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ASK Cubby

“Hey guys do u know of a 120mm+ shock similar to gmade zeros. I was searching for some for my scale monster truck build and I couldn’t find any in stock so I emailed gmade directly and the response I got was the zero shocks are no longer in production. It seems there is a big phase out of a lot of rc parts lately when it comes to aftermarket support for solid axle monster trucks.


Cubby- Yo hey Spud-ster, thanks for the email.

You don’t mention the size of your scale monster truck build, thus making an answer a bit tough. So… I’m gonna boil it down this way. If it’s a tenth scale build (with Stampede sized tires) I’d go with Pro-Line Powerstrokes if you are looking for performance. These use the same diameter shafts as the G-Made and are 118mm in length. They look cool and perform even better.

If you are looking for a bit more “scale” look I would probably cut the check for some King Series Shocks from RC4WD. These truly look scale, come in a 120mm length, and have beefy 3.9mm shafts.

However… if your MT build is 8th scale (using E-Maxx/Revo/Clod sized tires) I would go with heavier shocks than any of those listed above. The bigger/heavier tires require some significantly beefier shocks, in this case I would buy a set of 8th scale truggy shocks and never look back. Heck, if I was looking for an extra gnarly look on a tenth scaler, I would use them there too.

“exceed rc 6×6 mad crawler?

My name is chris my girlfriend is buying me the exceed rc 6×6 for christmas. obviously haven’t gotten it yet but looking already for some simple hop ups, my question is i have searched countless hours for a scale body that will “fit” with very little moding please help me as far as bodies for that beast please

by the way I want to replace all motors with 45 turns will the esc handle it you think? And one last question wanting to go with bigger tire/wheel setup, what do you recommend thanks again for your help look forward to hearing from you

thank you so much for your help


Cubby- Ya know Chris, normally when I see Exceed RC in an email I instantly hit delete, strangely my eyes could not keep from rambling down your email and here you are, on the front page of BSRC. Shoot us your snail mail for a way-uber-dope sticker pack.

Oh and… props on the GF, she sounds like a keeper. Most guys would die for a chic that buys them rc gear for X-mas.

Also normally, I would say if you have an Exceed you are just plain screwed for aftermarket hop-ups. However, you are just asking for rather general items like wheels/tires/body, so here ya go…

You are screwed, I hope you like the stock gear. JK bro, how about I tackle the speedo thing first. So… will the stock speedo burn up if you install hotter/faster motors? I have absolutely no idea, Exceed doesn’t talk to us because we are the devil, we’ve never received one for review, and I’m not gonna make up an answer or repeat internet hearsay. What I will recommend is for you to just go for it. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, it should provide quite a fire/smoke show AND give you a perfect reason to get a new speedo.

About wheels/tires… best of luck finding direct replacements that have a crawler/scale look. The Exceed uses a 2.8 wheel with a 17mm hex, which isn’t uncommon if you are looking for replacement Traxxas gear, but to get a direct replacement with a true crawler look might be a PITA.

Lastly… about that body. I wouldn’t expect to be able to find an aftermarket unit just sitting on the shelf at your LHS. I am going to recommend not even looking for “6×6″ body. Instead, find a cab that looks good on the truck and build something custom in the rear. I mean it is a crawler, it would only be fitting to put a lid on it that looks insanely better/more custom than the stocker.

Have fun, go fast, and shoot us pics when you get your beast done.

Hey that’s it ya bunch of punks. You can submit your questions to Cubby at It is highly unlikely I will ever read them, but one of my interns will at least briefly skim over your emailse. If your letter does happen to hit the big time you’ll get a BSRC sticker pack, and if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” we will totally hook you up with one of our sweet new BSRC t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter

RC4WD Wheel Adapter for Toy BlocksIt isn’t uncommon for rc hobbyists to also be big fans of Lego toy blocks. To help make your latest Lego build even more uber, the folks at RC4WD are now making Wheel Adapters for toy blocks. These adapters allow you to bolt up some pretty trick RC4WD wheels and tires to your new Lego truck.

* CNC machined from billet aluminum
* Fits an M4 wheel nut
* Has black anodized finish
* Weight- .25oz each
* OD- .89″
* Length- 1.05″

The wheel adapters are priced at $29 per pair, they have a part number of #Z-S1361, and they are available right now. Give This Link a try for more details over on RC4WD’s website.

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RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit SWBRC4WD has announced a new short wheelbase version of the TF2, the Trail Finder 2 SWB. The SWB was designed specifically for shorter bodies like the Jeep body from Tamiya. The SWB comes standard with an R3 tranny, as well as Yota II axles.

* Short wheelbase aluminum ladder chassis
* Realistic transfer case
* Leaf spring suspension
* Mud Thrasher 1.9″ tires & 5 lug stamped beadlock wheels
* Chassis mounted servo
* Comes with full bearing set
* Wheelbase- 9.53″
* Width- 8.46″
* Length- 15.35″
* Weight- 62.08oz

The truck has a street price of $379, a part number of #Z-K0045, and these are shipping right now. Click Right Here to get more details over on RC4WD’s website.

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Axial Yeti with Pro-Line Volkswagen Bug Body

As 2014 draws to a close, I think it’s time for a bit of reflection. This was the year when the budding scale movement of 2012 and 2013 officially turned into a raging fire across all of r/c land. It’s not just scale crawlers either. Many bashing vehicles have now fallen in line with the trend and at the very least their bodies make an attempt at looking realistic.

The biggest release this past year was unquestionably the Axial Yeti. It was the first vehicle to really marry the basher mentality with that of a traditional scaler. The announcement and ensuing hype led to massive pre-order numbers and hobby shops fighting to keep them in stock. Axial was already the leader in scale trucks for several years prior but the Yeti pushed them to the next level. It’s hard to argue that they aren’t the hottest company in the entire hobby right now.

Nipping at the big dog’s heels were Vaterra. 2014 saw them drop the Ascender, the first truck available on the market to truly challenge Axial’s stalwart SCX10 line. Ascenders are starting to become very common out on the trail and the aftermarket is ramping up in support of it.

Speaking of the aftermarket, never has so much cool stuff been so readily (and affordably!) available for your scale truck. Just a couple years ago it was hard to find a set of tires with many people resorting to cutting or making their own. Now, companies like Pro-Line and RC4WD offer almost as many choices as a 1:1 off-roader has. Lights, bumpers and bodies (like the new Pro-Line VW Bug Yeti lid as shown above) are available in any flavor you want. The scale crawling market has proven to be a big vat of consumer money that everyone seems to be tapping into nowadays. I don’t see that drying up anytime soon.

So if you’ll allow me to put on my tinfoil hat for a bit, I see a couple things happening in 2015.

For starters, I think a few other big companies are going to get involved in the scale crawling scene. Whether that’s a good or bad thing I don’t know. If innovation and one-upmanship are shown than it will be great for us all. If it turns into a glut of SCX10 or Yeti clones then I’m not keen on it. If you remember the short course boom from years past then you’ll recall roughly 6,000 vehicles that look and drive almost exactly alike. Let’s hope that innovation stays at the forefront.

And finally, because I’m contractually obligated to bring it up once per month, I predict a true to scale short course truck will release and ignite another off-road racing boom. Hey, a guy can dream right?

Next week myself and Adam the Intern (our other scale dude) are going to lay out our respective favorite scale 4×4 releases of 2014. Not necessarily the best, the one that sold the most or whatever….but our personal favorites. I’m not sure what Adam’s is yet but mine will probably come as a surprise to some people. Heck, it was a surprise to me that I enjoyed this truck as much as I did. Until next time, have a great weekend!

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RC4WD Mystery BoxFor those of you that are a little more adventurous, the folks over at RC4WD have brought back their Mystery Boxes. What is inside a mystery box? You’ll never know for sure until you get one, but it can contain anything from tires to shocks to axles to winches, with some boxes even containing brand new trucks! Each $100 Mystery Box contains over $250 worth of products, while the bad boy $599 Mystery Box includes over $900 worth of goodies. To get more information on these simply hit up This Link over on the official RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Gelande II D110 Truck Kit With Hard BodyThe latest RC4WD release for you scale enthusiasts is the Gelande II D110 Truck Kit with Defender Hard Body. The G2 has numerous new features like Yota II axles, an R3 single speed tranny, and the servo mount is up on the chassis for a more scale appearance. A four link suspension is used on the rear while a 3 link with panhard bar is used up front.

* Designed for true to scale looks
* Long wheelbase G2 chassis
* Metal axles with locked diffs
* Center mounted transfer case
* Dirt Grabber 1.9″ tires
* 5 lug 1.9 beadlock wheels
* Dual spring oil shocks
* Width- 7.87″
* Length- 22.44″
* Wheelbase- 13″
* Weight- 105.6oz

The part number is #Z-K0047, it is street priced at $599, and you can hit up This Link for more details over on RC4WD’s website.

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RC4WD Matte Black Mojave Body Set For Trail Finder 2RC4WD now makes it easy for you to bolt up a cool new look onto your Trail Finder 2 (or other trucks) by offering their Mojave Body Set in a matte black finish. This is a hard plastic body that offers extreme scale detailing and can be run in its matte black finish, or you can paint it to suit your taste.

* Width- 7.56″
* Wheelbase- 11.57″
* Length- 18.43″
* Height- 5.4″
* Weight- 24.7oz

The street price is $109, the part number is #Z-B0066, and these are available right now. Here Is The Link to more details over on RC4WD’s website.

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RC4WD Genius Sem Limites 2 1.9 Scale TiresWhen looking for new tires for a scale/trail machine, there are two big factors- looks and performance. The new Genius Sem Limites 2 1.9″ tires from RC4WD bring both to the plate. They are officially licensed by Genius for a perfect scale look, while the use of RC4WD’s X2SS compound rubber is perfect for finding traction on slippery rocks.

The tires are priced at $29 a pair, have a part number of #Z-T0128, and these are shipping right now. For more details click on This Link over on the RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Raceline Raptor 2.2 Beadlock WheelsGive your truck a hot new look with a set of RC4WD Raceline Raptor 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels. These are officially licensed by Raceline Wheels and were designed to give your truck a big boost in scale realism. The wheels were designed to be tough too, they are CNC machined from billet aluminum. Some of their other features and specifications include-

* 12mm hex
* Outer diameter: 2.2″
* Width: 1.19″
* Weight: 3.3oz
* Comes with scale wheel nut cover w/ Raceline logo

A set of four has a street price of $139, a part number of #Z-W0192, and these are available right now. Click Right Here for more details over on the official RC4WD website.

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Krypton 1.9 Scale TiresIn the never ending quest for trail supremacy, RC4WD has announced a new 1.9″ tire called the Krypton. The Kryptons are molding in RC4WD’s famous X2SS super sticky compound and can give your truck a whole new look while increasing its traction.

The Kryptons hit the street at $25 per pair, have a part number of #Z-T0130, and they are shipping right now. Head over to the official RC4WD Website for more details.

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RC4WD Mud Basher 2.2 tiresAre you into serious mudding? Like, top-of-the-tire deep mud? Like, mud that goes over the top of the cab?

For you serious mud-a-holics RC4WD has announced that their Mud Basher tires are now available in a 2.2″ size. These feature a tractor like chevron tread that is great for sling’n serious goop.

* Fits 2.2″ wheels
* Outer diameter is 5.7″
* Width is 2.11″
* Weight is 5.5oz per tire
* Molded in X2SS compound

These have a part number of #Z-T0129, a street price of $29 per pair, and these are shipping right now. For more details Give This Link a try over on the RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Rockdragon CrawlerLooking for a scale crawler but don’t have time to build a kit? RC4WD has announced their new Rockdragon. The Rockdragon comes 100% pre-built, just paint up the body, pop in a battery pack, and hit the trails. Some of the highlights of the Rockdragon include-

* Comes with 540 brushed motor & Outcry ESC w/ BEC
* XR3 Radio and Twister high torque servo
* R2 single speed tranny
* Spark competition shocks
* 2.2″ Mud Slingers tires
* Black powder coated HD aluminum K2 chassis
* Clear JP custom crawler body

These are available right now with a street price of $299 and a part number of #Z-RTR0020. Get More Details over on the official RC4WD website.

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RC4WD King Off Road ShocksNothing sets off a build like a really trick set of shocks. The latest shocks from RC4WD are modeled after (and licensed by) King Off-Road. These use dual springs, are larger in diameter than older models, and are sure to make your truck stand out on your next trail run.

These are available in 80mm length #Z-D0055, 90mm #Z-D0061, 100mm #Z-D0063, 110mm #Z-D0065, and 120mm #Z-D0067. All are priced at $39 per pair and you can get complete details by hitting up This Link over on RC4WD’s website.

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