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Drift Itch – Is CounterSteer Dead?

Hey gang Evol here again with some more of my musings on the ever evolving animal that is RC Drift. One my my favorite vendors (BlackStar Hobbies) posted up a thought for discussion on FaceBook regarding what could be the demise of Countersteer and that really got me thinking about the future of RC Drift. It’s funny how quickly things [...]



Team Yokomo – YG-301 Gyro for RWD drift cars

Yokomo has finally started to release some products aimed at the RWD drifter. Not a heck of a lot of details but the fact that they acknowledge RWD exists is something right? They mention that you can use it in any of their cars but it is intended to RWD use. It features remote gain, left and right end points [...]


Xpress Xpresso K1

Xpress Xpresso K1

We posted a few days ago that Xpress is making a big comeback. The first car that Xpress is teasing is called the Xpresso K1. What is an Xpresso K1? Well, it is a rear wheel drive tenth scale on-road car that was designed to work with Tamiya WR-02 bodies. It can be run as a normal on-road car, or [...]



Drift Itch – This week in drift

Whats up gang, Evol here with some more tidbits from the world of RC Drift. Max Speed Technology is rolling with the punches. A few days ago they released these renderings of their newest rear wheel drive. This design does’t have a name yet but i’m sure it will be RWFM-$$$ or something of the like. Seriously though there is nothing [...]



Yeah Racing – GC301 drift gyro spotlight

What’s up drifters? Evol here with some more cool kit for your RC drift car. This week I got the new Yeah Racing GC301 drift gyro to help you get your slide on. It’s a funny thing about gyros, some consider them cheating, but on RWD they are considered almost necessity. On the 4WD side of things I used [...]



Drift Itch – RWD drifting – Is it here to stay?

Is RWD drifting here to stay? If the industry is any indication it is. It seems like every RC Drift company either already has one (a rear wheel drive) or is currently working on one. The idea of it is fantastic and watching videos of them in action is very compelling, but in practice it can be very difficult. So [...]



Max Speed Technology – FXXD-S IFS RWD Drift car

FXXD IFS what?? The name is a bit of a jumble, but I can assure the company isn’t. MST has been putting out some top shelf kits in recent years, and they do it at a pace that will make your head spin. The FXXD VIP drift car has been a very popular, but expensive rear wheel drive option from [...]


Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle #58572

Tamiya Volkswagen Beetle M-06 #58572

The Volkswagen Beetle has been one of the most popular cars on the planet for nearly 60 years now. For all you VW fanatics Tamiya has announced a new VW Beetle kit. The Beetle comes on the popular rear wheel drive M-06 chassis and comes as a kit. The part number for the Tamiya M-06 Volkswagen Beetle is #58572, it has [...]