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Luxury RC Aluminum Tie BarYou know that fiberglass bar that holds the front hinge pins on your Traxxas 2wd? They have been know to break and they definitely don’t look high tech. The folks over at Luxury RC have new aluminum front tie bars that not only look high-zoot, but are also tougher than stock. These are available in four different colors- blue, red, silver, and black, and they don’t break the bank at only $7. The tie bars are made from 6061 aluminum and fit popular vehicles like the 2wd Slash, Rustler, and Stampede. Hit up This Link for more information over on the official Luxury RC website.

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T-Bone Racing NM2 Rear Bumper Traxxas Rustler,VXL, XL5
Ever hit a jump and land on the rear of your Traxxas Rustler? Depending on how hard you hit, that can result in messed up spur/pinion mesh or it can even crack the magnet in your motor.

To prevent unwanted damage to the rear of the Rustler, T-Bone Racing has come up with a heavy duty rear bumper. Made from thick nylon, their new rear bumper is compatible with the T-Bone B222 wheelie bars and is made to take the worst you can throw at it. The bumper mounts under the chassis, fits the Ruster VXL and XL5, and comes with their Lifetime warranty.

The part number is #62018, they are priced at $14 and are available right now. You can get more information at This Link over on the TBR website.

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T-bone Racing Traxxas Rear Skid Plate
The crew over at T-Bone Racing have come up with a good way to protect that expensive motor on your Traxxas Rustler. Their rear skid plate is made from nylon and is large enough to provide some real protection while you are out bashing. The skid plate is easy to install and comes with T-Bone’s lifetime warranty.

The part number is #62005, it has a street price of $12, and they are available right now. To get full details simply hit up This Link.

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Pro-Line F-11 2.8" Wheels
We are big fans of Pro-Line’s F-11 wheels. They look trick and take a licking and keep on ticking. Now Pro-Line has announced they are making F-11s in the popular 2.8″ Traxxas Style Bead. Now you can bolt up some trick F-11s to your Stampede, Rustler or Jato.

There are two part numbers, #2743-03 for Jato/Pede/Rusty Nitro rears, Pede/Rustler electric front, and Stampede 4×4 front and rear. Part number #2744-03 fits Stampede/Rustler electric rears. Both have a street price of $11 per pair. Hit This Link for more information over on the official Pro-Line website.

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Question for Cubby :)
Hi mate,
I have a rustler vxl that i have been slowly modifying. Its a good RC and all but i would like to have a little more performance overall for a reasonable price. So i was wondering what could be my options, change for new ESC and motor combo or just try with different motor than the velineon or maybe just keep the vxl setup lol.

Also, I plan on running on 2S lipo juice only and i bashing it mainly on dirt and gravel with small jumps and on grass. Can i really feel an improvement in performance by changing my current setup and still using 2S lipo pack? By the way you guys have great website, great stuff :)

Keep it coming.

Thanks Cubby

Bryan D.

Cubby- Yo to the yo Bryan D, thanks for the email, and thanks for the props.

So… you want some cheap performance gains, and you seem dead set on staying with a 2S set-up.

Running your Velineon system on 2S isn’t even close to showing you its true potential. While powerful on 2S, there is a lot more left in the tank it isn’t showing you. The cheapest way to get more power out of it is… wait for it…. yup it’s really cheap…. gearing. Robinson pinions are dirt cheap, like $5, yet going to a bigger pinion can gain you a lot more power to the wheels. For starters, buy a pinion 3 teeth larger than what you are currently using, bolt it on, and see how fast that feels to you. You should see significant gains in low end yank and top speed. However, any time you make a power system change, monitor temps closely. Check motor temps to make sure you aren’t over-geared and cooking your motor. You don’t want to see motor temps over 160 F.

Btw, if you’ve never tried 3S, you really should. While there might only be a third more voltage on tap, your truck will feel twice as fast, and if you pick up an affordable 3S Lipo it won’t be a huge hit to your wallet. Of course remember to re-gear for this change, you’ll want to start with the smallest pinion you can bolt on and monitor temps.

One of the other most popular mods regardless of vehicle is tires. Tires can make all the difference in the world, they can make an undriveable vehicle into one that can put down some pretty insane power. Tires aren’t exactly cheap, but they aren’t crazy expensive, yet because they can offer such performance gains they are generally a great bang-for-the-buck. Personally, if I had a mod’ed out Rustler it would be wearing a suitable set of Pro-Line shoes to make sure all that power gets transferred to the ground.

Scale and Short Course
Just read your latest Cub report, and I’m there with you on the “Keep Short Course Scale” argument.

I’m a very casual 40ish RC hobbyist over here in the UK, and I started out with the Axial AX10 simply because it looked scale. I wanted to get into racing, and although it was the HPI scale cars that attracted me due to their realistic appearance, I soon discovered that everyone is racing the odd-looking “jelly mould” cars. The blobby body and dish wheels put me right off.

I eventually gave buggies a go, again I’d been put off by the non-scale look of them, but I actually found it to be great fun and I’ve stuck with it. So Short Course is my holy grail – scale appearance AND off-road fun! I’m building an SC10 4×4 right now, and rest assured I will NOT be putting dish wheels on it – actually I’ve bought a set of Proline beadlocks for it (I’ve even got a set of soft compound “treaded” tyres for bashing). I’ve also built an Axial Exo and although no-one seems to race them, you’re right that the tyres in that kit perform well AND they’re scale.

As much as the buggies are fun, I find the scale-appearance vehicles far more interesting. The silly thing is, it’s just a body shell and wheel design that we’re talking about – but the “racer” mentality of doing anything to shave of a fraction of a second is dictating that we should have slippery, unrealistic designs; if they put me off for so long, I can only assume they’re doing the same to many other people…

Cubby- Ya know Andy, there are a whole lot of “very casual 40′ish” hobbyists out there (including me.. LOL), welcome to the club.

IMO, scale looking vehicles leave a positive and relatable impression when seen by non-hobbyists, where as a typical UFO looking rc race machine simply leaves them with a “WTF” look on their face. I base that opinion on constantly questioning muggles out in the wild when I run into them at rc events. And while some hobbyists may argue “OMG, we don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry in our hobby!”, we are playing with toy cars for goodness sakes, something that should be open to everyone. And…. the more Toms, Dicks, and Harrys we have in our hobby, the more raw cabbage the manufactures have to play with in designing the uber cool stuff that the more hardcore guys like running.

Also… scale isn’t slow, no matter how tightly that bunches up the panties of the hardcore racing crowd. Scale can be just as fast as UFO, and it does it with a whole lot more style. The hardcore racing crowd is really good at two things- 1. resisting change, and 2. complaining (also my specialty.. LOL). They will come around eventually, but sometimes I wonder if they resist change so hard (like they did initially with brushless and Lipo) simply because they are jealous the “bashing” crowd latched onto it first. The bashing crowd jumped all over scale appearing vehicles, and the racing crowd simply can’t stand following the bashing crowd yet again. Just say’n….

That’s it for this weeks ASK Cubby, shoot me your questions/rants/meltdowns to Cubby at Hit the big-time get a free sticker pack, be named “letter of the month” and get a free T. Oh and… making our front page will make you the coolest guy at your local bash spot, just say’n.

YOUR Cub Reporter

Traxxas Models without battery
Notice how much Traxxas prices have went up lately? You can save some cash as Traxxas is now offering many of their Lipo ready models without battery packs. This saves you money and nobody likes paying extra for battery packs they don’t want or need. Traxxas still includes a Lipo battery charger with all the trucks, two chargers on models that use dual battery packs.

New models that come without battery include-

2407X Bandit VXL 1/10 scale electric buggy, street- $315
3607X Stampede VXL 1/10 scale monster truck, street- $330
3707X Rustler VXL 1/10 scale stadium truck, street- $325
3908X E-Maxx Brushless Edition 4WD monster truck, street- $640
5607X Summit 4WD electric monster truck, street- $565
5608X E-Revo Brushless Edition 4WD electric racing monster truck, street- $680
6708X Stampede 4X4 VXL electric monster truck, street- $400
6807X Slash 4X4 Ultimate 1/10 Scale 4WD short-course truck, street- $540
6808X Slash 4X4 1/10 Scale 4WD short course racing truck RTR, street- $390

Expected release date on most models is early June, for more information on all things Traxxas THIS is the link to their official website.

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MIP Race Duty Traxxas CVD
MIP continues to unleash cool new products, their latest is Race Duty Aluminum CVD’s for select Traxxas vehicles.

The Race Duty CVD bones are made out of aluminum, thus saving weight and reducing rotating mass. Less rotating mass yields quicker acceleration and longer run-times, something everyone is looking for. Steel is used for the out-drives and axles for increased durability.

MIP part number #13105 is for the front of the Traxxas Rally and Slash 4×4 while part number #13115 fits the rear. For the Traxxas Stampede or Rustler you’ll want part number #13110. Retail pricing is $60 a pair, for more information THIS is the link to the MIP website.

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RPM Green wide front bumper for traxxas
The crew over at RPM Products are now producing their very popular Traxxas wide front bumper in green. The #81164 has been available for a long time in black and blue, now all you guys that like green will be totally dialed! This bumper bolts right up on the Traxxas 2wd Stampede, Bandit, Rustler, and Nitro Sport.

Retail price is only $7, and they are available right now. Hit up the official RPM Website for all the scoop.

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JConcepts body for Traxxas Ruslter
The Traxxas Rustler is easily one of the most popular trucks in all of the bashing world. The crew over at JConcepts have just announced a new body for the Rustler, a Chevy 1500 Silverado. Their new Chevy 1500 body has a low-profile design, beefy fenders and is a great way to customize your Rustler to make it stand out in a crowd. Some of its features and specs include-

* Illuzion – 2012 Chevy 1500 Silverado – Rustler XL-5 body
* Fits – Traxxas Rustler vehicle line
* Officially licensed by General Motors to JConcepts
* 1:1 Chevy Silverado inspired design
* Original JConcepts race blended styling
* Racing inspired body, cab and window design
* Aggressive headlight and grill treatment
* Extruded front and rear fender flares
* Clear polycarbonate with protective film
* Window masks and detailed Chevy decal sheet
* Part number- #0249

The new JConcepts Chevy 1500 body sports a retail price of $30 and you can get more information on the official JConcepts Website.

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Extreme Basher Chassis for Traxxas from Billet Works Designs
Do you like to go huge with your Traxxas Slash/Stampede/Rustler/Bandit? If so Billet Works Designs has an all new Extreme Basher Chassis Conversion for your rig. This is a short wheel-based and body-less design that is made to take the extreme beatings that you dish out. Some of the other features are-

* G10 lower chassis
* Delrin TVP sides
* New shock towers
* Aluminum bulkhead braces
* New rear link mount
* Inverted and centered servo mount
* 9.5″ wheelbase
* Side wings for installation of electronics

We have not received any pricing or release date information, but HERE is the link to the official Billet Works Designs website.

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STRC has a new Green Anodized Aluminum Front Bumper for the Traxxas Stampede/Rustler/Monster Jam series of vehicles. Cost is around $12 if you are looking to add some protection and bling to your ride.

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Pro-Line Clear Bulldog Body Traxxas Rustler
Pro-Line has always lead the pack in quality and style. Yesterday they announced their new clear Bulldog body for the Traxxas Rustler. If you are looking to make a bold statement while out bashing with your crew, the Bulldog will do it. Some of the features are-

* Gives improved high speed stability
* Tough Bulldog race truck styling
* Made with uber genuine GE Lexan
* Made right here in the USA
* Instantly become the coolest person your friends know

Street price is right around $25, and you can get more information on the Bulldog for Traxxas Rustler right HERE.

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MIP X-Duty CVD for Traxxas Rustler/Stampede
Have you bolted in some massive power to your Traxxas Stampede or Rustler and now find yourself destroying drive shafts? The crew over at MIP have just released a cure for your illness- their new X-Duty CVD Kit with Keyed Axles for the rear of your over powered Traxxas truck. The MIP crew even used a Castle Monster System during development to ensure their new drive shafts can stand up to the most extreme levels of power. Some of the main features are-

* Fits Stampede and Rustler Electric and VXL
* Involute MIP Spline Technology for smoother telescoping action
* Made from High grade Carbon Steel and Hardened to perfection
* New KEYED AXLE features a product design enhancement to the 12mm Hex Adapter
* CNC machined in-house, made right here in the good old USA

Look for a street price of right around $60, and they are available right now. HERE is the link to more information on the official MIP website.

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