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RC4WD Tough Armor Tube Roll Bar Rear Tire Mount Chevy Blazer

RC4WD Tough Armor Roll Bar/Rear Tire Mount For Chevy Blazer

Shipping now from RC4WD is a very trick Roll Bar/Rear Tire Mount for the RC4WD Chevy Blazer body. The roll cage is nicely scaled and would make for a nice interior piece of scale detailing. Here are the highlights- * Made from heavy duty steel tubing * Powder coated black * Hand welded * Weight- 10.42oz * Length- 7.1″ * Width- 6.85″ * Height- 3.93″ Street pricing for [...]



What’s going on everybody? Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend, I know I did! Whenever I have longer than normal time off the gears in my head usually start turning. This past holiday weekend was no different. I worked out a deal for a RC4WD Trail Finder 2 that has the Blazer body. If any of you follow my [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’- Lights, Camera, Action!

Anytime I do research on buying a new rig I always go to YouTube and watch some videos of them in action. Pictures are great and all but to get a true sense of how the vehicle will actually handle you have to see a video. Not to mention, it’s a great bathroom past time. When I am filming for [...]


Product Spotlight – RC4WD Chevrolet Blazer Body Set

RC4WD is known throughout the hobby as the kings of the detailed hard body. We finally had the chance to get our hands on their Chevrolet Blazer Body Set to see what it was all about. Read on to see what we thought. From: RC4WD Direct Link: Chevrolet Blazer Body Set Specifications:Injection Molded Plastic LED Lighting Compatible Wheelbase: 11.3in / 287mm Width of Body: 8.78in / 223mm Width [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – I Want Your Body

Did you folks see the new RC4WD Chevy Blazer body that was announced last week? Yowza. For a company that is renowned for their ultra detailed products, they’ve truly outdone themselves. It’s a great segway into my topic this week – it’s fully detailed bodies or no body for me anymore. I know, I know, in the past I’ve championed Lexan bodies [...]