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Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Shocks

Pro-Line Ultra Reservoir Crawler Shocks

Pro-Line is the master of putting out super trick parts, their latest are Ultra Reservoir Shocks for rock crawlers. At 105mm in length (fully extended), the Pro-Line shocks were designed to fit a wide variety of crawlers and have real working shock reservoirs. * Perform and look like full scale units * X ring seals for superior performance * Precise CNC machined parts * [...]


Basher Basics — Shock Tuning

Hello and welcome to Basher Basics. In this series we will go through many of the basic topics to help you improve your RC’s performance on the track, and in the pit. So without further ado, let’s jump into the topic for this week: shocks. Your truck likely has four, or in some cases eight, but regardless of the number, it [...]


Review – Boom Racing Boomerang Type G scale shocks

Whats up gang, Evol here with a little product review goodness for ya. With spring time finally arriving here in the midwest a lot of us would be RC’ers have come out of hibernation to hit the trails and do a little scaling. AsiaTees had sent me some Boom Racing Boomerang Type G scaler shocks to test out and I [...]