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RPM ECX Caster Blocks
Have you been modding your ECX 2WD to make it as tough as it can be? If so, you should put a set of RPM Heavy Duty Caster Blocks on your “to order” list. Made from RPM’s legendary plastic, these are up to 20% thicker in key breakage areas and use a strengthening ridge to make them more rigid than the stock part.

The part number is #73442, they are street priced at $9, and you can get complete details at This Link over on the official RPM website.

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RPM RC Continues the love for all things ECX! Their latest Oversized Rear Axle Carriers will fit the ECX Boost, Ruckus, Circuit, and Torment 2wd vehicles. The new carriers fix several issues such as bearing life due to RPM allowing 5x11mm bearings instead of the stock 5x10mm. They are also much more durable over stock, as to be expected from an RPM product.

The RPM Rear Axle Carriers have part number #73572, and are priced at $11, and they should start hitting hobby shops pegs later this month. Get full details at This Link over on RPM’s website.

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RPM Rear Arms ECX Torment Ruckus Circuit
RPM has new rear a-arms for the ECX Ruckus/Circuit/Torment. Not only are the RPM arms much stronger than the stock units, but they are also higher performance. The RPM arms are built to tighter tolerances and are 21% lighter than the stock arms. Stronger, plus higher performance, plus lifetime warranty, equals winning!

The part number for the rear arms is #70462, they are priced at $11, and they should hit the market at the end of the month. Click Here to get complete details over on the official RPM website.

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ECX 2.1 Ruckus
ECX has some updated versions of their popular 2wd brushed vehicles. The update looks to be a LiPo compatible ESC, and while the price stays the same on the Boost buggy ($149), prices go up $20 for the Ruckus, Circuit, and Torment to $189.

To check out all the products that ECX offers here is a link to their Official Website, and you can Click Right Here for more ECX news on BigSquidRC.

RPM ECX Front A-arms Ruckus Circuit Torment
For all you ECX owners, the good folks over at RPM RC have announced Front A-Arms for the Torment, Ruckus, and Circuit. In typical RPM fashion, the new arms were designed for extreme use, built much beefier than that stock units, yet with tighter tolerances to reduce slop. Larger bosses are used in the hinge pins areas to reduce breakage, while angled leading edges help the arms slide over objects. RPM also removed the tiny outer hinge pin screws, replacing them with an in-line screw to help improve overall strength. They also come with RPM’s limited lifetime warranty against breakage for piece of mind.

The part number for the arms is #70582, they have a street price of $12 per pair, and they should start hitting hobby shops later this month. For complete information hit up This Link to head over to the RPM website.

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ECX Brushless Ruckus
Both the ECX Torment SCT and the ECX Ruckus have made quite an impact on the bashing scene. Now ECX has made them even more powerful by releasing brushless powered versions.

A Dynamite 3300kv 4 pole brushless motor is used to give the two trucks a healthy increase in power, while heavy duty driveshafts help to make it bulletproof. The part number for the new brushless Torment is #ECX03008, while the brushless Ruckus has a part number of #ECX03009. Expect both trucks to come fully RTR and have a street price of right around $289.

For more information check out THIS LINK to head over to the official ECX website. Looking for more ECX news? We have more HERE on BigSquidRC.

ECX Price Drop and Upgrades
We have previously posted about the new upgrades the 10th scale line-up from ECX is receiving for 2013. The upgrades include things like a Spektrum DX2E transmitter, new body designs, wheels/tires, and waterproof electronics.

Now ECX has announced a permanent price drop on their 10th scale vehicles. While prices from other manufactures are going up, ECX is out to save you some cash. The new prices are $149 for the Boost Buggy and the Circuit Stadium Truck, while $169 is the price point for the Torment SCT and the Ruckus Monster Truck. For more information on everything ECX hit THIS LINK for their official website.

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ECX Summer 2013 updates
Horizon has announced that their updated ECX line-up will be hitting hobby shops this summer. Some of the updates include-

* New bodies/colors
* Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz transmitters
* Waterproof Spektrum SR201 receivers
* Waterproof Dynamite 15T Tazer ESC
* Heavy duty drive-shafts
* Dynamite 15 turn motors for the Ruckus and Torment
* Dynamite 20 turn motors for the Boost and Circuit

The ECX’s are some of the most popular bashers on the market, the new updates should make them even better. Hit up the official ECX Website for more information.

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ECX Ruckus version 2.1
Last fall the popular ECX Torment SCT received some updates and now it looks like those updates are being applied to the rest of the ECX line-up. As you can see in the pictures, the Ruckus, Boost, and Circuit are sporting hot new looks and upgrades under the hood. Spektrum transmitters make sure the signal doesn’t get lost, waterproofing keeps them going in the wet, and new tires keep them hooked up when the going gets tough. Hit up the ECX Website for more information on all their products.

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Hello, I was wondering if the Radient Ascend charger will somehow charge AA size NIMH batteries. I have 8 AA nimh batteries { single, not a battery pack } and would like to know if the ascend can handle this { maybe with an adapter of some sort? } Thanks!!

Jim P.

Cubby- Ahoy thar Jimmy P, what ye be doin? Be sure ‘n send Brian ye snail mail so we can flood ye mailbox wit’ sweet BigSquid stickers.

Let me guess, ye use 8 AA NiMH batteries in ye transmitter? ‘n ye’d like to charge them wit’ ye Helion Ascend?

Can th’ Radient Ascend charge 8 AA NiMH cells at one the hour? Yarr, absolutely no problem. In fact it can charge just one, or just a pair, ect, all th’ way up to 8 like ye be tryin’ to do. ye could charge each sin’le AA separately, but that would take a dozen sails around the globe. What I would recommend be ’tis- use a battery tray out ‘o an barnacle-covered transmitter. Remove th’ tray from th’ barnacle-covered transmitter, throw a connector ‘o some type on th’ wires (if needed, it might already have a plug ye can adapt to), ‘n charge th’ 8 AA NiMH batteries all at once wit’ ye Ascend. Use a 1C charge rate (2 amps if they be 2000 mah cells) ‘n ye be dialed.

First off – just want to say I really enjoy your site. As someone getting back into RC after about 15 yrs it’s been helpful and informative, not to mention entertaining. After picking up a 2WD Slash last winter and an SC10 this summer for racing the local tracks here the northern burbs of Chicago when I can get the time – my daughter is starting to show an interest (she’s almost 5 yrs old).

So what better excuse to pick up another vehicle – enter the Ruckus. Picked it up from the local HobbyTown USA and it fits the bill perfectly. It has that big truck look that she enjoys and out of the box it isn’t quite fast enough for her to cause any real damage. I found that the large bumper from the ECX Torment is a direct bolt-on by the way.

To my question – I read in your initial review that you had trouble fitting a Lipo battery in there yet during the RTR Monster truck shoot-out a Lipo was used in all three trucks. I’m curious if you did any specific mod to get it to fit? Or if you just used a velcro strap around the chassis or something?

Just for the longer run times and continual even power I may eventually swap out the esc to the XL5 from my Slash (for the low voltage protection) and run it with a lipo. Another thing I found out is that the 7-cell nimh flat packs DO fit – which works out since I had a couple of these before making the lipo switch on my Slash. I couldn’t confirm the 7-cell fitment anywhere online before purchasing the vehicle.


Matt F.

P.S. Thanks for the posting about the price decreases of ECX vehicles – HobbyTown gladly price matched it since their supplier is Horizon Hobbies.

Cubby- Greetin’s dearest Matt, ‘n hearty thanks fer writin’ in ‘n fer th’ lust.

No, we didn’t mod th’ battery tray in any way on th’ ECX Ruckus durin’ our shootout. We used standard ROAR hardcase 2S SpeedPack Lipo’s from Dynamite fer th’ shootout. No, they weren’t an easy fit, we had to push below on th’ battery bar pretty harrrd fer th’ fastener to properly latch, but it did set the sails. Btw, I totally dig th’ fact that ECX does not use body clips on their battery bars, ‘n their set-up never comes loose or causes any issues, salutes to them on that.

But yarr, many common battery packs be slightly taller than what ECX intended thus makin’ it harrrd to get th’ battery strap on. I drive an ECX Torment nearly every day ‘n here’s th’ scoop on what I did to make it a wee bit easier to install slightly taller packs-

1. Get out a Phillips head screwdriver.
2. Slightly loosen th’ a pair bolts that thread up into th’ battery strap latches, ’tis be typically only a couple ‘o turns.
3. Slightly loosen th’ four screws at th’ back ‘o th’ battery box to gift th’ rear area a wee bit more height as well.
4. All done ‘n dialed.

To boil it below, a standard sized Lipo be slightly a pain to put in th’ Ruckus but it can set the sails, ‘n, ’tis super easy to loosen a few screws to gain a wee bit ‘o height if needed.

That’s it ye bunch of swashbuckling pirates, submit ye questions ‘n whatever else happens to be on ye mind to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com! If ye be lucky that be all I can take to make th’ front page ye’ll get free stickers, if i reckon yours be th’ “letter ‘o th’ month” ye get a really burly BSRC t-shirt.

YE Cub Reporter

ECX Torment Short Course Truck
The guys over at ECX have announced price reductions on their popular line-up of 10th scale off-road vehicles. Now you can bash and save some cash! Here is the new pricing-

* Torment 2.4 GHz Short Course Truck- $149
* Ruckus 2.4 GHz Monster Truck- $129
* Circuit Stadium Truck- $99
* Boost Buggy- $99

Head on over to the ECX’s official website for more information on all their products.

Have you read out latest shootout that features the ECX Ruckus? You can check it out HERE.

We have been working hard on this one for a while! The 2WD Monster Truck Shootout is finally completed and ready for your reading pleasure! We get a TON of emails asking us what truck is better, and which one someone should buy. We decided to take some time and actually put them all to the test! Unlike those ‘advertisement’ rags, we actually come up with a winner, and show you how we got there!

The three vehicles we picked are the current ‘most asked about’ 2WD Monster Trucks. We put the Traxxas Stampede, the ARRMA Granite, and the ECX Ruckus all in a room, and said ‘FIGHT!’

While we have reviewed all these trucks separately, it’s always a different story when you can drive the vehicles back to back, and literally feel and see the difference right before you.

Hopefully all the hard work that went into this one is appreciated! Thanks to Tim, Cubby and Craig for all their time getting this one out the door, and special thanks to Slot & Wing for letting us come bash at their new locations just days after their move.

Ok, ok.. enough blabbering, lets get to the 2WD RTR Monster Truck Shootout!

PS: When you guys link this thing all over the web (like we know you will) please use this link so people can find/start off on the first page.. thanks! ( )


Hi Cubby,
I am pondering the question should I buy a new Traxxas Stampede or not. All I do is parking lot plus the dirt hills behind my house. Is there a better option? Help.
Jose L.

Cubby- Que pasa Jose? Thanks for shoot’n in an email.

Ya know… Traxxas has sold an awful lot of those Stampedes, and I can say from first hand experience that they are a good truck. However…. is there a better option out there? We get a lot of emails like this one, and that’s the exact reason we did our way-super-uber 2wd Monster Truck Shootout. We took the Stampede and put it head to head against its primary competition- the ECX Ruckus and the ARRMA Granite, just to see which one is the overall basher. We’ll be posting the results of our shootout on our front page Tuesday, September 4th. Hopefully our shootout will help you make an informed buying decision.

Hey Guys, I read your review of the Dominus being a noob I went an got one an have been bashing it since. I would like to upgrade the motor to a brushless, would you be willing to tell me which ones would fit? I know you’re busy but I figured the fastest and easiest thing to do would be to ask a pro!
Thanks for your time.
Luke D.

Cubby- Hey now Luke, be sure and shoot Brian your snail mail so we can send ya some free BigSquidRC stickers.

So…. what brushless motors fit the Helion Dominus 4wd SCT? Pretty much all 540 and 550 brushless motors will bolt up without issue (you’ll want a 550). I don’t know how much of a noob your are, but just fyi, the stock speedo isn’t designed to run a brushless motor, so you’ll need a brushless speedo to boot. Oh and, the stock battery that came with the Helion is less than optimal for use on a high powered brushless system, so you’ll want to look into better batteries as well. And really, really lastly… we did a hop-up article on how to install a brushless system in the Dominus, HERE is the link.

Cubby what difference does a 5000 mah 7.4v Lipo make to a 5000 mah 11.1v Lipo if they are both 35C?
Kevin W.

Cubby- Hey Kevin, thanks for taking the time to shoot me an email.

There is a big difference between a 2S 35C 5000 and a 3S 35C 5000.

Let’s say you have a brushless system capable of 400 watts in your truck. For it to put out its full 400 watts it has to draw more than that from your battery (because your speedo/wires/connectors are not 100% efficient), lets say it draws 500 watts.

Lipo cells under heavy load are going to dip down in voltage substantially, lets say down to 3.5 volts per cell for the purposes of demonstration here. Your 2S pack under heavy load might only put out 7 volts, the 3S pack only 10.5. For the 2S pack to provide the 500 watts your brushless system is asking for, your brushless system will need to draw over 71 amps from the 2S pack, on the 3S pack it only needs to draw 47 amps. To boil it down- a 3S pack is capable of a third more power delivery to your brushless system than a comparable 2S pack can, thus allowing your brushless system to put out more power.

If you aren’t looking for shear power output, a 3S Lipo can provide longer run-times than a 2S of equal capacity and “C” rating. The 3S pack carries a third more stored energy on board than a 2S pack. That third more energy can be used to provide greater power as shown above, or via gearing, it can be used for greater run-times. For example, if you gear your truck for 30 mph on a 2S 35C 5000, you might get 10 minutes of runtime. If you gear the exact same truck for the same 30 mph with a 3S 35C 5000 pack, you should get 15 minutes.

But like everything else in the world, 3S does have its downsides. A 3S pack costs a third more, has a third more weight, and cheap chargers might not be able to charge them at a reasonably fast rate.

That’s it for this week amigo’s, submit your questions, answers, and whatever else you have bouncing around in those minds of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com! If your question makes the front page you get free stickers, if I proclaim yours as letter of the month you get a free t-shirt, so send’em in!

YOUR Cub Reporter