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IRCHA Pilots Flying (3)

Now, I may not be a cybernetic organism, and you won’t hear me say ‘Resistance is Futile’ all THAT often, but there reaches a point in every RC helicopter pilot’s evolution where the BIG step is made: going for collective pitch aircraft and starting the path towards complete 3D control of their aircraft. An email crossed my desk from a reader (Thanks, Glen!)  looking for my take on this very step and wanted to know what options can be found on the market and what factors make a good helicopter for such an endeavor. You can see my recommendations as well as some general advice/information about collective pitch helicopters after the jump.



Viper RC has been producing some quality ESC’s with their Air Series of speed controllers for a while now, but this new pricing has seriously caught our attention.

Air 10 2S-3S Linear 10A 12A $9.99
Air 25 2S-3S Linear 25A 30A $11.99
Air 40 2S-6S Switching 40A 50A $18.99
Air 60 2S-6S Switching 60A 75A $32.99
Air 80 2S-6S Switching 80A 95A $39.99
Air 120 2S-6S Switching 120A 150A $54.99

They are all aluminum, offer a range of 10A to 120A sizes with up to 6S Li-Po support and a 1 year limited warranty.

We normally don’t do a giant price list like this, but when I showed these to our pilots here (3DBill and Kevin) they were amazed at the prices, so I figure it was a pretty big deal to help get the word out.

You can visit This Link to go directly to the Air Series page on the Shop Viper RC website.

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Castle Talon 120HV ESC
For all you air fanatics, Castle Creations has a new ESC coming to their Talon line-up. The Talon 120HV can handle up to 6000 watts of continuous power and features a built-in 20 amp peak BEC.

* Voltage range- 3 to 12S LiPo
* Width- 2.01″
* Length- 3.81″
* Height- .8″
* Weight- 6.56 oz
* Maximum continuous current- 120 amps
* Aluminum case, optional 40mm fan
* Extensive programming with Castle Link software

The part number is #010-0131-00, it has a street price of $199, and they are expected to shipping later this month. Hit up This Link to check out more Castle Creations products.

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Raging Rotors Mystery Envelope

…Of course I’m serious, and don’ t call me Shirley!

Indeed Airplane! is a great movie, but why bring it up, you ask? As both pilots became ill, it was up to Otto Pilot to take control of the plane and fly towards their destination. In the world of multirotors, fully autonomous design is an ideal goal: Amazon wants to deliver local packages, and shopkeepers in Michigan are being cited for delivering beer to ice fishers using multirotor aircraft. We all would love the ability to get our hands on an autopilot system or equivalent ‘hands off control’. The price, on the other hand, can be a bit steep: 3DRobotics offers an autopilot system for $250, and DJI has their A2 system for the low price of $1,299.

Which leads me to the mystery envelope I have in my possession. What if I told you that there is an autopilot system out there that included the Main Control Board, GPS, Compass, and FPV hookup (Also known as an OSD (On-Screen Display) unit) available for purchase in the US for $150 shipped? Madness, you say? Nope, for I have found ReadyToFlyQuads out of Florida and have acquired this setup just to share here with you guys!

This unit utilizes Arudpilot (aka ‘APM’), an open source programming system that uses the Arduino computing language to control all aspects of flight, and combined with Google Maps can run ‘Missions’ just by clicking on points of the map and sending the details to the main board via USB. The really cool part? The Ardupilot system can be utilized in 3 Types of Radio control systems: Airplane, Helicopter/Multirotor, and CAR. YES I SAID RC CAR!! The APM:Rover program can set you up with not only FPV, but waypoint driving via its Mission Program system. Why use Spektrum’s AVC system when you can just let the car drive itself? Check out all Ardupilot systems have to offer by stopping by their Webpage.

Enough with the suspense, check out below what you get with your $150 from ReadyToFlyQuads. Not looking for such an extravagant system? ReadyToFlyQuads also offers a basic multirotor, Arduino-based control board called the MultiWii Flip for a mere $18! Details of the APM and the MultiWii Flip can be found on their website Right Here.

Right after completion of the Raging Rotors Build Project (check it out here) (Note: Sorry for no updates on that, waiting for components to get in can be very frustrating when I’m impatient.),  I will likely throw this bad boy into my DJI Flamewheel F450, or maybe I’ll skip that and toss it in my Slash 4×4 LCG just to really put a fun spin on this aircraft column! Right now one can expect the next installment to the build project in the coming days (ish), but until then Stay Shiny and Keep Flyin’!


File this under wowza.. Here is video of two RC helicopters lifting a woman off the ground. This is crazy on all sorts of levels, from dangerous to mind blowing that they didn’t just slam into each other. It had to take a TON of practice and trial runs to get this right. Either way, it’s impressive and a must see!

Ares Winter Video Challenge
If you own an Ethos QX130 quadcopter or a Chronos CX100 helicopter, the folks over at Ares have a contest for you. They want to see videos of your Ares in action, and the top three will win HobbyTown USA gift cards. The gift cards range from $50 to $200, and the winning videos will be posted up on the Ares Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. If you win your video might even make the front page here on BigSquidRC. :)

Submissions are due by February 10th and you can get more information at This Link.

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Nine Eagles Solo Pro 290 Lama SLT Helicopter
Looking for some scale realism in a collective pitch helicopter? Check out the Solo Pro Lama 290 from Nine Eagles. The Solo Pro Lama 290 is nicely detailed and packs a punch under the hood with brushless power. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Collective pitch 3-rotor blade system
* Comes with 3S 1100mAh Lipo
* Shaft drive to tail rotor
* 4 in 1 control unit (gyro/esc/mixer/receiver)
* Main Rotor Diameter: 17.7″
* Length: 18″
* Height: 6.4″
* Weight: 16.5 oz

The Nine Eagles Solo Pro Lama 290 comes in two different colors and in RTF ($399) or w/o transmitter ($349) configurations. Expect them to start hitting your local Hobbico dealer in late December.

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Heli-Max Axe 100 CX Helicopter SLT
Heli-Max has a new coaxial helicopter that is perfect for beginners or budget minded R/Cers, the Axe 100 CX. The coaxial design makes it easy to fly, while its durable parts help bail you out if you make a mistake. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Comes with everything needed in the box
* Forgiving flight
* Confidence boosting durability
* Small size for flying indoors
* Includes TX410 2.4GHz SLT radio transmitter (RTF)
* Beginner & Expert modes (RTF)
* Tx-R version can be flown with any 4-channel SLT radio
* Rotor Diameter: 7.4″
* Length: 9.0″
* RTF Weight: 1.1 oz

The Heli-Max RTF has a part number of #HMXE0818 and a street price of $75, while the Tx-R has a part number of #HMXE0819 and a street price of only $59.

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ares chronos cx 100
Our friends over at Ares have just announced their new Chronos CX 100 RTF helicopter. The counter-rotating blades, fully proportional controls, and computerized gyro make it easy to fly, even for noobs, while its ultra-micro size allows it to be flown in small areas like indoors.

The CX 100 comes with a digital on-board camera that can be used to shoot video or stills. A 2GB MicroSD card comes standard, large enough to hold up to 90 minutes of video. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* 2.4 GHz radio system
* 1S 250mAh Lipo w/ charger
* 2 coreless main motors
* 4-in-1 receiver/esc/mixer/gyro
* Two color choices- red or blue
* Length: 10″
* Height: 4.5″
* Main Rotor Diameter: 8.9″
* Weight with Battery: 1.9 oz

The CX 100 has a part number of #AZSH1350, an affordable street price of $69, and should start hitting your local Hobbytown USA early next month. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E360
The latest helicopter to be announced by Thunder Tiger is their Mini Titan E360 ARF. The Mini Titan E360 is a flybarless 3D helicopter designed for performance. It is mostly pre-built, just pop in a receiver and 4S Lipo pack and it is ready to fly.

* 95% pre-assembled
* Ace RC 2700kV brushless motor w/ 50A brushless ESC
* Flybarless metal main rotor hub and grip
* 13.8” main rotor blades
* Carbon main frames and servo mounts
* 120° eCCPM swashplate
* Length: 27.2″
* Width: 4.9″
* Height: 7.6″
* Main Rotor Diameter: 31.5″
* Weight (w/o battery): 25.4 oz

The part number for the Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E360 ARF is #TTR4717-A13, it has a street price of $449, and they are available right now from your local Great Planes dealer.

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Thunder Tiger Raptor E820 Electric Flybarless Kit Helicopter
Thunder Tiger has a new uber 3D helicopter, the Raptor E820. We’ve all seen the crazy videos that showcase the physics defying flying that electric helicopters are now capable of doing, the Raptor E820 is made for doing all those insane maneuvers. Some of its features and specifications include-

* New canopy design and paint scheme
* Extra thick helical main gear
* Metal control arms and servo horns
* Fast release battery tray
* Side frames constructed from 2mm aerospace carbon fiber
* Reinforced rotor grip plate
* Flybarless rotor grip posts and pivot bolts
* Hardened 15mm steel main shaft
* Flying Weight (w/o battery): 3670 grams
* Height: 17″
* Width: 8.7″
* Length: 58.6″
* Main Rotor Diameter: 71.2″

The part number for the Raptor E820 is TTRE0095, it has a street price of $999, and these should be available in early September. Click HERE for more information over on the Thunder Tiger USA website.

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We have mentioned the first 2 episodes before because there is always some sort of cool RC shots happening, from cars to quad’s and heli’s, and the Monster Energy Motorcycles vs Car Drift Battle 3 is more of the same goodness! Some intense large heli 3D action around the 8:50 minute mark also.

There are some pretty interesting full scale car crashes that happen in this one.
Enjoy the video!

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Heli-Max Axe 100 SSL Brushless Helicopter Review


When we saw the original press release for the Heli-Max Axe 100 SSL, we were sort of blown away by what they were claiming, and what you could get for the price. When it comes to heli’s, we haven’t really done much in the way of reviews except for some ‘dual blade’ stuff, but the specs on the Axe 100 SSL really made us take notice. Would it be as cool as it sounds? Can it really do decent 3D flying for that price? Keep reading to find out..