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Traxxas Logo

File this one deep in the rumor mill drawer, but we have started hearing some rumblings about a possible new 1/5th scale coming from Traxxas! This is one of those brothers, uncle’s, roomate’s cat sort of deals, but the last time we reported a Lowered Slash Traxxas Rumor we got a LCG chassis a few months later, and the one before that we heard about a dragster with a timing system…. just saying..
To add some even more crazy to the rumor, we heard something along the lines of a dragster/funny car! I could believe a 5th scale.. but a 5th scale funny car? While there would be a few people that would LOVE it.. because I know a handful of people who actually run large scale drag racing.. I’d have to think that is not where the big sales numbers are at.

Take it for what it’s worth.. just a rumor.. any takers on this one? Comments are open.. lets hear em!

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xo-1 rumor

File this deep in the Rumor Mill box, but we have heard that Traxxas was recently doing some driving and filming of some down hill speed run action featuring the XO-1. Our informant mentions a group of guys in a Traxxas ‘wrapped’ Hummer (maybe) were up north of us running vehicles down some huge mountain side. When our ‘guy’ stopped to chat a bit, he said the Traxxas guy was claiming they were in the 140mph range with the vehicle. Cubby, just about coughed up a lung when I mentioned this to him. We have ALL run high speed here, and we know how difficult it is. We also know how difficult it was getting the XO-1 even close to 100mph. Down hill or not, there are a lot of physics and air things happening at those speeds that really raise the bar on making that work.

Only time will tell if we see something officially from Traxxas on this. Maybe there is a Traxxas XO-2 in the works being tested? Or maybe some new hop-ups?

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traxxas nitro slash

There has been no official word yet from TRAXXAS, but rumors are flying about a new Traxxas Nitro Slash being announced soon! So we are going to keep this filled under the rumor mill category till we get the official word. It sounds like it’s based loosely off their new LCG style with a aluminum chassis, and the popular 3.3TRX Racing Engine. The bigger shock is the rumor of 2WD! For all those Traxxas Slayer fans looking for a change?

As soon as we get more details we will post them up, so stay tuned!

COMMENTS ON! Lets hear what you think about this one!

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atomik v2mr

atomik v2mrWe recently received a spy shot of what looked like a new 1/10th scale buggy that we were told was coming from Atomik RC. The shot itself wasn’t the best, so we decided to do a little digging. It looked like Atomik had recently started testing the new buggy, and there were a few more lo-res pictures floating around, with very little info. We made a few phone calls, traded a little info, pulled a few strings, and came up with these. Probably the best pictures yet of the new buggy!

What we know so far, its a 1/10th scale kit. That’s right, a kit! No electronics or tires. It will allow for mid or rear motor mounting, as you can see from the two pictures we have, and looks pretty beefy. We aren’t sure if it’s the official name, or just internal name, but V2MR seems to be stuck to all the stuff we have seen. We have an email into our contacts over at Atomik / Venom, and will get you more details when they are available.

Special thanks to all our spys/informants lately.. keep that stuff coming!

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st racing slash 4xr4 chassis

Cubby mentioned that someone sent us some info on a new LCG Chassis for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 being produced by Traxxas that apparently is being tested. Well shortly after someone else sent word that another company is also working on a low center of gravity chassis for the Slash 4×4. We have been told that these are cad drawings from STRC that are being used to lay out their new chassis. We have no idea how far along their chassis is. If it’s still in the ‘cad’ stage, or if it’s already being tested. We have reached out to ST Racing Concepts for more info, and an ‘official word’ but until then, you’ll just have to check out the leaked photos. (Unless they ask us to take them down)

It looks like there is going to be a lot of aluminum and graphite involved. I highly doubt the official Traxxas one will have any graphite, and probably little aluminum.

UPDATE: Adding some fuel to the rumor, our ‘little birdie’ says STRC is aiming for less than $100 when it hits. THAT would be pretty impressive since there are a lot of BIG parts going into a conversion like that. Guess we will wait and see.

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Robby Gordon Traxxas Speed Energy Traxxas RC Truck
Between racing, Speed Energy Drinks, and getting his new Stadium Super Truck series going, Robbie Gordon has been one busy guy. We first reported HERE about a very trick Speed Energy Robbie Gordon Traxxas truck, and today we have a few more pictures. We don’t have any official information from Traxxas on this one, but it looks to be a 2wd Slash with a replica of Robbie’s 2011 Dakar rally Hummer body on top. We will post more information when, or if, it becomes available.

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traxxas truck

traxxas truckOk, here’s one for the rumor mill category. We just got a picture of a Traxxas Slash chassis with a pretty cool looking new truck body on top. We are not sure if this is a 3rd party body, but we were told it was actually created by Traxxas! Anyone care to guess?

We scaled up the picture, (click the image on the left) you can see the TOYO Tires logo on there as well as a few others.

Mixed feelings around the office on the look. Personally I think it’s cool because it’s different, and I have been on a ‘all about different’ kick lately.

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Kyosho Teaser Picture
We haven’t seen a good teaser for a while, well, not until today when Kyosho America posted this teaser picture. Is it a bird? Is it is plane? Is it Superman? Whatever it might be, it looks scale, and scale is HOT right now. We will post more information when it becomes available, until then here is the LINK to Kyosho America’s website.

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durango rtr

We always love it when we get a rumor floating around inside the industry because it usually turns out to be true. Then again, we always dread the phone call we get from the next day asking what we know, who we know, and how we found out. Oops.

That being said, adding to our rumor mill category, we have heard from a pretty good source that Team Durango will be announcing 3 RTR vehicles VERY SOON. We also heard that these three vehicles in question will also be shipping before the end of the year! That’s exciting news for us basher types who don’t want to build a kit, but still want the Team Durango quality! We will post more as soon as we hear.. or get official news from the Durango folks.
Fingers crossed that one of the RTR’s is a short course.

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associated short course buggy

A couple of times on Big Squid RC we have talked about the need for Team Associated to hop on the short course buggy bandwagon. Well today we received a little info from someone on the ‘inside’ that there is one in the works. So file this under rumor mill, but we have heard Team Associated is working on a Short Course Buggy that is based on the SC10. It will be 2WD, brushless, with a new tire design, and a whole new body design.

Rumor alone will make more than a few people happy I’m sure. We will keep digging, and see if we can come up with any more confirmation on this one. If it looks anything like the one from the Lucas Oil Series, we’d be plenty excited.

Have a hot tip for us? Drop us a line!



Kyosho is in the rumor mill with the next Mini-z Moto to be the Team Desmosedici GP11 #46 Ducati.  The photo is representative of what we can EXPECT the bike to look like but is not a photo of the actual bike.  Until then, enjoy some more photos Kyosho released of the first Yamaha bike.

BS-rated K moto (3)(6)BS-rated K moto (1)(6)BS-rated K moto (2)(6)