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Associated Limited Edition SC104x4 RTR with Monster Energy Body
Associated is now offering a Limited Edition SC10 4×4 RTR all dressed up in Kyle LuDuc’s Monster Energy livery. With its 4wd, brushless power, and 2.4 GHz radio system, it should be more than ready for your off-road adventures. Some of its features and specifications include-

* Water-resistant
* 3500kv Reedy brushless motor
* 5mm heavy duty belt system
* Deans Ultra battery connector
* Fluid filled diffs
* Slipper clutch
* 12mm wheel hex’s
* 13mm blue anodized shocks
* Composite chassis

The part number for the Monster Energy SC10 4×4 RTR is #90008, street pricing should be right around $419, and you should expect to see them hitting your local hobby shops in late August. Click THIS LINK for more information over on the Team Associated website.

Want more Associated news? Check out THIS LINK right here on BigSquidRC.

Duratrax Pre-mounts for Losi and Associated SCT 4x4's
Duratrax has just released their popular line-up of short course tires pre-mounted on Duratrax wheels specifically for the Losi Ten SCT/SCTE and the Associated SC10 4×4. Using pre-mounts makes it exceptionally easy to bolt on a new set of tires to your Losi or Associated 4wd short course truck. The pre-mounts are available in C2 or C3 compounds and come on black wheels. The Duratrax wheels are also available in white and yellow. Street price for just the wheels are $8 a pair, while street pricing for the pre-mounts are $25 a pair. Expect a release date of mid-September.

Duratrax Pre-mounted Combo’s-

DTXC3674 Lockup SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3675 Lockup SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3682 Lineup SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3683 Lineup SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3690 Shotgun SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3691 Shotgun SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3698 Posse SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3699 Posse SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3702 Bandito SC C2 MNTD SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3703 Bandito SC C2 MNTD SCTE 4×4 (2)

Duratrax Wheels Only-

DTXC3832 SC Wheel White SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3833 SC Wheel Yellow SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3834 SC Wheel Black SC10 4×4 (2)
DTXC3835 SC Wheel White SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3836 SC Wheel Yellow SCTE 4×4 (2)
DTXC3837 SC Wheel Black SCTE 4×4 (2)

Looking for more Duratrax news here on BigSquidRC? HERE is the link you want.

rpm sc10 skid plate

New from RPM is the SC10 4×4 Rear Skid Plate. The new RPM design actually sits below the chassis, unlike the stock plate, giving a little more protection. It’s also a little wider, giving more protection all around. To make it even more enticing, RPM has removed the upper screw mounting hole, so there is only one screw to remove to change out the skid plate. Price of the new plate is about $8

Check out the RPM website for more info.

Apparently some people have spoken and JConcepts has heard these “people” loud and clear.  Due to “numerous requests” they are now offering up a number of their popular tires premounted on the Hazard +3mm offset wheel.  You’ll find the Goose Bumps, Subcultures, Double Dees, Bar Codes and Pressure Points, all in green compound, mounted on black Hazard +3mm wheels.  These premounts are a direct fit for the Associated SC10 RS and SC10 4×4.  They’ll also fit other kits such as the XXX-SCT, XXX-SCB and SC10 FT with optional 12mm hex adapters.

Some of these are available now, others will be soon at a cost of about $30 per pair.  Check out the JConcepts website for more info.

JConcepts has a few new releases today.  This one is for the fans of the ol’ bow-tie, it’s a short course version of the new 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500.  The body is made to fit all of the following trucks: Slash, Slash 4×4, SC10, SC10 4×4, XXX-SCT and TEN-SCTE.  It’s one of JConcepts’ Hi-Flow bodies, so it has a ton of little vents that can be cut or reamed out to reduce the parachute effect that is so prevalent on SCTs.  You’ll also find the requisite decals, window masks and other stuff associated with new bodies.

The 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 is available now with a MSRP of $42.00.  Check out the JConcepts website for more info.  And click past the break for what could possibly be the longest video about a RC car body ever produced.



Have a SC10 4×4? Have a messy chassis? JConcepts may have a solution to your problems. An answer to your prayers. Some meat for your potatoes. Or any other cliche you can think of. Their new over-tray for the afformentioned SC10 4×4 is made out of some crystal clear polycarbonate so its durable and ready for custom paint. It fits snugly over the 4×4′s chassis while still providing plenty of room for electronics. It also includes louvers which can be cut out for increased airflow to keep you stuff from baking.

JConcepts’ over-tray for the SC10 4×4 is available now for the low, low, INSANELY LOW price of only $17.00. Check out the JConcepts website for more info.

After showing us a prototype in October, Exotek Racing have released the production version of their Alloy LCG Chassis for the Associated SC10 4X4. It’s intended to improve the handling of the truck by lowering the CG and adding a bit of mass. You can fit standard sized Li-Po’s but a Carbon Fibre saddle pack mount is currently in development, and as promised it’s anodized in gun metal and etched with exotec logos.

Team Exotek SC10 4X4 Alloy LCG ChassisTeam Exotek SC10 4X4 Alloy LCG Chassis







Head over to the Exotek Racing website for details.


Exotek have posted a few pictures of a prototype work of art LCG chassis for the Associated SC10 4×4. The chassis adds 5oz to the overall weight of the truck, but this weight is low down to impove handling and grip. The pictures shown are only of a prototype but the final product, ETA 7th November, will have a hard anodized gun metal finish and will set you back around $110.

Exotek SC10 4x4 LCG chassisExotek SC10 4x4 LCG chassis







Keep an eye on the Exotek Website for the release!

RPM promised us some new rear a-arms for the SC10 4×4 last week, and they have indeed delivered. Available in black, the a-arms have been beefed up in all the right areas, yet will cut 5 grams of weight from your vehicle. Of course, they are also backed by RPM’s lifetime warranty! They should be available at the end of September for just $11.

Make sure you head over to RPM and check ‘em out! Make sure you tell them Big Squid sent ya!

It looks like Team Associated has just made their new SC10 4×4 a RTR! The SC10 4×4 RTR will come in three different paint schemes (Pro Comp, Lucas Oil, Rockstar Makita) and pack some serious power under the hood. The Reedy 550SL 3500kv brushless motor and new water-resistant XP SC700 speed controller should make this thing haul. The vehicle will also come with the XP3-SS 2.4GHz radio system. Of course the truck comes with the standard SC104 4×4 features like the removable ESC tray, 13mm big bore aluminum shocks, center slipper clutch, and that funky dual gearbox drivetrain with a 5mm belt system. Just add a NiHM or 2S Lipo with a Deans Ultra connector and you’re ready to rock. Hmm… This looks like the perfect final entry in the Big Squid RC 4×4 Short Course Shootout :)

For all the info, be sure to check out Team Associated’s website.

Spare parts are a good thing for a pit box. If you’re rocking a Team Associated SC10 4×4, you may want to pick up a set or two of these new plastic swaybar parts. They work on both the front and rear swaybars and come in extra handy when you break a part or simply wear it out. The set includes three sets of caps and four swaybar links. They should be avaliable anytime for the low, low price of $6.99.

Make sure you head over to Team Associated for more details!

Team Associated has some new aluminum wheel hexes for their SC10 4×4. These are pretty awesome, as the hex adaptors and drive pins are secured with an M3 set screw! I wish some other companies got on board with this. I know some have, but others haven’t. They are a cool blue color, and should add some durability to your SC10 4×4. Best of all, they will come in around 15 bucks and are avaliable right now.

Check out Team Associated for more info!

After much hype, we’re finally getting our first look at the Team Associated SC10 4×4.  So will it live up to it?  The SC10 4×4 features a very unique belt drive system with dual gearboxes.  The belt rides in a sealed system, well above the chassis, with the batteries and electronics tucked underneath in a very different configuration for not just the class, but for R/C cars as a whole.  The gearboxes feature sealed, oil filled diffs; CV drive shafts are used to drive 12mm hexes to turn the wheels.  A full set of ball bearings are included to support this unique drive train.  The SC10 4×4 will come unassembled and will require all electronics and batteries to complete it.

Words really aren’t appropriate for this, just look at all the pics we’ve posted and check out the video after the break.

[update: I haven’t seen it anywhere in the official documentation yet, but it’s being reported by other media outlets that the SC10 4×4 will be hitting shelves this March with a MSRP of $439.99]

Hit up the Team Associated web site for more info.