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DE Racing Chassis Brace Team Associated
DE Racing has just announced new Chassis Braces/Skid Plates for select Team Associated vehicles. One version, part number #DER-CB-A, fits the Associated B4 and T4, while part number #DER-CB-ASC fits the SC10. Both are built to be tougher than stock and have a street price of just $9. Hit up This Link to check out the official DE Racing website.

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Stiff arms team associated
Team Associated has announced a new tuning option for their B4 and B44 buggies, stiffer a-arms. You see stiffer arms yield more consistent handling on high traction surfaces and allow for more precise shock tuning.

The part number for the hard B4/B44 rear arms is #9781, they have a street price of $7 and are available right now. The hard front arms for the B44 have a part number of #9771, they have a street price of $5 and are also available right now. Hit up THIS LINK for more information.

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RPM A-Arms Associated B4
If I only had a dollar for every Associated B4 front a-arm I’ve broken I would be a hundredaire by now. And seemingly I would always break the left one. I had a whole pit bag full of rights but not one lefty to get my buggy back on track for the second qualifier. But seriously, like many people we’ve been bashing B4′s since they came out and have broken more than our fair share.

Cue the guys at RPM RC Products and their new A-Arms for the Associated B4, B4.1, and B4.2. The new RPM A-Arms were engineered to be extra tough and stand up to a real beating. The RPM crew even changed up the bulkhead to ensure your car goes home in one piece not two. The A-Arms are molded out of the uber RPM plastic and you can get more information on them Right Here on the RPM website.

Thank goodness it’s Friday everyone, kick off the weekend by checking out THIS mystery link.

JConcepts Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Associated B4 T4 SC10
JConcepts has just announced a new Anti-Roll Bar Kit for the very popular Team Associated B4/T4/SC10 vehicles. Why might a basher need an anti-roll bar kit? Anti-roll bars come in very handy on smooth high bite surfaces, they help keep your vehicle flat in the corners, thus increasing corner speed while making your vehicles easier to drive.

The kit comes with everything you need for the install including 3 different thicknesses of roll-bar wire. The part number is #2166 and it has a retail price of $40. For more information simply click THIS LINK.

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JConcepts Titanium Turnbuckles Associated
JConcepts has introduced new Titanium Turnbuckles for the Associated line-up of 10th scaled racers. The new Fin turnbuckles are lightweight, ultra-strong, and look very trick.

* Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling
* High-grade, machined titanium material
* Standardized 3mm thread base
* Left and right hand threads with conveniently marked left
* Aesthetic jewelry
* Part #2225- 6 piece B4 set, retail $40
* Part #2226- 6 piece T4/SC10 set, retail $44
* Part #2227- 6 piece B44 set, retail $40
* Part #2234- JConcepts Turnbuckle Wrench, retail $7

Hit up the official JConcepts Website for more information on these and all their other products.

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Team Associated Aluminum Bellcrank Set B4 T4 SC10
Looking to increase the durability of your Team Associated B4/T4/SC10 while adding some bling at the same time? Team Associated has announced the release of an Aluminum Bellcrank Set just for you. Some of the features are-

* Increased durability
* Improves steering response and consistency
* Reduces excessive steering free play
* Part #9679

The new bellcrank set removes the stock servo saver so plan on using a premium metal gear servo with these pieces. Also, depending on which model of B4/T4/SC10 you have, you may have to buy new steering rack bearings (AE Part #3971, $10). Street price of the bellcrank set is $24 and they are available right now. Hit up the official Associated Website for more information.

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Exotek associated b4 b44 sc10 pro rear hub set
For all you Team Associated fans Exotek Racing is now offering a pro rear hub set for the B4/B44/SC10. The new rear hubs allow for easy roll center adjustments via shims under the ballstuds. The pro rear hubs are also 30% lighter and use heavy duty over-sized outer bearings.

Street price for these are about $30 and they are available right now. Hit THIS link for more information on the official Exotek website.

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JConcepts Aluminum Bellcranks for Associated B4/T4/SC10
Recently announced are some new JConcepts aluminum upgrade parts for the Team Associated B4/T4/SC10 series of vehicles. Pictured above is their new aluminum CNC machined steering bellcranks. The stock Associated bellcranks are made out of plastic and the stock servo saver only works if constantly serviced, the upgrade JConcepts parts should be much more durable and they eliminate the troublesome servo saver all together. These are available in black or blue, have a retail price of $30 and the part number is #2158

The next upgrade is aluminum wing/body mounts for the B4/T4. I have personally broken dozens of the stock plastic Associated wing mounts over the last ten years so I can’t wait to get my hands on a couple sets of these. These are available in black or blue, retail price is $30 and the part number is #2951-1.

Finally, JConcepts has designed new battery hold down nuts. These are a trick bling part available in either black or blue, have a retail price of $15, and their part number is #2160-1.

For more information on these JConcepts items hit up THIS link on their official blog.

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Associated 12mm Big Bore Shocks
The Team Associated crew released a teaser image of their new 12mm Big Bore Shocks for the B4, T4, SC10, and B44 a couple of weeks ago. Here is some more information on Team Associated’s all new big bores-

* Black anodized shock cap with bleeder screw
* Shock shafts are Titanium Nitride coated
* Shock shafts are now 3mm and come with M3 threads
* Shock bodies are hard anodized and are now 12mm
* Blue anodized aluminum seal gland cap
* Comes with 3 different spring cup heights
* Threaded collars
* #ASC91314 fits front of B4 and B44
* #ASC91315 fits front of SC10 and T4
* #ASC91316 fits the rear of B4 and B44
* #ASC91317 fits the rear of SC10 and T4

Expect a street price of around $50 per pair (they do not come with springs), and we’ve heard they will be available later this month just in time for indoor season.

Want more Associated news? Hit THIS link.

Got yourself a Team Associated RC10B4? Check out this new +8mm chassis kit for your ride! It fits the B4 FT, B4.1 FT, and B4 RS RTR, and will add some always appreciated drive-ability. Think I’m kidding? This exact kit was prototype tested at the 2011 I.F.M.A.R. and yeah…it brought home the World Championship :)

Check out Team Associated for more info!

Team Associated has some new, blue parts for all the Associated B44 drivers out there. The Factory Team is putting out a new aluminum motor mount and a pair of new aluminum hubs.

The motor mount features a cam system to make gear mesh adjustments quick and easy. And it’s also got a very secure mounting clamp to keep those adjustments locked in.  The aluminum will also help with heat dissipation from your hot running motor.

The new hubs are available in .5° increments from 0° to 1.5°. They also have a molded camber link tower to keep you from breaking your ball studs. They are also made to use a larger bearing on the outside for better durability. They’ll also fit the B4, T4, and SC10 with the addition of the right sized bearings (part #7935) and Associated’s crush tubes (#7933).

For more info check out Team Associated’s site.

Associated‘s got a new style of shock that’s compatible with most all of their 1/10 scale off-road vehicles, including the new RC10B/T4.1, SC10, and B44.  These new V2 Threaded Shocks feature a simplified seal setup, bleed screw caps for easy bleeding, and a new threaded lower seal cap made of low-friction material.  You can get these in complete shock pairs, or you can mix some of your old shocks parts with the new bodies to get the benefits without the costs.  The shocks come in 0.89″, 1.02″, 1.18″, or 1.32″ lengths.

The complete shocks are going to retail for $49.99, while the shock bodies will be going for $24.99.  Be sure to check out Team Associated’s web site for more info.

The A Team is giving you new RC10B4.1 owners a chance to express yourself. Team Associated has a new clear body for their recently released RTR buggy so you can choose your own paint scheme instead of having one thrust upon you. Now’s your chance to break away from the crowd and be a unique snowflake.

This body features Associated’s Interceptor 2.0 styling and comes with a 6.5″ high downforce wing, window masks, and decals. It’s also a direct fit for the RC10B4 kit.

Team Associated clear RC10B4.1 Body and Wing

MSRP is $17.99, it should be available in April. Check Team Associated’s site for more information.