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Pro-Line 1966 Ford F-100 Clear Body
The good folks over at Pro-Line have released full information on their two new fully licensed 1966 Ford F-100 “Hay Hauler” bodies. These have that trick old school look and are very detailed to give your truck a unique look the next time you hit the local bash spot. Check out the step-sides and fender flares, the ’66 F-100 will make your truck stand out in a crowd.

The part number for the Traxxas Stampede version is #3412-00 and it has a street price of $25. Pro-Line has another version for the Traxxas T/E-Maxx, Revo, and HPI Savage, it has a part number of #3415-00 and a street price of $33. Simply hit up This Link for more information.

This just might be the strangest TGIF BigSquidRC Mystery Link EVER, dare you click it?


The Bigsquid bash was awesome! You should advertise it more. It was great meeting all you, including the infamous Cubby. He actually let the little kid win, and good reason, he could actually drive! I got a chance to talk with Cubby and he really knows his shit. I have been into the hobby for a while and discussing the release of the RC10 with him, he was dead on about what he wrote about it. Yes, it’s sort of cool, but it I bet it wouldn’t pass any of the BigSquidRC “normal test flogging”. The events were well planned and with little time in between them, the hours flew by, I drove down there with my finance, and the only reason she agreed to go was because there was a mall across the street! She even walked across the street to meet me because I told her this was so cool, I didn’t have time to pick her up. If you ever want to do a vintage bash a thon, i would be in!

Keep up the good work!


Cubby- Yo to the yo Steve, glad you had fun at the bash, and nice meeting you as well. However, you really understate just how cool I am in person. :)

Bashes have seemed to explode this summer. We’ve covered a number of them here on our site, but we’ve also missed many of them due to schedule conflicts. Bashes are super easy to put on and are not only good fun for the competitors, but also great promotion for the hobby (not to mention the nearest LHS gets to sell lots of parts afterwards!). If anyone out there has been thinking about putting on a bash, here is essentially what is required-

1. Get a venue. Ask around and get permission from a local park, hobby shop, or private land owner.
2. Come up with some events. These are up to you, your imagination is the only limitation.
3. Make up an event flyer. Put these up at your LHS, local super market, gas stations, etc.
4. Post your flyer on-line.
5. Invite BigSquidRC, we’ll cover your event and bring goodies with us. :)

I read some of your reviews and I’m in 2 mind sets, which one would you take, not worrying about costs: HPI Savage Flux HP or the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3?
I don’t do racing and all that, just bashing around, playing on all types of terrain.
Thanks for your help, Kind regards

Cubby- Hey now Werner, thanks for taking the time to shoot us an email.

Monster trucks are still “kings of the bash spot”. They aren’t some fad that comes and goes, they’ve been popular since they first became available, and are still popular today. Those great big tires and extra ground clearance make them the weapon of choice for serious bashing.

With that said, there is a war at the top of the heap between the Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3, Traxxas E-Revo, Associated Rival MT, HPI Savage Flux, and Thunder Tiger eMTA. We’ve been working on getting this shootout going, it’s really the best/only way to see which one truly is the best. You can test one car at a time and think they are all pretty good, it’s only when you get them all together at the same time that you can really tell the differences.

Until then…. based on too many hours behind the wheel of both, I’d recommend you go with the Thunder Tiger MT4-G3. The reasons are quite simple- it handles well, comes with good power, and rarely breaks, everything that a basher is looking for.
The Savage is also good, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you bought one, but personally I grab the TT before the HPI. Plus, the TT is about $50 cheaper than the HPI and over $100 cheaper than the Traxxas.

Get the TT, go huge, send pics.

That’s it ya freaks, shoot me your questions, comments, and epic meltdowns to Cubby at If your letter hits the front page you get a free sticker pack, if your win letter of the month you’ll get a free t-shirt personally autographed by me (read- Brian will scribble something on it that looks like my name).
YOUR Cub Reporter


Hi my name is Robert I have been trying to get people to come to Columbus Indiana at Mill Race Park. I wonder if I can have BigSquidRC come here? Me and all of my good dudys have some RC stuff that we would love to share with you all but I have no luck getting anyone to come to Columbus,IN. (PLEASE and thank you)

Cubby- Hey now Robert, thanks for the email. Perhaps by me posting your email it will alert some of the bashers in your area to check out the park where you bash at. Hey, I’m doing my part to help spread the basher love.
There certainly are a LOT of bashers out there now days thanks to all the mainstream cross marketing, but they have problems getting in contact with other to meet up and bash. We’ve been working on that problem a couple of different ways here at BigSquidRC. The first way is to make it a focus of ours to post information about, and if at all possible, provide event coverage of as many bashes as we can. The second and better way to get bashers together is still in the works, we should be posting more information about that in the next couple of weeks. Ya, it’s something cool and slick, excuse me while I crack the whip on Jeff to get back to work on it.
Btw Robert, if you can get permission from your local park to hold an “organized” bash (if there is such a thing), shoot us an email and I’ll grab a couple of the staffers and head your way to break some parts together.

Heeeey Cubby!
I reckon you’re the one to ask so I can get back to some ultimate bashing. I recently converted my CEN Genesis to brushless and with my 6S setup, it keeps eating the center diff outdrive cups. Not to bash CEN for bad parts, they did make the kit for a 4S setup – do you know of any other massive drive cups I can replace the standard ones with that can deal with 6S? I have used both of CENs cups, the newer Matrix ones and also the older hex style cups – both break/snap/do-a-back-flip where the spline goes through.
Cheers from Mark from Denmark

Cubby- Ya know Mark, I haven’t been to Denmark is just over 2 years, I wish I had a fish smørrebrød in my hands right now. So you’ve got a huge CEN Genesis monster truck with crazy power in it, and you keep blowing the center out-drives to smithereens. Imagine that.
On one hand that means you are going huge and taking no prisoners, which I can certainly applaud. On the other hand, you’ve got a truck designed for “X” amount of power and you are trying to put “4X” through it. Now there might be some uber CEN guru’s out there that can guide you to the right out-drives that can live at insane power levels. I’ve never personally owned a Genesis, so I absolutely can’t give you any suggestions on higher quality replacement parts.
However, what I will recommend is ditching that platform all together. I’ve never been a fan of CEN, from the few that I’ve been around I’ve found them poorly engineered and built from less than desirable materials. IMO they are slightly above the “joke” level in quality, and I mean just slightly.

If I were in your shoes, that CEN would be hitting Craigslist faster than a stolen laptop and I’d be using the cash to buy an HPI Savage MT. The Savage starts out with a solid drive-train and there is decent after-market support to make it even tougher. Go huge, apologize later my friend.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, send me an email at Cubby at If your email makes the big-time you’ll get a free sticker pack and if I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” we’ll hook you up with a BSRC t-shirt.
YOUR Cub Reporter


Hi I have an hip e savage and I want to convert it to brush less and I was wondering if the radient reaktor 3500 kV combo would work?

Ryan G.

Cubby- Yo to the yo Ryan G, thanks for the email and shoot Brian your snail mail so we can hook ya up with a BigSquidRC sticker pack.

So you have a Savage that’s so cool it’s hip? I kid, I kid, you have an electric HPI Savage and you want to know if the Radient Reaktor brushless system we reviewed a few weeks ago will power the beast.

The answer is Yes, but… not for very long. No, I have not tried the Radient in a Savage first hand, but I’m fairly confident from years of experience that it just won’t work. The Radient Reaktor system was not designed to power a vehicle as heavy, or with as much rotating mass, as an HPI Savage. To reliably power the Savage day in and day out it will take a larger motor and a speedo capable of handling such high power demands.

So… I won’t leave ya hang’n bro, I’ll give ya an affordable alternative that should work. We reviewed an 8th scale Kershaw system a long time ago, it was one of their “Gen 2″ 8th scale power systems and it worked well for us. Kershaw doesn’t sell the “Gen 2″ system anymore, however they have “Gen 3″ 8th scale systems starting around $150. You might want to hit’em up with an email and say you are looking for crazy power for your Savage on the cheap. Oh ya, tell’em Cubby said “What’s up”.

Here are a few links you may want to check out:
Our Radient Reaktor 3500 Review

Our Kershaw Designs Review

A link to Kershaw’s Gen2 System

What do you think about those car action reader choice awards? Are they fake or what? It seems like every year they end up with some bullsh&* winners that nobody would ever vote for.

Benji K.
Utica New York

Cubby- What’s up Benji? Do you always ask such loaded questions? Haha, good for you for not holding anything back.

I won’t hold back either. I have zero, absolutely no “first hand” information that there is anything bogus about the RCCA awards. I don’t know how the voting works, or what categories there are, I basically know nothing about them, let alone about anything fishy going on.. About the only thing I know about them is they named a motorcycle as “car of the year” a few years ago. We still laugh about that one around the office.

However… there have been rumors floating around for years within the industry. Maybe they were started after a touch of jealously by a company that lost, or maybe they were just started by someone look’n to stir the pot, I have no idea.

I will say two things here-

1. I have no idea why you even care about who-wins-what in the dinosaur media. You really should move into the internet age. If you took the time to write me an email then obviously you know where the internet is, use it.

2. We do see surprise winners every year during our March Bashness tournament. For example, some very heavy hitter Traxxas vehicles have bit the dust early when every single person in the office expected them to make the final 4. Upsets do happen, and products that you or I think are extremely popular might not actually be.

With all that said, our own March Bashness tournament is now underway, and I can give you 100000% certainty that it’s legit in every way. Click the vote buttons and show the world which vehicles you think are the best.

Click HERE to go VOTE NOW!

That’s it for this week gang, hit me up with your questions, answers, psychopathic rants, and whatever else you have stewing in that mind of yours to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. If your questions hits the big time you get free stickers, and if you are extra special and I proclaim yours as “letter of the month” you’ll get a free t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter


Hey Cubby
So the question I have is, why can I run a LIPO on a car for 20-30 minutes but a plane only get 5-7 minutes? What is causing this large runtime difference?

Cubby- Yo what’s up Sean? Don’t forget to send us your snail mail to get some free stickers to plaster your rig with.

Perhaps a more relevant question for readers of BigSquidRC might be- why do some people only get 5 minutes of runtime when another guy with the exact same truck and battery can get 20? We all hate going bashing and being the guy whos truck dies first.

Let’s say “Iron Mike” and “Wrench” Bill both have identical Castle powered Traxxas Slash’s and use the exact same 2S 5200 mah Lipo battery. Iron Mike might only get 8 minutes of runtime while Bill gets nearly 20- there are a lot of factors at work here.

Iron Mike drives WFO all the time. The only time he lets off the gas is when his finger finally tires out, he might as well zip tie his trigger wide open. Iron Mike also likes to gear his truck for 189 mph, thus pulling more current through the power system, and chances are his Slash is covered with mud making it heavier and creating more drag in the drive-train.

Bill drives pretty normally, he lets off before corners, rolls on the throttle out of corners instead of just pounding it, etc. Bill tends to gear his trucks for a reasonable top speed, not for the salt flats like Iron Mike does. Bill also tends to take good care of his trucks, meaning there is no unwanted binding anywhere, thus wasting less energy from the battery.

The way a vehicle is geared has a huge effect on its runtime, as does driving style, as does how free its drive-train is.

In your case Sean, you are comparing apples and oranges. Your airplane may have a much different BL power system in it than your truck, thus yielding a drastic difference in runtime, or you might be running a comparatively larger capacity pack in the truck compared to the plane. Generally, the biggest difference is airplanes consume energy in a more continuous manner, where surface vehicles briefly pull power in spikes. In an airplane you might slowly go from 70-90% throttle during most of your flight, while an rc truck is quickly (and constantly) blipping from zero to 100%. But, given a few changes, it would be easy enough to switch those runtime figures of yours. You could mount a smaller prop on your plane, shave some weight, and install a pack containing more energy to boost its runtime. You could then gear the truck to death and throw some huge/heavy tires on it (or install a very small capacity battery) and get its runtime down to 5-7 minutes (or even much less).

To boil it down- runtime is easily changed for the better or the worse, regardless if its an airplane or a surface vehicle.

I have been in the RC hobby/Addiction since I was 13, that was 1995 and I have to say it has been a fun ride. Starting with a Losi JR t and owning something from almost every brand and style since then has been a great time. I have taken my breaks as most of us do, but never really left the hobby. My most recent come back was about 2 years ago, brushless had me interested so I started to bash a bit, and wanted to race but just couldn’t get the jump start I needed. Then I went to The Bobby Co. RC track and hobby shop in north central Illinois and it was the boost I needed. All the employees and fellow drivers were great. They asked what I had, showed me what they were racing, lent me tools, knowledge and sometimes even a part or two. It is the pinnacle of RC club racing. These guys do it for the fun, for the competition, and more recently because one of the “Race Teams” female member has been making and selling the best nachos we have had in a long time.

To sum it all up I travel for work, Seattle Wa, Dallas Tx, Fontana Ca, Pulaski Va, and Reno NV. The best part about the traveling is by far being able to find a club, or shop where great people are working and racing. Everyplace I go an attempt is made to find a track or club and drop in to watch, same story every time people are great, and I have even been “loaned” a car or truck to make some laps with.

So sites like this, and people who race are what keeps me coming back.

Donnie S.

Cubby- Hey what’s up Donnie, thanks for taking the time to write in, shoot Brian your snail mail so we can hook ya up with an uber sticker pack.

I also do a lot of traveling, not only for BigSquidRC, but for other work, and I agree with ya, there are some incredible people in the hobby. For every low-life-scumbag-cursing-transmitter-thrower there are about a dozen good guys willing to bend completely over backwards to help someone out. Like yourself I’ve been all over the country and walked into places where I’ve been blown away with hospitality, and not because I’m with BSRC because they didn’t recognize me, it’s the fact that they were hospitable to every person walking through their door.

Have fun, go fast, and thanks for reading BigSquidRC Donnie.
Thank you Big Squid and the RC world.

This next one is a bit long.. so keep reading for the whole story…

hang on2 ur handlbar musstash & 20 (fixed it for ya xerxes- Cubby) empty bottls of dom uv acumulated inda past 5yrs, xerxes da gawdking aka presidant of J.H.H.A. has arrivd wif a response 2 ur ask cuby report colum thnig. aktualy, a repsonse 2 ur last weeks ask colum question regardin 1 of many savage flux hp design flaws.


Kershaw Savage Mount
Kershaw Designs now has an updated version of their popular universal HPI Savage motor mount. For you guys that are converting your nitro Savages to electric this updated motor mount makes the switch a breeze. The updates to the Kershaw universal mount include a stiffer lower plate and more reinforcements for better pinion/spur mesh. Street price is only $25, and they are available right now. THIS is the link you want for more information.

Have you read the BigSquidRC Kershaw brushless system review? Check it out right HERE.

Looks like HPI have been busy!


Keep your work area tidy with a cool little parts tray with a nice moulded HPI Racing logo, available as this small size (15cmx10cm) for parts,  and a large size (75cmx50cm) for working on your cars.





Put that parts tray to good use and get rid of those E-clips on your Savage XS with these new e-clip free threaded hinge pins.




If a Savage XS isn’t your thing, check out this cool new Jeep Wrangler shell to suit the Savage XL. It comes with realistic looking decals and the neccessary window masks, and is fully licenced by Chrysler too!




Head over to the HPI Racing website for details!

HPI Racing recently announced a couple of sweet looking shells for the Savage XS. Both the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Chevtrolet El-Camino SS bodies come with decals and masks, and are made from durable 0.030″ polycarbonate.

HPI Savage XS El-Camino SS BodyHPI Savage XS Jeep Rubicon Body








More info is available on the HPI website here and here.

Savage X 4.6

So lets say your tired of all the ‘electric this, and lipo that’ and you want to get back to your basher roots. You want something loud, something big, and something that can take a beating. While it might seem like it, the whole world has not gone electric yet. HPI Racing wants you to reconsider making the electric jump and do some nitro bashing with their Savage X 4.6 RTR Monster Truck. We got our hand on one, lets see how stacks up…


Savage X 4.6
We just got the new HPI RTR Savage X 4.6, and of course we had to do an unboxing before we go beat up on it! Glad to see the 2.4Ghz radio as well as a ton of batteries for the radio, receiver and starter! We are looking forward to some nitro monster truck action! Enjoy the pics!

Hit the HPI Racing website for more info.

Another announcement from the HPI camp at the big German toy fair is an update to the Savage X 4.6.  Quite a bit has been changed in this new version, it now comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system, waterproof servos, a new body style with all new graphics, and most importantly more durable diff gears with a larger tooth pitch.  Also a few previously aftermarket hop-up parts are now included as standard.

This update should be hitting shelves in April of this year.

Follow our other Nuremberg Toy Fair coverage at that link.

Another one of our exlusive scoops has come true. The new HPI Racing Flux Conversion Kit for a Nitro Savage. This kit comes with everything you need except the electronics (esc and motor) to convert your Nitro Savage to a Electric Flux version! Metal gears, heavy duty diffs, steel spur gear, twin battery boxes, chassis and more! So if your looking to do some serious back flipping, you may want to start saving your $!

We LOVE our Savage Flux, and beat the heck out of the thing on a weekly basis! You can read our Savage Flux Review here.

Check out the HPI web site for more info.

Kershaw Designs‘ got some more stuff for you to peep at today. A lot of it is for you HPI Savage and Savage Flux fans.

First up is KD’s redesigned Velcro battery trays. They’ve been revised to accept battery packs up to 51mm wide now and they’ve been made tougher too. You can get them in a flush mount version or a version made specifically for all the Savages, including the Flux. These fancy ones will run you $29.99. Kershaw’s also got a new simple Velcro tray that is available for only $7.99.

In bigger news KD is also bringing the Savage 5T conversion chassis to the Flux. It’s a simple chassis plate swap that will let you mount a HPI Baja 5T body on your Savage Flux, effectively giving you a brushless electric 5T. The chassis is made of 3.2mm aluminum and it will stretch your Fluxes wheelbase out to 22.1″. The conversion also includes extra long center dog bones so that your motor can actually drive the wheels. Otherwise it’d be kind of useless. Look for the Savage 5T conversion chassis in a few weeks and expect to pay $149.99.

Lastly the KD boys have a revised version of their Savage Direct Drive brushless gearbox for all those Savage nitro to brushless convserions out there. There’s a whole lot of minor updates in this new unit, including longer motor mount slots that allow you to use a larger range of pinion gears, toughened up black spacers, stronger gears, and it’s been given a cosmetic makeover as well providing cleaner lines. Version 2 will be out in about three weeks and you’ll need $99.99 in your bank account to complete the transaction.

Hit up Kershaw Designs’ web site for all this and more.