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Tamiya Bigwig Re-Release

Tamiya To Re-Release The Bigwig?

Straight from the rumor mill is the possible re-release of the Bigwig by Tamiya. The Bigwig originally came out in 1986 and was a 1/10th scale 4wd. A futuristic polycarbonate body, along with moon dish style dish wheels, made the Bigwig stand out in a crowd way back in the day. A sturdy plastic tub chassis was standard back then, [...]


Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Re-Release

Full Details – Kyosho Turbo Scorpion Re-Release

After some teasing a couple of weeks ago, full details have been announced by Kyosho on their re-release of the Turbo Scorpion. The old schooler will come as a kit and sports a few revisions over the original to help it handle today’s power systems. Here is the scoop- * Scorpion-style wheels in a larger 2.2″ size * 12mm oil shocks * 20mm [...]


Tamiya Blackfoot Re-release 2016

Complete Details – 2016 Tamiya Blackfoot Re-Release

About a month ago we posted a teaser from Tamiya of the 2016 Blackfoot Re-Release. Now full details, along with a slew of pictures, have been released. The 2016 version of the Blackfoot retains much of its heritage but does sport some minor upgrades to bring it up to speed. The body on the re-release comes from the Blackfoot III and [...]


Tamiya Blackfoot re-release

Tamiya Re-Releases The Blackfoot!

All you Tamiya Blackfoot lovers can rejoice, Tamiya has just released the first pictures of its Upcoming Re-release! The Blackfoot is a legend in rc circles and was the first truck for thousands of hobbyists. It was also known as a truck that helped set off a monster truck revolution at a time when the hobby was all about buggies. [...]


Kyosho Optima Unboxing

Unboxing The Vintage Series Kyosho Optima

While most boxes that we receive for review at the BigSquidRC offices are pretty cool, the one with all the Kyosho tape really perked up the Bash Crew. You see, a whole lot of us around the office have been watering at the mouth to get our hands on the re-release of the Optima 4WD Buggy Kit. Needless to say, [...]


Kyosho Optima 4WD Buggy Kit

Kyosho Optima 4WD Buggy Kit Re-Release

It seems like everyone got ramped up after seeing the teaser shots, now here it is in all of its glory, the re-release of the Kyosho Optima 4wd Buggy. For those of you that were in the hobby back in the mid 80s, the Optima was easily one of the coolest buggies that money could buy. For those of you [...]


The Kyosho Optima cometh

So Kyosho basically confirmed on their FaceBook page that the next re-issue car is the Optima. The picture above is clearly a teaser but they then commented on the photo saying “you already know what it is don’t you?” I’m paraphrasing because “facebooktranslater”. So i’m completely geekng out here. The Optima was my holy grail at the local track when I [...]


Tamiya Fighting Buggy

Re-release – Tamiya Fighting Buggy

Tamiya has announced it is re-releasing the 2014 version of the Fighting Buggy. The Fighting Buggy is a classic Tamiya buggy that was very innovative back in the early 1980s, now it can make for a cool addition to your collection, or can be just as much fun bashed around your backyard as it was 30 years ago. Some of [...]


2015 Monster Beetle

2015 Tamiya Monster Beetle

Tamiya has just announced the re-release of the Monster Beetle. Way back in the 1980s the Monster Beetle was the first vehicle for a whole bunch of young hobbyists. Now you can add the 2015 edition Monster Beetle to your collection or pick one up so your own son or daughter can experience what it is like to build a [...]


Kyosho Tomahawk Re-release

Kyosho Re-releases the Tomahawk 2wd Buggy

Get your vintage on with the re-release of Kyosho’s famous Tomahawk 2wd buggy. The Tomahawk is the third entry into Kyosho’s retro line, and while it might look like the old unit from the 1980’s, it comes with a bunch of upgrades to make it a much better overall vehicle. Some of those upgrades include- * Body features modern side pods, [...]


Kyosho Beetle 2014 Buggy Kit

Kyosho Beetle 2014 Buggy Kit

Looking for a neat winter project? After a bit of teasing the good folks over at Kyosho have released the scoop on the 2014 edition of their Beetle Kit. The Beetle first hit the market way back in 1983 where it set a new standard for buggy performance. The re-release is much like the ’83 version but is updated in [...]


Kyosho Beetle re-release

Kyosho Announces Beetle Re-Release

The re-release of the Kyosho Scorpion was big news for vintage car fans earlier this year, now Kyosho has announced they are also re-issuing the iconic Beetle. Like the Scorpion re-release, the Beetle will get some small upgrades to help it better handle today’s more robust power systems. The original Beetle was introduced in the early 1980s, the re-release should [...]


Kyosho Scorpion

Kyosho Scorpion 2wd Buggy Re-Release

After a full week of teasing, Kyosho has released pictures and information on their upcoming re-release of the legendary 1/10 Scorpion 2wd Buggy. While the buggy retains the classic look of the original, it features some upgrades to increase durability. The re-release uses 48 pitch gears and a modern slipper clutch to put the power to the ground, while higher [...]


Kyosho Scorpion re-release

Teaser – Kyosho to Re-Release 1982 Scorpion Buggy

Remember the original Kyosho Scorpion Buggy from way back in 1982? It featured cutting edge technology for the day including oil filled shocks and an aluminum ladder chassis. That may have been 32 years ago, but with classic rc vehicles becoming more popular, Kyosho is teasing that they will be re-releasing the historic Scorpion buggy. Kyosho is supposed to be [...]


Associated RC10 Worlds Car Kit

Official – Team Associated RC10 World’s Car Kit

Team Associated has made it official, they are re-releasing the RC10 World’s Car. The World’s Car will come in kit form and is sure to bring back many a good memory for those of you who spent countless hours at the track driving the original. The part number for the World’s Car is #6002, it should have a street price of [...]