Mustang Spec 5 Concept Car, and generally put on quite a show with hotshot drift guru Vaughn Gittin Jr.. Check out the video below to see MASSIVE amounts of tire smoking action, not only from the full size Mustang, but also from the HPI version.

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HPI Racing Vaughn Gittin Jr. Spec 5 Concept Mustang RTRThe SEMA show is going hard this week out in Las Vegas. One of the coolest rc cars being shown is the HPI Racing Vaughn Gittin Jr. Spec 5 Concept Mustang RTR. The Spec 5 will be Gittin’s drift ride for next year and it looks like you’ll be able to own your own rc version thanks to HPI. We’ll post more information as we receive it, until then hit up This Link to visit the official HPI Racing website.

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Associated Apex Scion Drift
The Associated Apex GReddy Scion has been out for a while now, but yesterday Associated announced that it will also be available in a Drift Version. This is part of their Apex Series, an affordable line of RTR vehicles.

The Drift GReddy Scion comes with all the same features of the older car but includes hard drift tires so you can get your sideways action on.

* Scion Racing FR-2 Rocket Bunny body
* Detailed brake components
* Reedy 3300kV brushless motor
* XP 2.4GHz radio system w/ metal gear servo
* Includes Reedy 6 cell NiMH battery and wall charger
* All metal gear transmission

The part number is #30113D, they are street priced at $289, and they are expected to hit hobby shops in late October. THIS is the link you want for more details over on the Associated website.

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Yeah Racing TRON LED Light Kit
Do you want your car to really stand out at the next big bash? The people over at Yeah Racing have something perfect for you, their TRON LED Wire Light Kit. This light kit comes with a flexible LED strip to follow the contours of your car (or truck) and you can mix different colors. Speaking of colors, there are 8 different ones to pick from. The light kit easily works with most receivers and the LED lights are rated for a 3000 hour lifespan. Want more information? Click Here for full details over on the official Yeah Racing website.

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Kazama Auto is a 1:1 and 1:10 drift shop out of Japan. Known for ultra adjustable designs and beautifully machined pieces, they’re set to introduce a new Yokomo Drift Package chassis conversion this year, the GSX-R.

Not much is known at this time, but we can see it is sporting a new slider-rack steering design and appears to have an advanced flex cutout with matching center bridge.


Check out the Kazama webpage HERE, and for more rc drift news on Big Squid RC, you can click This Link.

Oreolai EX-Zone
File this under “doh!”; High end RC drift maker, OreoLai, failed to Kickstart their promising new CS and RWD chassis, the EX-Zone.

The EX-Zone comes in front or mid-rear motor configuration, but both share a c low center mounted drive shaft, like you’d find on a 1:1 car. Other features include; slider steering rack (more linear steering), 4 color options (bling!), “VX” style rear arms (ultra-mega suspension adjustments) and OreroLai’s excellent front suspension arm with easy c-hub-less style for maximum potential steering angle. The owner and designer of Oreolai is a pro RC drifter, and his designs sport some crazy tuning adjustments.

Like other OreoLai kits, it’s a pricey initial investment and does not include shocks, wheels, pinion, spur or electronics. The Kickstarter campaign failed to reach it’s goal, keep your fingers crossed for this to eventually make it to market.

Oreolai EX-Zone

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MST (Max Speed Technology) is no stranger to keeping things fresh – their onslaught of chassis continues with teasers for the all new RMX-D. This chassis sports a dual belt drive and gear driveshaft, similar to the d-like Sound Meister (essentially a badge engineered Team Magic E4D). It’s sure to be a hit with RWD drifters as it sports this seasons latest trends with a true mid-rear motor layout and slider steering rack out of the box.


Slider racks used to be common in touring or off-road vehicles, but fell out of fashion partly due to the possibility of rocks getting jammed in the mechanism. It’s been said that slider steering racks gives a more linear feel to the steering throw. They’ve been making waves in the Japanese scene lately; several JPN tuners have introduced slider racks for the Yokomo Drift Package taking inspiration from the  R31 House GRK+ and it’s silky slider rack design.

Meanwhile, the full shaft drive XXX-D chassis has been updated with Purple HT VIP treatment. The HT suspension arms adopt a traditional toe block and pin setup found on pretty much every other car – the big advantage here is the ability to run narrow “Y” style arms for more potential steering lock. VIP gets you wider carbon suspension towers for additional tuning options, upgraded aluminum prop-shaft, updated main chassis design and a few other shiny bits to bling out your ride.

Check out all the MST offerings HERE.

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TheToyz Stealth Body Mounts
If you are going for the trickest, absolutely most scale authentic looking vehicle possible, you just can not have ugly clips securing your body. TheToyz now makes it easy to use magnets or velcro to secure the lid on your drifter/touring car with their adjustable stealth body mounts. Made from aluminum, the stealth body mounts are easy to install and offer a wide range of adjustment to get your body exactly how you want it.

The part number for the red anodized units are #TOYZ 234 Red, blue is TOYZ 234 Blue, and they are priced at $17. Get all the details by clicking Right Here and jumping over to the official TheToyz website.

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Hi Squidders, I’m multi-bash, here to cover the drift scene from the West Coast and beyond. I’ve been drifting since 2011 and have been blessed to drift in Hawaii, California, Canada, Tokyo and here in good old soggy Seattle. I currently run a wildly modified countersteer (CS) Street Jam OTA-R31, have tinkered with RWD and can throw down 50:50 after some mental gymnastics. Each has it’s own merits, but for day in and out bashing I think CS gives enough traction and scale looks to be effective anywhere you go.

scale 1/10th parking
We’ll talk more about these drivetrain designations, shaft vs belt and probably a spirited debate of if drifting is truly bashing, does it belong on the hallowed halls of BSRC?

Raincity Raji Kon, Seattle’s scale RC drift club, is modeled to be a free community grassroots track. Part of our outreach, and keeping it free, is hosting demos at local car shows. We provide a spectacle, the organizers (usually) give us a 30′x30′ space and power outlets to keep a fresh charge. Outside of shows, we have a few members who invite the club to their homes or workspaces to setup the portable track; without a dry covered area, there can be no Seattle drift club.

The track is a collection of Emsco Trimfree Bedrock Walls available at your local KMart and DIY OneTen Drift Network style wood walls. A little splash of yellow Artists Tape for a “painted center line” gives drivers a strong visual reference as they chase the lead car deep into the corner. 5-7″ figurines make good 1:10 stand-ins and some recycled Styrofoam, point and shoot camera and color printer make up the gas station.


We had a great turnout at Driftcon and Import Face-Off shows, with a wide range of drivers and setups representing on track. 50:50 running with CS cars all day (Countersteer cars are tuned for the rear wheel to turn faster than the front, creating oversteer and RWD bias.) It was a classic run whatcha’ brung drift fest.

Come by Seattle Hot Import Nights July 26th and check us out!

Enjoy the pics..

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Pandora RC Nissan 180SX
The Pandora RC crew has released yet another trick drift body, this time it’s a Nissan 180SX Origin Labo Edition. The body is sized for 10th scale drift machines (width 198mm, for wheelbases of 258 – 260mm) and comes unpainted so you can throw your own custom scheme on it.

* Decals, window masking, and wing parts are included
* Comes with polycarbonate bumpers and bonnet ducts
* Retractable lights
* Certified by Nissan Motor Company Ltd

The part number is #PAB-147, they should start shipping any day now, and you can get more details by hitting up the official Pandora RC Website.

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Sanwa SGS-01C gyro system
Electronic Stability Control Systems are all the rage now days. The Horizon/Spektrum AVC system is taking off here in the states, it has proven to be an invaluable tuning tool when driving on slick surfaces.

Overseas, the Sanwa SGS-01C system has been available for a few months, but has now been picked up for distribution by LRP in Europe. The Sanwa unit was originally designed for the drifting crowd, but now that stability control has become more mainstream for off-road vehicles, it is being marketed for all surface vehicles. The Sanwa unit makes use of an internal gyro to automatically counter steer when the rear of the car breaks loose, thus keeping the car from spinning out. The SGS-01C is adjustable, and even offers an “Active Range” adjustment when used with select Sanwa/Airtronics controllers. For more details hit up This link over on the European LRP website.

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Boom Racing Performance Combo 3Racing Sakura D3
You guys that are into the drift scene know all about the 3Racing Sakura D3. It made a name for itself last year by being one of the best (and coolest) drift cars you could buy. However, every car can be made better (and tougher!) with aftermarket parts. Our friends over at Asiatee Hobbies are now stocking the Boom Racing Performance Combo for the Sakura D3. The combo of upgrade aluminum parts is available in 7 different colors (including Pink!) and should help the Sakura live through worst you can throw at it. The performance combo includes-

* Aluminum front and rear arms
* Aluminum body posts
* Aluminum caster block c-hubs
* Aluminum front knuckles
* Aluminum rear hubs
* Aluminum steering system

The performance combos are priced at $109, they are available right now, and you can get more information by hitting up This Link on the Asiatees website.

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