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RPM Mamba X Cage

RPM ESC Cage For The Mamba X

When you start bashing hard, you start finding out just how difficult it can be to keep an ESC securely mounted. To help solve that problem for all you hard bashing Castle Mamba X owners, RPM has announced a new ESC Cage. The RPM cage was engineered to be bolted down with two screws, making it easy to install, while [...]


RPM Rear Bumper Associated B6

RPM Rear Bumper & Skid Plate For The B6/B6D

Attention Team Associated B6 and B6D owners, RPM has a new Rear Bumper & Skid Plate for you. The B6 rear bumper from RPM should be a great way to add some protection to your buggy. The bumper is made from RPM’s legendary plastic and also sits a bit lower than the chassis to reduce wear. Here are some of [...]


RPM Associated B6 Bumper

RPM Announces Front Bumpers For The B6/B6D

Get ready to bash all you Associated B6/B6D owners with RPM’s new front bumpers. For hardcore bashing RPM has announced a Wide Front Bumper and for racing they have a Mini Version. Both were designed for durability and are molded from RPM’s world famous blend of plastic. The wide version of the bumper has a width of 4.5″ with pricing of $8 [...]


RPM Rear Arms Mud Guards ARRMA

RPM Rear Arms & Mud Guards For ARRMA Truggies

New for all you ARRMA Kraton, Talion, Outcast, and Durango DEX8T owners are Rear A-Arms and Mud Guards from RPM. The Rear Arms are around 10% lighter than the stock parts and come with an extra shock mount to give you another way to dial your truck in. They are made from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic and come with [...]


RPM Blue X-Maxx Arms

RPM Traxxas X-Maxx Arms Now In Blue

The good guys over at RPM have announced that they are now making their upgrade Traxxas X-Maxx a-arms in Blue. Blue is a very popular color in rc and soon you will be able to customize your X-Maxx with RPM’s rugged blue a-arms. The arms are molded from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic and are designed to take a serious [...]


RPM Blue Traxxas Camber Links

Now In Blue, RPM Traxxas Camber Links

Blue is a big color in rc. From Brian Kinwald, to Associated Factory Team parts, to various upgrades from the folks at RPM, blue has been used to indicate upgrade parts for a very long time in rc. Speaking of RPM, they have just announced that their Heavy Duty Traxxas Camber Links will now be available in Blue for the [...]



RPM A-Arms For The ARRMA Kraton, Talion, & Outcast

New from RPM are Front A-Arms for the ARRMA Kraton, Talion, and Outcast. The arms have been designed to be more durable than the stock units, as well as to reduce slop. Made from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic, they also feature a second lower shock mount that can be used to lower your truck. * 10% lighter than stock * Also [...]


RPM Traxxas Caster Blocks

New Traxxas Upgrades From RPM

The folks over at RPM are well known for making ultra-durable hop-up parts. Today they announced three new blue upgrade parts for Traxxas owners. First up is a set of Blue Front Bearing Carriers for the Slash 2wd, Nitro Slash, Rustler, and the 2wd Stampede. The blue carriers use oversized 5 x 11mm bearings and are made from RPM’s legendary blend [...]


RPM Front Bumper Mount Traxxas X-Maxx

RPM Traxxas X-Maxx Front Bumper Mount

As the Traxxas X-Maxx continues to take off, more and more companies are offering hop-ups/accessories for the big beast. The latest comes from RPM with their X-Maxx Front Bumper Mount. The RPM bumper mount’s simple plate design increases durability while still maintaining flexibility. Constructed from RPM’s trademark blend of engineering grade nylon, it is molded in black and is an [...]


RPM ESC Cage Traxxas XL-5 XL-10

RPM ESC Cage For Traxxas XL-5 & XL-10 ESCs

When you start bashing hard, really hard, you find out that double sided tape just won’t keep an ESC from flying around inside your truck. You also find out that you can land so hard that you can actually break the mounting tabs off an ESC. To help keep your Traxxas XL-5 or XL-10 firmly mounted, RPM designed a new [...]


RPM ARRMA Rear Skid Plate

RPM ARRMA Rear Skid Plate

A few days ago RPM released a new front bumper for select ARRMA/Team Durango vehicles, today they have announced a Rear Skid Plate. The skid plate fits a whole bunch of different ARRMA 1/8 and 1/10 scalers. Those vehicles include the Senton, Kraton, Typhon, and the Talion. It also fits Team Durango vehicles like the DEX8, DEX8T, DESC10, and the [...]


RPM ARRMA Kraton Durango DEX8T Front Bumper

RPM Front Bumper For The Kraton & DEX8T

Attention ARRMA Kraton and Team Durango DEX8T owners, RPM has a new product for you. The good guys over at RPM have just announced a new Front Bumper/Skid Plate for the Kraton and DEX8T. Par the course for RPM, the bumper is ultra-beefy and molded from RPM’s legendary plastic blend. * 171.5mm wide * Skid plate is 4mm thick * 38mm forward extension * [...]


RPM No Clip Body Mounts Traxxas

No Clip Traxxas Body Mounts From RPM

Let’s face it everybody hates body clips (especially Cubby!). New from RPM are No Clip Body Mounts for the Traxxas Slash short course trucks. The body mounts completely eliminate body clips and help to add scale realism to your Slash 2WD and the Slash 4×4. * Mock fans & radiators double as rear body lock * Eliminates body clips completely * Increases scale [...]


RPM Wheelie Bar X-Maxx

RPM Goodies For Traxxas X-Maxx

Coming soon from RPM is a Low Visibility Wheelie Bar and Rear Bumper Mount for the Traxxas X-Maxx. The bumper mount is built beefy like a large skid plate and was designed to accommodate the low vis wheelie bar. Both are made from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic and are made right here in the USA. The wheelie bar [...]


RPM Oversized Rear Axle Carriers Traxxas X-Maxx

RPM Oversized Rear Axle Carriers & Bearings For The Traxxas …

If you have been in the hobby for a while, we don’t have to tell you who RPM is. For newbies, RPM has long been known to put out extremely durable products for popular bash oriented vehicles. Their latest product is Oversized Rear Axle Carriers and an Oversized Bearing Set for the Traxxas X-Maxx. The Oversized Rear Axle Carriers are priced [...]