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Cubby with TP199 Truck at TORCI am not, nor never have been, or ever will be, a fan of Facebook. Early in the FB life cycle I looked at it as a very bad looking website with a number of fundamental flaws. The largest of the flaws being the cute little “friend” button. Why was that kid I barely knew in second grade hitting me up to be my “friend” 35 years later? Why was my 6th cousin who I’ve never met wanting to be my friend? Why was the lady from an Asian OEM claiming to be my “friend”? Oh and, I really knew FB was screwed in the head when my 4th grade English teacher (who obviously wasn’t very good at her job, LOL) wanted to be my friend too. I didn’t like her then, I have never talked to her since, and now all of a sudden she wants to friend me? Hey, maybe my definition of “friend” is a whole lot different than the rest of the world, mine means somebody I actually know, someone I actually like, and someone who would actually pour water on me from across the street if I was on fire. Strangely 99% of the people on FB who wanted to be my friend did not fit my definition.

And that was the early days of FB, since then it’s been all about monetization, and that has resulted in a real train wreck on the business side. If you are a casual user, a person who only gets on to see what your Uncle Bob is planting in his garden this spring or to get updates on what Happy Flower RC is up to, things are probably fine, but on the business side of things, it is downright ugly. For instance, BSRC has around 9k people that have liked our FB page, while other rc media outlets have over a hundred thousand, and they add 5k-10k new followers a week. If you didn’t know any better you would just think a page with 150k likes is sooooooo popular, but for those in the know, those are some insanely bulls$%^ numbers. There are some very big rc companies out there, some with some integrity that don’t buy likes, that have 20k total likes and add 50 new ones a month.

FB, which has constantly shoved down everyone’s throats that they were all about fighting bulls%^& likes/numbers via press releases, has turned out to be all about bogus people, bogus likes, and bogus numbers. Luckily that has turned out good for us at BSRC. When a potential advertiser comes to us, it is ridiculously easy for us to pull up FB numbers and show them how Company X just added 5k new likes this week (All based out of India, have you been to India? I have and I can assure you rc is the last thing on their minds there.), while BSRC added 5 actual human beings that might actually be interested in driving a real rc car. The potential advertiser sees that Company X is just fine and dandy with buying fake FB numbers, so how can Company X be trusted at all? Potential advertisers are not stupid and they only want to invest their precious marketing dollars with companies they trust, Company X buying 5k FB likes a week is an easy way to blow that, which turns out awesome for us.

On the downside… for companies unwilling to cut the check for bulls%^& numbers (like us), there is a penalty to be paid. FB seems to want advertising dollars above all else, so the powers that be have limited the number of people that see our posts since we stopped paying for advertising. For example, only about 2% of the real human beings that have liked the BSRC FB page see our posts in their feeds (we stopped advertising there because we started seeing fake likes). For the average hobbyist that has willingly liked our page, they would need to actually visit the BSRC FB page to see our posts because it is highly unlikely that any of our posts will appear in their feeds. Of course there is a way to change that, just throw some big dollars to the folks at FB, but unfortunately that would also create an avalanche of fake new likes, something we do not want. “Sigh”

So where am I going here? We are going to do some changes to what we do on FB. We are not going to be bullied into playing their game, all we want is a fair shake, one where real human beings that like both FB and BigSquidRC can get together, without any robots from India having to join in the game. We’ll let you know what’s up in the coming weeks here on our main page and via our various social media outlets. Personally, while I am not a big fan of Google, I have long ago killed off my FB account and have been G+ ever since, where none of the BS exists at all, (and we have a killer page over there) but that’s just me…

In “real” rc news…

You are not gonna believe this, but the HPI Savage Octane is nearly here. I’ve held back talking about it for a while because after a few years of teasing it gets really old, but I have it on some pretty reliable sources that yes, it is indeed going to be in consumers hands the first week of May. After all this wait we finally get to find out if good old fashioned gasoline is going to change the rc market for years to come. If the Octane can do all that it promises- longer runtimes, less engine tuning, and easy starting, our industry is in for a T-Maxx type of revolution. For those of you that got into rc recently, the nitro powered T-Maxx turned the rc world upside down, it made nitro engines incredibly popular when electric had ruled the roost for years. Anyways, if you want to get your hands on one, it sounds like the initial release is going to be limited, as in most hobby shops will only get one or two. So… if you want to be one of the first people to own one, your name had better be first on the list at your LHS.

The latest word that I’ve heard about the gas powered Losi XXL is that it is scheduled for a late May release. First to the market is always a big deal and can make or break a product, but who knows, I know it’s a nuclear arms race for several companies to get their gas powered products to the marketplace. Will it end up being HPI or Losi first to dealer shelves with a gas powered MT???? Time will tell, but needless to say the next 6 months is going to be very interesting in the world of rc, and the world as we know it might look much different this time next year.

In BSRC news…

Expect our Durango DETC410 touring car review to drop later this week, as well as coverage from the STL round of the Axial G6, along with multiple other original pieces that you won’t find anyplace else. Thanks to you guys, life is very good at BSRC, we are hardcoring the rc life and hope you know that we appreciate everyone who supports us.

Until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can…

YOUR Cub Reporter

HPI Garage Banner…There we go…Now that I have your undivided attention…

Yes you did read right! Our friends over at HPI Racing have opened a new sub-site called the HPI Garage. This site is built to help you keep track of the HPI cars you own as well as being a repository of information regarding parts, hop ups, and forum links related to your HPI vehicles.

By joining the Garage and signing up for a MyHPI account, you also get entered into quarterly contests automatically. Which brings me back to the Savage XL Octane. Anyone who signs up for an account by March 31st will be entered into this quarter’s drawing, the very first XL Octane off the line!! Don’t worry if you have no HPI vehicles, you can still sign up for an account too!

Still don’t believe me? Check out all the details of MyHPI and the contest via THIS LINK.

For more HPI news on BigSquidRC, click here.


Finally some video of the HPI Savage XL Octane! The world has been holding it’s breath for the release. Check it out…

Glad to finally get a chance to see it in action.

For more info from HPI hit This Link.

Click Here for more HPI news on BigSquidRC.

HPI Racing 1/8 Savage XL Octane Monster TruckOur mouths have been watering since we first saw the HPI Racing Savage XL Octane early in 2012 at the German Toy Fair. We’ve been teased on release dates ever since then, but this time it looks like it will indeed be available for public consumption. Tower Hobbies has listed the Octane on their website for pre-order, and Great Planes Distributing has it listed for pre-order for dealers. The part number is #109073, its price is listed at $799 on the Tower Hobbies website, and the rumor this time around is it will start hitting LHS shelves in March

While there is very limited information available at this time, here are some of the rumored features-

* 15cc gas engine
* Composite three disc brake system
* Composite roll cage
* Fully RTR with 2.4Ghz radio gear
* 2 stage shocks
* New alloy chassis
* Two stage air filter
* Slipper clutch and machined steel spur gear
* 17mm wheel hexes
* Extra large gas tank

HPI doesn’t have a product page for the Octane yet, but you can Click Here to see all the other fine products they produce. For more HPI news here on BigSquidRC check out This Link.

HPI Octane Savage
While HPI America has gone through some changes the last few months, they had a nice suite at the HobbyTown USA convention with lots of cool products. HPI looked alive and well at the show and we had a blast hanging out in their suite.

The biggest news was that the Octane Savage is getting closer. From getting a close inspection some of the parts were still rapid prototypes, but it looks like they have got everything figured out and are looking for a fall release date. The price point still hasn’t been set.

HPI also announced two new additions to their Micro RS4 line-up during the show, one being the new Ken Block edition with the other being a Justin Pawlak Ford.

Special thanks to the HPI crew for joining us live on our Wednesday night Google Plus show, get more information on everything HPI by simply Clicking This Link.

Want to read more HPI news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

HPI Booth Octane Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013
HPI Racing had a strong show at Nuremberg 2013. They showed lots of new product including the TC10 & TC12, a new Micro RS4, updated Baja 5th scales, and their Octane gas powered Savage. Check out the pictures in the gallery below to take a closer look at the HPI booth.

To get more information on all of HPI’s fine products HERE is the link to their official website. To view all our Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013 show coverage hit up THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

Cubby with Booth BabesHappy Monday rc’ers of the world, the Holiday Season is nearly here, a time for giving, a time for fine food, a time for family, and even more importantly, a time for a few days off with the chance of pulling some trigger.

First up- yes, we’ll be putting on another BigSquidRC Live show this Wednesday night at 9pm CST. This week we have a hook- one lucky viewer will be joining us LIVE in our Google + Hangout. What does that mean? It means that You, yes YOU, have a chance of not only joining us live on our broadcast, but to receive a pretty nice “surprise” for being there. For you to be eligible you have to already have a Google + account and have a working web-cam and microphone. On Wednesday night you will need to put up a comment in our Hangout thread on the front page of BigSquidRC, then we will be select one of the eligible people to join us live via their webcam in our Google + Hangout. If you get selected you will be hanging out with us to bench race, comment on what’s going on, and to get your “surprise” (it’s a good thing I promise). It should be a wild ride, one that should make for some interesting viewing to everyone watching.

Next up- we will be announcing the official BigSquidRC “Bash Vehicle of the Year” on December 31st at noon CST. All year long we talk about each vehicle as we review it sizing up if it has what it takes to be declared the big kahuna. Each staffer sort of lobby’s for their favorite, listing all the “pros and cons”, then we finally come to an agreement on a single winner (read- a whole lot or arguing between us). The primary two criteria are- the vehicle has to be extremely tough and it has to represent a great value. Last year the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 was named “2011 Bash Vehicle of the Year“, but even we don’t know who is going to win this year. I can assure you guys there will be hours upon hours of “friendly debate” about this in our office right up till noon on December 31st.

Also big news- an extra special thanks to YOU. You helped us crush all previous traffic records for BigSquidRC last week. We’ve had plenty of “big” weeks before, and maybe even we thought we didn’t have much more traffic to gain, but you guys showed us wrong. Thank you so very much for supporting our website. The epic numbers do nothing but deepen our desire to work harder and make BigSquidRC even better.

In product news… the re-announcement of the HPI gasoline powered vehicles were easily the news of the week. HPI first announced the radical departure from nitro to gas nearly a year ago at the Toy Fair in Germany, calling their new engines “Xtreme” at the time, but now they’ve renamed them “Octane“. No doubt the word “extreme” was thoroughly worn out in the early 90′s, Octane has a much better ring to it. Anywhos… I’ve railed on HPI several times this year calling them out on blowing way past their rumored release date, and well, they once again teased they are on the way.

The rc hobby goes in cycles, for several years nitro will dominate, then electric has its turn at the top. If the HPI gas engines really do what they claim they will, we’ll be looking straight at a period of “fuel” dominance once again. Electric power has been quite prominent since roughly 2006. Shops that once made a living selling nitro fuel, glow plugs and clutch-bell bearings now make a living selling Lipo batteries, brushless systems and battery chargers. But… the new “Octane” series HPI trucks might very well change all that.

If you are an rc’er that has gotten into the hobby recently, the age I like to refer to as the “mass marketing cross-over” age, you are used to hitting a local bash spot and seeing 10 electric trucks running and one guy trying to get his nitro started. As short as not quite a decade ago it was completely the opposite, you’d have 10 guys attempting to get their nitro’s started and one guy with an Associated T3 pulling some trigger for 7 minutes till his battery died.

Ya, I give HPI a hard time about their massive delays in their gas engine program, but… it’s only because myself, the other staffers here, and pretty much every hobbyist on the planet is dying to try one out.

That’s it for this week folks, see you Wednesday night at 9pm CST and be sure to support your local hobby shops and bash spots!

YOUR Cub Reporter

hpi savage xl octane gas powered monster truck
Remember the gas powered engines that HPI first showed at Toy Show in Germany earlier this year? It looks like they are about to come to fruition with the new Savage XL Octane monster truck. The new Octane Savage features a 15cc gas engine for more torque and longer runtimes. Some of the other features include-

* All-new 15CC gasoline powered “Octane” engine.
* All-new ducted fan design keeps the engine cooler and more efficient.
* All-new tuned pipe matches perfect to the “Octane” engine for increased torque and overall power.
* All-new composite, triple-disc brake system.
* All-new XL truck body with scale detail and thick polycarbonate for increased toughness.
* All-new extra-strength composite roll cage increases durability.
* All-new extra large fuel tank increases the already amazing runtime.
* All-new designed alloy TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis.
* Full-time shaft drive 4WD system for maximum grip, power and acceleration.
* Proven 2-stage, oversized, oil-filled shocks.
* Sealed all-metal differentials with bulletproof bevel gears help tame the massive torque.
* 2.4GHz radio technology.
* Tough dual-stage air filter.
* Heavy-duty cam-type servo saver steering system.
* All-terrain tires w/ standardized Savage 17mm Hex Hubs.
* Proven Savage XL 3 Speed transmission.
* Proven Savage XL suspension uprights.
* Machined Steel Spur Gear.
* High Torque Metal Gear Steering Servo.
* Rechargeable receiver pack and charger
* Extra tough slipper clutch for drive-train security

We’ve received no word on a part #, price, or a release date, but here is the link to the official HPI Website to check out some of their other fine products.

Looking for more HPI news? Check it out HERE.