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RC4WD Compass 1.9 Scale Tires
The RC4WD crew has been putting out some amazing looking products for years now. Their latest product, Compass 1.9 Scale Tires, have just been announced and should make a nice option for your scale/trail rig. Some of their specifications include-

* Weight- 3.1oz each
* Uses a reinforced sidewall
* Comes in advanced X2 SS compound
* Outer diameter- 4.78″
* Inner diameter- 1.88″

The part number is #Z-T0113, they have a street price of $25, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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RC4WD Winch Mount Twin Hammers
Looking for a sano way to mount a winch on your Vaterra Twin Hammers? If so, the folks over at RC4WD have you dialed. Their new winch mount provides a solid mounting point and looks slick.

* Black anodized finish
* CNC machined
* Easy installation
* Made for Bulldog winch
* Built in Fairlead
* Width- 1.79″
* Length- 2.23″
* Weight- 0.55oz

The part number for the winch mount is #Z-S1087, they have a street price of $29, and they are available right now. For more information hit up This Link over on the official RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Aluminum Short Course Wheels
What are some of the trickest and most expensive wheels that you can buy for your short course truck? That would be the aluminum, fully licensed, Mickey Thompson Classic Lock wheels from RC4WD. Their aluminum design should help make them extra tough while out bashing and give them the ultimate in scale realism.

* Wheel Size- 2.2/3.0″
* Uses 12mm hex mount
* Silver finish
* Width- 1.48″
* Weight- 4.45oz each
* Includes two different hub offsets (Slash front, Slash rear)
* Fits Slash, Slash 4×4, Associated 4×4, HPI Blitz & others

These fine wheels have a part number of Z-W0145, they have a street price of $59 per pair, and they are available right now. To get more of the scoop simply click This Link.

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The Vaterra Twin Hammers has a pretty strong following, so it’s only natural that the hop-up parts keep coming for this cool ride. RC4WD has announced Aluminum Front Arms that should help your bling and durability factors greatly.

* CNC Machined
* Improved Strength
* OEM Fit
* Total Length: 2.74in / 69.7mm
* Total Width: 1.45in / 37mm
* Weight: 1.72oz / 49g

Product Number: Z-S1164

The part number is Z-S1164, and the street price will run around $46.99.

If you need more information you can hit This Link.

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RC4WD Patriot 2.2 Beadlock Wheel
For all you scale enthusiasts, RC4WD has recently announced Patriot 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels for your rig. These heavy duty wheels are CNC machined from aluminum and come with scale detailing to make your truck look good while out trail driving.

* Outer diameter- 2.2″
* Width- 1.28″
* Fits on standard 12mm Hex
* Weight- 3.73oz each

The part number for the Patriots is #Z-W0158, they have a street price of $129 for a set of four, and they are available right now. For more information hit up This Link to head over to the official RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Onyx 1.9 Beadlock Wheels
The crew over at RC4WD keeps on putting out neat looking scale products. Take a look at one of their latest products, Onyx 1.9 Beadlock Wheels. These high zoot aluminum wheels not only look good, but should be extra tough while on the trail.

* CNC machined from aluminum
* Murdered out black anodizing
* Outer diameter- 1.9″
* Width- 1.06″
* Weight- 2.45oz each
* Uses 12mm hex

The part number for the Onyx wheels is #Z-W0156, they have a street price of $119, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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ASK Cubby


I am looking for a telescopic piston for r/c truck.
I am not using it for a specific truck, but assembling something general, so almost any type would be ok, as long as it is relatively short (not 10-12 inches, but less).
Can you help me?

Cubby- Yo to the yo Gal, and I don’t think the question is so much “can” I help you, but whether or not I feel like doing so.
Luckily for you I am still full of X-mas cheer. :)

So… you are looking for “telescopic pistons” for your rc truck, AKA hydraulic rams/cylinders. Boy do I just happen to know of someone that can give ya the hook up, at least with units that look proper. And just who is that company… wait for it… our friends over at RC4WD. But seriously, I am not expert on scale looking hydraulic cylinders, but check out This Link. If those don’t work, cruise the rest of the RC4WD website. If all else fails, shoot them an email, the RC4WD crew are gnar-core scalers, if they don’t have exactly what ya are looking for they can most likely point ya in the right direction.

“Ask Cubby

Hey Cubby have you guys heard anything about Losi discontinuing the LST line. I thought for sure they were just bringing out a new truck , but its been awhile now and still no word. I would really hate to see that line die. Of all the trucks that have passed though my garage it is a blast and really tough. Anyways just wanted to see if y’all had heard anything.
Thanks and great section.

Cubby- Hey now FrontEdge. I truly believe that alpha & omega are the only two things guaranteed in this world. So while you had a way super dope time with your LST, all good things must come to an end. There was a first time you took a breathe of air, and there will be a last. Yes, I am a bit of a fatalist, but I prefer to call it realism. Perhaps one of the most important parts of life is simply learning to move on…

Even when the LST line-up goes bye-bye forever, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I don’t have any first hand scoop on the LST line, but I do know some seriously hardcore truck people at Horizon who want nothing other than to put out the best trucks on the market. A good example of this would be the Vaterra Halix, which might not be as big as your old LST, but is indeed a burly bash machine.

So… you never know when Horizon might pull the trigger on a new and improved Revo/Savage sized bash machine, but I would suggest that you hit them up on their G+, FB, or email and let’em know how much you would dig a new 8th scale bash truck.

That’s it for this X-mas edition of ASK Cubby. Have a legit question? Have a fake one? Just send it to Cubby at If your letter hits the bigtime you get a free sticker pack, if yours is the letter of the month we’ll even hook ya up with a t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

RC4WD Aluminum Rear Axle Case for Vaterra Twin Hammers
The Vaterra Twin Hammers has become a popular truck to bash and trail drive with. With its popularity comes aftermarket hop-up parts. Today our friends over at RC4WD have announced a very trick looking aluminum rear axle case for the Twin Hammers. The aluminum axle case is much stronger than stock and helps add to the trucks scale realism.

* OEM fit and finish
* Easy to install
* Made from CNC machined aluminum
* Weight: 4.65oz
* Anodized in a Gun Metal color

The part number is #Z-A0085, the street price comes in at $129, and you can get more information by hitting up This Link.

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Cubbys haremHello all you rc hobbyists and industry types out there, it is Monday and welcome to this week’s Cub Report.

I haven’t talked moto for a while because it is the off season, but 2014 was looking to be a great year. Unfortunately… lady injury has reared her ugly head and already taken out 2 of of the top guys for the season opener. Davi Millsaps got his knee/leg all fixed during the outdoor season, only to tweak his knee practicing for SX. Davi was killing it in ’13 with a messed up leg, many industry types were looking for him to give RV a real run for the money in ’14. And last week word came out that Trey Carnard broke his arm. Trey has had a long string of serious injuries so I wasn’t surprised to see him riding somewhat conservatively in ’13 to keep from being injured. Fully healed and ready to jam Trey could have given RV2 fits in ’14, but it appears that once again Trey will not be at full mast for the SX season. With Trey and Davi injured I can only hope that Dungey takes it up a notch this season. RD5 is incredibly fast and consistent, but it’s been a long time since he ran down and passed RV2. Bubba won the Monster Cup and looked good doing so, but as far as I know he still hasn’t had his knee repaired, and while still fast, he just hasn’t had “normal Bubba speed” since it got jacked up. “Sigh”, 2014 is looking like another runaway for RV2…

Yes, I could ramble on about moto for hours. I can’t say the same about rc racing. There are just too many “big” rc races, no off-season, and even the “big” races seemingly don’t mean much now days. How much can this weeks big race mean when there are 2 races next week just as big??? Or how much can this weeks “national” race mean when it gets the exact same amount of coverage as one of the other dozen nationals?? So…

After a several requests, I thought I would go old school Cub Report, basically commenting on the weeks press releases. So here ya go…

* Kyosho has been putting out some really sweet looking Mini-Z cars lately, and ya, I’m sure they are huge hit in Japan. However, America is all about tenth scale, and we have a whole lot of dollars to throw around. Since leaving Hobbico, Kyosho hasn’t been exactly flying off hobby shop shelves, but… if they put out as gorgeous of tenth scales as they have been putting out for Mini-Zs they might start moving some product in the States.

* St Louis company Pit Bull Tires are putting out some new short course truck tires. That might be notable because they are known for scaling/crawling tires and these are their first tires for the masses, but perhaps more importantly their new tires come with ribs inside to ward off the dreaded pizza cutter effect. I can tell you first hand that one of the big name tire companies has been putting a lot of time and effort into ending tire ballooning, we’ll have to get our hands on a set of the Pit Bulls to see if they’ve come close with their internal ribbing.

* The TORC off road series announced their schedule for 2014, but what industry types are really waiting for is the announcement of their new series sponsors. I also know first hand that one of the 3 biggest names in rc would really like to get involved with the TORC series, whether or not it ever happens only time will tell. The TORC series has seemingly lost a lot of steam from ’13, I wish at some point short course truck racing would get its act together. They’ve never been able to keep a series going for long. There is a reason why the racing has been so divided between West Coast and Crandon, hopefully at some point they get it together.

* Did ya see that RC4WD got a licensing deal with Warn winches? Ya, if you aren’t a scaler you could probably care less, but even if you don’t scale you have to admire how hard RC4WD is going at it right now. For the genre the Warn licensing is a big dealio, for the rest of the industry you have to wonder how well they could do if they concentrated their efforts on scale buggies or SCTs.

* No, I have not forgotten, the biggest news of the week would have to be the announcement about Horizon and their ownership situation. I am “tight” with several people there and even after talking with them I didn’t get much info. The employees were called down to the DC the morning the PR went out and were told about the future of the company, so they didn’t have a whole lot of advanced notice about it. The staff in Champaign were told not much would be changing and that the changes coming would be positive. Of course some of the forums went into full meltdown mode after the announcement, with people speculating wildly (isn’t that my job? WTH? LOL) that ECX, or Vaterra, or Losi, were already on the cutting block. IMO, Horizon doesn’t distribute as many car manufactures as they used to, so they need all 3 of those in-house lines. Some would argue that this line or that line has been under-performing, and while I would agree that the Losi line is a bit of a mess at the moment, ECX is laser beam focused as an affordable/noob/basher line, while Vaterra makes an excellent scale line-up. I have no idea if or what the changes at Horizon will be, but like any company, there are always changes ahead, that’s just how the world turns. I will say that from first hand working with various team members over at Horizon, that they definitely care more about the bashing market than I’ve ever known them to.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, look for our review on the Axial Jeep G6 this week, perhaps a mini review (or two, or three) this week, and as always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

RC4WD Warn Winch
The crew over at RC4WD is bumping up the scale realism factor once again with their new Warn Industries collaboration. Now you can have an uber fully licensed Warn Winch for your 10th scale truck from RC4WD.

There are 3 items in the new Warn Winch line-up- a winch, a wired controller, and a Warn style wireless controller. That it gonna be pretty cool to roll your truck back over, Recon G6 style, via a scale looking Warn remote control.

The new 9.5cti Warn Winch from RC4WD features-

* Steel components
* A cast aluminum case
* Synthetic rope
* Spring loaded Warn hook
* Works on up to 3S Lipo
* Part #Z-S1079
* Street price $35

The Warn wired controller features-

* Works on up to 3S Lipo
* Requires 3 position third channel
* Compact size
* Part #Z-S1089
* Street price $29

The Warn wireless controller features-

* 2.4GHz remote w/ 10 foot range
* Works on up to 3S Lipo
* Compact size
* Part #Z-S1092
* Street price $45

All three units should be available in late December and you can get more information by hitting up This Link over on the official RC4WD website.

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RC4WD Mud Basher Tires
So you’ve got a 1.9 scaler and are looking for some serious mud tires, where do you turn? To RC4WD of course. RC4WD has just announced their new Mud Basher 1.9″ Scale Tractor Tires. With a deep chevron design the Mud Bashers should be able to get you through even the muddiest of sections during your weekend trail run. Some of their specifications and features include-

* Made from advanced X4 compound
* Weight: 2.45oz
* Fits on 1.9″ wheels
* Width: 1.25″
* Outer diameter: 4.48″
* Inner diameter: 1.83″

The part number for the RC4WD Mud Bashers is #Z-T0115, they have a street price of $25 a pair, and they are available right now for your bashing pleasure.

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RC4WD Snow Plow Blade
Tis the season for lots of snow, thus we were pretty stoked to receive a legit snow plow blade from RC4WD. The blade is like everything else RC4WD makes, heavy duty, made from real metal, and it looked true to scale. We’ve been using (ok, mostly abusing) the snow plow blade for a few weeks now, here is what we found out-

* The RC4WD blade comes stand alone, so you’ll need to also buy a mounting kit for either your RC4WD or Axial truck (also available from RC4WD). Make sure you use an all metal mount because plastic mounts will sag under the load of blade making it difficult to keep off of the ground.

* Springs are used to help keep the blade down. The springs combined with the raw weight of the blade present a heavy load to the servo.

* The RC4WD is really designed to push snow. When we tried pushing dirt/gravel we ended up bending its mounting screws.

* The blade looks really cool and isn’t made out of cheap plastic. It has a street price of $80 and it feels like you get your money’s worth.

* We had loads of fun using the blade on our review RC4WD Trailfinder 2. Sadly nobody wanted to play demo-derby while we had it mounted. We can highly recommend it for that reason alone. :)

If you want to get your hands on one simply hit up This Link. For more RC4WD news on BigSquidRC Here is the link you want.

RC4WD Tough Armor Front Lightbar Bumper for Axial SCX10
RC4WD has another way to scale up the looks of your Axial SCX10 with their Version 2 Tough Armor Front Lightbar/Bumper. Made from steel, this lightbar/bumper should be able to take a beating while giving you a place to mount some cool looking lights to the front of your truck.

* Welded by hand
* Constructed from strong steel tubing
* Powder coated finish
* Corrosion resistant
* Weight- 2.71oz

The part number is #Z-S1102, it has a $29 street price, and they are available right now for your bashing pleasure. Hit up This Link for complete information.

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