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Yokomo Team Up Garage Falken 86
The crew over at Yokomo have announced their latest on-road machine, a D1 version Up Garage Falken 86. This is a 4wd tenth scale kit that should be a lot of fun to slide around your cul-de-sac. The Yokomo drifter has an aluminum motor mount, plastic chassis, oil shocks, and comes with a full bearing set. While its running gear looks solid, the highlight of the car has to be its trick looking wheels, tires, and body.

The Yokomo Up Garage Falken 86 has a part number of #DP-UF86 and is scheduled for a late April release.

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Speed Power OTA-R31 Drift Car
For all you slideways guys, Speed Power has announced a new car called the OTA-R31. The R31 comes 90% assembled and was designed to be a capable drift machine. Its wheelbase of 260mm allows the use of most popular on-road bodies. Some of its other features include-

* Bathtub type chassis
* Comes with full set of bearings
* Gear diff in the front 
* Equipped with OTA-R31 suspension
* Universal drive shafts front and rear
* Comes with 2 sets of tires, drifting and rubber

The part number is #SSJRK01S and it has a street price of $149. To get more information simply hit up This Link to visit the official Speed Power website.

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TheToyz Wing Spoiler
Sometimes you just need to add a wing to set off that car/truck/buggy of yours. The crew over at TheToyz can hook you up with several different wings to add that final piece of bling to your ride. TheToyz wings are made from plastic and aluminum for durability, and come in different widths and looks.

The unit shown above sports a carbon fiber look, is a 195mm wide, has a part number of #TOYZ 61, and has an affordable street price of $9. Hit up This Link to get more information.

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HPI Gittin Mustang RTR-X Micro RS4
On display in the HPI Racing booth at the Toy Fair in Germany was a new Micro RS4 version of the Vaughn Gittin JR ’69 Mustang RTR-X. The upcoming HPI Micro RS4 version looks much like its larger brothers and will come fully assembled and ready to drift.

* Fully licensed replica
* Includes two sets of mounted wheels/tires- drift and high grip
* 2.4 GHz radio system
* Includes 6.0V 1200mAh battery, charger and AA batteries
* Belt driven 4WD
* Full set of bearings

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HPI Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ Mustang
For all you Vaughn Gittin Jr. and rc drifting fans comes a new car from HPI Racing. Their latest drift machine is the Nitro RS4 3 Evo+ ’69 Ford Mustang. This nitro powered beast is said to produce 2.2 horsepower, more than enough for some slideways tire smoking action.

* RTR, no building required
* 3.0cc Nitro Star engine
* Adjustable 2 speed transmission
* Waterproof

The part number is #112619, it has a street price of $329, and they are on sale right now. To get more information check out This Link.

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MEDT drift tire toolEver change a rear tire on a YZF450 with a large pair of straight slot screwdrivers? I have, and I can assure you it gets real ugly, real fast.

Changing rc drift tires is no cakewalk either. Those hard drift tires just don’t like going on or coming off a rim.

The guys over at OOSpeed must have changed a few drift tires too, enough to know there had to be a better way. That must be why they have just introduced their new M.E.D.T. Drift Tire Changing Tool. Constructed out of aluminum, the M.E.D.T. makes short work of taking off, or putting on, those pesky drift tires.

Price for the M.E.D.T. is $60 and they are expected to hit the market in late October. For more information simply hit up This Link.

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Killer Body RC Aluminum Brake Disc
Whether you are looking for that extra touch of scale realism, or simply to up your bling factor, the new anodized aluminum brake discs from Killerbody RC should be right up your alley. Their brake discs are CNC machined and come in a wide variety of colors to match your ride. The brake discs are super easy to install and will make a big difference on how your drifter or touring car looks. The part number for the Killerbody RC aluminum brake discs is #48081.

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Looking to get sideways this weekend? The Round 3 of the Chi-Town Drift Challenge is happening this weekend at Strictly RC in Illinois. You can get the details at the Midwest Slidewayz RC Drift Club website or contact the folks from Strictly RC for info and directions.

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HPI E10 Drift Vaughn Gittin Jr. Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR
HPI has been full of news lately, today they announced their latest machine- the E10 Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ford Mustang drift car. The Vaughn Gittin Mustang is 4wd, comes completely ready to run, and is equipped with hard drift tires making it easy to slide around the cul-de-sac. The ultra detailed Monster Engery/Nitto Tire livery on the body is sure to turn some heads.

Some of its other features include-

* 2.4 GHz radio system
* 27 turn brushed motor
* Waterproof
* Adjustable weight bias
* Front and rear gear diffs

The part number for the E10 Vaughn Gittin Mustang is #111664, it has a street price of $220, and it is expected to hit hobby shops in September. Simply click THIS LINK to get more information over on the official HPI website.

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HPI Falken Tire 2013 Ford Mustang  Micro RS4 Drift RTR
Right after the announcement of their new Ken Block Micro RS4 the good guys over at HPI announced the Falken Tire 2013 Ford Mustang. The Justin Pawlak Edition Falken Mustang comes on the Micro RS4 RTR chassis featuring a 2.4 GHz radio system, waterproof servo, full size electronics and hard drift tires. The 4wd Micro RS4 platform is one of my ATF (all time favorites), they are tough as nails and can be used nearly anywhere, the new Falken Tire version should be a blast to drift around the cul-de-sac.

The part number for the Falken Tire Mustang is #111230 and it comes with everything you need to get up and running inside the box. For more information over on the HPI website THIS IS THE LINK you want.

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Remember all the Chi-Town RC Drift Challenge Event Coverage we posted recently with all those RC Drift car pictures? Well they just released the video from round two! Check it out!!

Shout out to the Midwest Slidewayz RC Drift Club and Chris who put the video together! Nice job! There are still a few rounds left, so if you are in the Chicagoland area, and want to check out the drift scene, make sure to hit one of the events!

burn effect smoke generator
Want to take scale realism to the next level on your drift machine? This is how you do it, with a Burn Effect on board smoke generator. The smoke generator makes it looks like you really are burning your tires off as you slide around the track.

The Burn Effect comes with a cylinder that heats up when connected to your cars battery pack. When you drip in some of the supplied liquid the hot cylinder starts emitting smoke and your car instantly becomes the “hottest” one on the track. The cylinders come anodized in 6 different colors- red, blue, black, purple, silver and pink.

How do you get your hands on one of these? Your best bet right now is by clicking on THIS LINK that takes you to oospeed, an rc drifting website.

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Last weekend we hit the second round of the Chi-Town RC Drift Challenge. The event was put on by the Midwest Slidewayz RC Drift Club, and hosted at Orland Park Illinois Hobby Town.

Mark and his crew did a great job at the event, and we look forward to checking out more of the rounds in the future. The announcing was a nice change from most events we attend, and he was really getting the racers and the crowed into the action with the play by plays as well as encouraging the drivers to push themselves to the limits for big points and bigger crowd reactions. Towards the end of qualifying it was all about who could get closer to the wall on the main straightaway and the announcer would go crazy encouraging them to go for it much to the crowd’s delight!

Below are the winners, and the current overall standings.

Hobbytown USA Orland Park Round 2 Winners

1ST Place:Steve Quannid
2ND Place:Brent Nagy
3RD Place:John Bieronski

Chi-Town RC Drift Challenge Points Tally

1.Rob Jakubowski-25
2.Matt Petersen-20
3.Brent Nagy-20
4.Steve Quannid-20
5.Pattrick Anderson-15
6.John Bieronski-15
7.Ken Cline-10
8.Casey Day-10
9.Alfred McDonaugh-10
10.Tom Lambert-10
11.Erwin Jonson-10
12.Blazing Barry-5
13.Chris Charles-5
14.Brandon Reinert-5
15.Talon Ganz-5
16.Frank Zaragoza-5
17.Justin Priola-5
18.Alex Nagy-5
19.Mike Blaney-5

We have a TON more pictures after the break, click Read More to check them out!