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ASK Cubby

“Hey Cubby,

I need your advice on 4×4 Short Course trucks. I’ll initially bash but grow into racing and am currently looking at the SC10 4×4 Factory Team and the Losi SCTE 2.0.

Obviously I don’t want to start a fan war between the two platforms, but can you give any advice on which way to go?


Matt M.”

Cubby- Yo hey Matt, thanks for the email and a super uber Thanksgiving to you and to all our readers.

Ummm… if you know me at all, then you already know the answer to this one, I’m going with the Losi SCTE (or 2.0) all the way. The SCTE has proven itself to not only be a freak’n animal on the track, but also an incredible bash machine. The AE on the other hand… takes too much time to dial in, is comparatively a PITA to work on, and while its belts may be able to handle the average racers 2S set-up, they live a short life on crazy basher power. Buy the Losi and never look back.

“Snow plow for a Honcho rc

I want to buy a plow for my grandson for Christmas. how can I find one?

Jean P.”

Cubby- Yo hey Jean, what’s up?

So…. your grandson is totally dialed with an Axial Honcho and you want to hook the lil’ fella up with a snow plow for X-mas. You sound like a pretty cool Grandpa. Have I mentioned all I want for X-mas is a case of perfectly preserved Dom Rosé ’00? Just a subtle hint if you feel so inclined (hint, hint).

Oh ya, about the snow plow. RC4WD is your friend on this one. Check out their # Z-X0007 snow plow which runs about $80. You’ll need the plow itself plus some mounting hardware which is also available from RC4WD and your Grandson will be uber-dialed for X-mas. Oh ya, look for our “Product Spotlight” on the RC4WD snow plow next week.

That’s it for this week gang. If you are working this Thanksgiving extra props to you, it sucks being away from family on a holiday. Btw, if you have a question just shoot me an email, Cubby at

YOUR Cub Reporter

RC4WD Trailing Arms Vaterra Twin Hammers
Add more durability and RC4WD’s renown scale realism with their new rear trailing arms for the Vaterra Twin Hammers.

* Gun metal anodized finish
* CNC machined from aluminum
* Weight: 2.08oz

The part number for the trailing arms is #Z-S0949, they have a street price of $29, and they are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

You never know what you are going to find at the other end of a BigSquidRC TGIF Mystery Link.

RC4WD Trail Finder 2

Let’s get one thing out of the way– über-scale leaf-spring equipped r/c trucks aren’t for every hobbyist. They are generally more expensive, need a good bit of maintenance to stay in working order and in most cases, are slow and heavy. If you go into it with the right frame of mind though, the experience of building and driving one can be truly sublime.

For one thing, they are a blast to build. All of the mainstream leaf trucks are only available as builders kits, with the Tamiya High-Lift and RC4WD Trail Finder 2 (see Cubby’s review here) being two of the most popular examples. They all feature a bevy of metal parts and chassis with layouts resembling full-size pickups. Multiple speed transmissions are the norm. Many of the bodies even require assembly as they are ABS plastic (also known as “hard bodies”) with external scale pieces. The end result is something that looks and reacts remarkably like a real vehicle.

They can also be a real trip to trail with. You are forced into thinking like a real driver when approaching obstacles because the truck reacts very much like a 1:1. While this is still true of a four-linked performance scaler like the Axial SCX10, it’s of absolute necessity with a leafer. Nailing a precarious line of difficult terrain in a leaf truck (while the suspension creaks and groans) elicits just as much joy for some as nailing a big triple jump with a buggy does for others. And while it’s true that it probably isn’t the best idea to go jump a Tamiya Bruiser, I’ve seen plenty of leafers that can take abuse and come back for more. They also make fantastic trucks for mud bogging…but that’s a story for another day!

Next week we are taking a break from the trail to check out a rare late 80′s on-road kit that faithfully replicates a certain Caped Crusader’s iconic vehicle. Until then, have a great weekend and go get dirty!

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RC4WD Billet Tie Rod Ends
Our friends over at RC4WD have some new heavy duty billet tie rod ends for your bashing enjoyment. The new units fit M4 threaded shaft and should take some serious abuse before breaking.

* CNC machined from aluminum
* Weight: 3 grams
* Engineered and made by RC4WD
* Gen III rod end technology
* Stainless steel ball pre-installed

The part numbers are #Z-S1103 for black, Z-S1099 for red, and Z-S1097 for blue. They have a street price of $3 each and are available right now. Hit up This Link for more information.

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THE RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit w/ Mojave Body Review

RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Review

RC4WD has flown under a lot of peoples radar. On the crawling/scaler scene they are very well known, but a whole lot of normal bashers have not even heard of them, let alone know what kind of product they put out, or even that they put out entire kits. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the RC4WD Trail Finder 2 4wd off-road truck. Where does it fit into the market place? Is it bash worthy? What’s the scoop? Click the “Read More” button to find out…


RC4WD Universal Wheels for Clod Buster
The Tamiya Clod Buster, as well as other big monster trucks, are still going strong. However, the options for trick wheels for them is slim.

Our friends over at RC4WD have just announced new universal wheels for your monster truck. CNC machined from Delrin and featuring a beadlock design, these wheels should be super tough while upping your bling factor.

* Made for Clodbuster sized tires
* Made from white Delrin
* Different offsets for different applications
* Weight: 11.9 oz
* Width: 4.05″
* Outer diameter: 3″
* Negative offset: .39″
* Requires RC4WD hex insert

The part number is #Z-W0149, the street price is $79 per pair, and you can get more information at This Link.

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BigSquidRC Axial Exo TERROR Buggy
For a long time THE Cub Reporter and I have been wanting to buy some tanks, hop them up, and do some serious bashing. The tanks had to be durable, go at least 20 mph, and be able to huck big ramps. Needless to say, we didn’t find any that would work for our demands.

What do we do when we can’t find something that will work? We make our own, here is our BigSquidRC project vehicle – the Axial Exo TERROR Buggy.

Our project started life with our well worn review machine, an original Axial Exo Terra Buggy kit. Its life has seen lots of ugly, from our normal torture tests to 2 tours of duty as an iHobby demo vehicle. Thankfully it is up to full combat status with mods from ST Racing Concepts and RPM Products.

Next up was a call to the crew over at RC4WD for a set of their Predator Tracks. RC4WD does not make an adapter kit for the Exo, so we knew it was up to us to make them fit.

The Process -

With all parts in hand, it was time to spin some wrenches. Step 1 was a rough test fit. We found out the input hex on the Predator tracks was the same size as the wheel hex on the Exo, 12mm, but we needed wider/thicker hexes for clearance reasons. The fix was easy enough by simply bolting on some wider hexes from an RC4WD Predator adapter kit for an Axial Wraith.

Step 2 was to limit the articulation of the tracks. Without limiters the tracks would just spin around the axle like an extremely unbalanced tire. The fix for articulation was actually fairly simple. In the rear we threaded cap head screws into the pre-existing holes in the hubs, and longer grub type screws into the front. The screws, front and rear, went into the holes normally filled with grub screws to keep the hinge pins from falling out. A bit of grinding and bending was needed to tweak the articulation on these.

Next we had some binding issues. We installed some shims behind the axle cross pins of the wheel hexes, which helped in one aspect, but we also had to do some Dremel work on the inner supports of the Predator tracks. We also had to ditch the end caps on the tracks. All in all, the project wasn’t super hard, but there is a heavy dose of custom work involved.

Results -

We were told be multiple people that our project just would not work. In the end our 3S Dynamite Lipo, Castle 1410 powered TERROR buggy topped out at 26 mph and could indeed pound big wood ramps. It tore across grassy fields and threw huge rooster tails on dirt.

Turning was not nearly as bad as we expected it to be. The TERROR Buggy basically drove like an Exo with very hard tires. Because of the track system, our TERROR buggy got very little mechanical grip on dirt or pavement, drifting around corners. On soft surfaces it didn’t dig in and bury itself, it stayed on top and simply hauled butt.

One of our biggest concerns going into the project was being able to keep the tracks on. That turned out to be a non-issue, at least for us up to 26 mph. We did throw a track twice, but that was at lower speeds and caused by the loose mulch we were driving in, not by the tracks de-railing themselves or by them stretching at speed.

We did have one recurring problem, temperature of the power system. Even when rolling freely for a track system, the tracks present a lot more resistance than a normal set of wheels and tires. We were thermalling out in just over 5 minutes, a problem that could most likely be fixed by running 2S instead of 3, gearing down, and/or installing a Mamba Pro with a 1415 motor.

Overall -

Our “Exo on tracks” project massively exceeding our expectations. The TERROR is a total animal on pretty much any surface and it was shocking that it could make short work of the double jumps on the local racetrack. It took some time to get the bugs worked out, but once done it turned out fast and handled better than we expected. A normal Exo is faster and handles better, but it certainly isn’t the beast, or the head turner, that the TERROR is.

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Check it out in action! Make sure to watch it HD!

RC4WD Blade Snow Plow
It is getting colder here in the Chicago metro area, snow can’t be too far around the corner. The same is true in many northern parts of the globe.

RC4WD just sent us a hot new release, their Blade Snow Plow. With the RC4WD blade snow plow your scaler becomes a snow pushing machine when it gets nasty this winter. The snow plow is CNC machined and weighs in at 11 oz. A servo is used to make the blade go up and down.

If you want to mount the snow plow up to your Axial SCX10 you’ll need RC4WD mounting kit #Z-S1002, if you plan on putting it on your RC4WD Trailfinder 2 you’ll need #Z-S1003.

The part number for the RC4WD Blade Snow Plow is #Z-X0007, it has a street price of $79, and you can get more information at This Link.

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Fisherman CubbyHola everyone, welcome to THE good ole’ Cub Report.

Ok, I broke down and did watch the F1 race from Japan over the weekend. Yes, it was another snooze fest, and yes, Vettel won yet again. But… I wasn’t watching it for the race, or the racers, I watched it simply to view the track. Suzuka is the best track in the world and makes every single on-road rc track look like a sad joke. Someday far, very far, down the road, on-road track builders will grow a set and put in such things as elevation change and multi-apex corners. Heck, they might even get really crazy and put in a corner where the outside line is faster than the inside (but don’t hold your breathe on that one).

I had a very interesting weekend of testing. We were finishing up our reviews of the RC4WD Trail Finder 2 and the Vaterra CHP Camaro and well, a few things really struck me. Not long ago, testing two such incredibly scale vehicles was unthinkable. The TF2 is perhaps the most scale looking off-roader you can buy, and the Vaterra is in the same category for the on-road crowd. The hard plastic body that helps make the TF2 so scale was unthinkable of becoming common place, but now I have talked to more than one OEM toying with going that direction. The Camaro comes with working lights and multiple scale details making it look closer to a Big Box toy grade car than what is normally offered in hobby grade.

Scale looks are great for the hobby, at least for the long term. Muggles can relate to the scale looks, making it easier for them to fit one into their budget. However…. scale does have its drawbacks. Those hot scale looks don’t come cheap, and on certain models they can result in some major pains while wrenching. Still, a few bumps in the road now are well worth the reward down the road.

To boil it down, I’m freak’n proud of those companies going above and beyond to present scale looks on their hobby grade vehicles. Ya sure, there is a place for UFO bodies (for a change of pace and in theory the most elite levels of racing), but scale will put food on the table for years to come.

Different note here…

I’ll make it quick, but I know a lot of you industry types know a salesperson that used to work for “You Name It” rc company that might be looking for a job. If you know of a good salesperson who is looking for a job please refer them to BigSquidRC.

We’ve got a crazy uber contest coming up any day now. I can’t say anything else at this time, but keep an eye on our front page for more information, this one is pretty special.

Our review on the Vaterra CHP Camaro goes up later this week. We literally drove it like we stole it straight outta the police parking lot and it held up well. Oh ya, and we abused it on gravel, a baseball diamond, and an 8th scale off-road track. You won’t want to miss that review.

That’s it ya’ll, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

YOUR Cub Reporter

RC4WD Hilux Interior copy

I don’t know about you guys but one of my favorite scale rigs are of the Tamiya Hilux/Bruiser and the RC4WD Trail Finder 2 platforms. So many times I find myself on the fence about most scale interiors that it drivers me bananas! Ask around, I have been working on a one off interior for over a year(but who is counting). So if you look at this from a practical standpoint spending, over a Benji on an extremely detailed dash may not sound so nuts… This kit comes with everything on the dash perfectly molded, fully decaled and has amazingly tiny metal dash trim to boot. So unless you have a serious cad program and a super amazing Laser to cut these micro sized panels you had better get one of these ordered up pronto!


In the kit you will find:

  • 1x Central Console
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Steering Wheel
  • 2x Gear Levers
  • 1x Hand Brake Lever
  • 1x Metal Panel
  • 1x Dashboard Decal Sheet
  • 1x Steering Wheel Base
  • 1x M3 x 12mm Self Tapping Screw (Silver)
  • 4x M2 x 10mm SHCS (Black)
  • 4x M2 x 6mm Self Tapping Screw (Silver)
  • 4x M2 Nut (Silver)

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Rc4wd Gladiator Scale 1.9 Tires
For all you scaler guys, RC4WD just keeps on adding to their tire selection. Their latest are Gladiator Scale 1.9 Tires that should make a great addition to your scale rig.

* Outer Diameter- 4.57″
* Inner Diameter- 1.8″
* Width- 1.64″
* Compound- Advanced X2 SS
* Mounts on 1.9 size wheels
* Weight- 2.9 oz each

The part number for the RC4WD Gladiators is #Z-T0101 and they have a street price of $25 per pair. Hit up This Link for more information.

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Unboxing RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit w/Mojave Body
As you can see by the pictures, we are in the midst of reviewing our very first RC4WD truck. This particular truck is the Trail Finder 2 with Mojave body and so far we are very impressed. The Trail Finder 2 comes with perhaps the best packaging we’ve seen, they make a real presentation out of all the parts in the kit.

Also of note, it may be called a kit, but many of the major components, like the tranny, shocks, and axles, are pre-built. We were also quite impressed that nearly all the parts are real metal, there simply isn’t much plastic to be found in the chassis components. When we first picked up the box we couldn’t believe how heavy it was, hopefully all the metal parts make the truck extra tough.

We just received the Trail Finder 2 today so look for our full review in about 3 weeks. Until then, enjoy the unboxing pictures and you can click This Link for complete information on the RC4WD Trail Finder 2. If you are already wanting to put one in your rc garage, RC4WD products are distributed by Horizon Hobby, making it easy for most local hobby shops to get one in for you.

RC4WD Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shock by ARB
RC4WD has announced new scale looking shocks and shock boots for your scaler rig. The Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Shocks by ARB give a perfect scale look, along with helping to improve your ride. The RC4WD ARB shocks come in 70, 80, and 90mm lengths, and cost about $35 a pair. Some of their other features include-

* Billet aluminum construction
* Utilizes an internal spring design
* Weight: .42 oz each
* Distinct Old Man Emu styling

The Super Scale Shock Boots are available in red, blue, yellow and black. These are made out of rubber, add protection, and fit a variety of ARB and SuperLift shocks. Price is $9 for a set of four and you can get more information HERE.

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