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Everybody's Scalin' - Fill My Eyes With That Crawler Vi…

You know how you know you are really into crawling? When you start to experience the phenomenon I like to call “Crawler Vision”, that’s how. Once you are afflicted by this condition, you know you are in deep. In my many travels talking to other hardcore types I can confirm it’s definitely a thing. So what is it? To understand [...]


RC4WD Beast II 6x6 Truck Kit

RC4WD Beast II 6×6 Truck Kit

The 6×6 scene has steadily been growing in popularity. On the trail they can make short work of sections that a normal 4×4 struggles with and they just plain look cool. Just in time for summer, RC4WD has announced a new 6×6, the Beast II Truck Kit. Featuring a Mil-Spec hardbody and loads of scale detailing, the Beast II should [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Tips for Buying a Used Scaler

Due to the massive popularity of scale crawlers there is a thriving used marketplace. Thanks to this, many prospective scalers have taken the plunge by buying a pre-owned rig – heck, that’s how I got into it a few years ago. You can certainly find good deals but you also need to be wary of the jokers pawning off “rode [...]


Gear Head Slot Mag Wheels

Gear Head RC 1.9 Slot Mag V2 Beadlock Wheels

The new Gear Head 1.9 Slot Mag V2 Beadlock Wheels can give your scale build a cool vintage look. CNC machined from aluminum, they come with 12mm hexes to fit a wide variety of different trucks. * Size- 1.9″ * Width- 1.25″ * Offset: -.250″ * Weight (ea.)- 4.4 oz. The wheels are street priced at $129 for a set of 4, their part number [...]


show me scalers tough truck event_00024

Everybody’s Scalin’ – I Pity the Fool

April 1st was a couple days ago but nonetheless, I still want to talk about something that looks foolish. It is without a doubt my #1 scaler pet peeve. It’s something we always laugh about when talking shop on the trail (you should hear our drift guy Evol rant about this!) – ugly tires. Nothing absolutely kills the look of your [...]



Axial SCX10 Pulling Truck Conversion: Part Two

Before we get started, you can click here for part one of this series if you missed it. The Central Illinois R/C Pulling Association (CIRCPA) holds their events in the town of Jerseyville, IL. It’s about 45 minutes north of St. Louis, MO. They have a very nice track setup under a pavilion so they can do business rain or shine. [...]


Rogue Element Tuf Totes

Rogue Element Components Perfect Scale 1/10 Tuf-Totes

Scale gear is still smoking hot and one of the latest trick products to hit the market comes from Rogue Element Components. REC has announced some new 10th scale Tuf-Totes for the back of your truck or for use in your rc garage. Machined from 1/16″ high impact polystyrene, the totes are sized at 1.9 x 1.3 x 1.050″ and [...]


Gear Head RC 1.9 Five Star EZ-Loc Aluminum Wheels

Gear Head RC 1.9″ Five Star EZ-Loc Aluminum Wheels

Put a new look on your 1.9 machine with the new Five Star EZ-Loc Aluminum Wheels from Gear Head RC. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the Five Stars can add a great touch of scale realism to your rig while being tough as nails out on the trail. The EZ-Loc beadlocks make it easy to mount up tires, while the [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Do It With Class

With warm weather right around the corner, a lot of the chatter I see on various message boards are people trying to decide what scaler they want to campaign for the 2015 season. Just this morning a buddy of mine shot me a message asking if I knew anyone selling a particular truck so they could do a “Class 1 build” [...]


Xion Puma 8 Wheel

Xion 1/16th 8 Wheel Drive SdKfz 234/2 Puma

Used extensively by the German Army during World War 2, the SdKfz 234/2 Puma is a legendary armed reconnaissance vehicle. The people at Xion Military Scale Models have announced they will be releasing a 1/16th scale version for the rc community. The Xion Puma is not only incredibly scale realistic, but should also be a very capable off-road machine with [...]


RC4WD Genius Sem Fronteira 2.2 Tires

RC4WD Genius Sem Fronteira 2.2 Scale Tires

Get your mud on with the new Genius Sem Fronteira Tires from RC4WD. These 2.2″ sized tires are fully licensed and molded in RC4WD’s X2 SS compound of rubber. They are street priced at $29 per pair, they come with normal foam inserts, and they have a part number of #Z-T0131. To get more details simply hit up This Link [...]


Pro-Line Chevy Silverado Axial SCX10

Pro-Line Chevy Silverado Clear Body for SCX10 Trail Hon…

Pro-Line now has the iconic styling of the Chevy Silverado for your Axial SCX10 Trail Honcho. Fully licensed by Chevy and made right here in the USA, the new Silverado body can give your Axial a tough new look out on the trail. Street pricing is $43, it has a part number of #3439-00, and they are set for release in [...]



Axial SCX10 Pulling Truck Conversion: Part One

The Axial SCX10 is the most popular scale 4×4 crawler of all time. It’s the main reason the genre is so popular today. But did you know the versatile SCX10 is also partly responsible for the surge in r/c pulling? Due to the massive popularity and ease of modibility of trucks like the Axial SCX10, scale off-road clubs are starting to [...]



Everybody’s Scalin’ – Mud Tires & Closed Cell Foams

I’ve been meaning to talk about closed cell foams and this week I was sent a great letter that will let me touch on them – Hey guys, I jumped on to the scaling bandwagon with an Axial G6 kit – pretty stoked about it. Question is… over here it’s primarily forests and building sites I get to drive in and we get rain…Seattle amounts [...]



SSD 2.2 Steel Wheels and Scale Locking Hubs - Review / …

SSD is a relatively new name to the scale scene. Despite not being around long, they’ve come out of the gate swinging with a variety of steel and aluminum products to hop-up your Axial trucks. Given that I’m in the process of tricking out my Wraith Spawn, I recently scored a set of their Black 2.2 10 Hole Steel Wheels (part #SSD00019, street [...]