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You ever leave your car on the jack when you know that’s not the safest thing to do if you happen to go underneath to wrench on something? You wouldn’t do it on your 1:1 so why would you do it on your scale rig? LOL…Well fear not these trick little Scale Jack Stands from RC4WD will have you covered. The size is slightly bigger than 10th scale but not by much. You can use them for display or if you are building a scale garage, heck…. they are actually fully functional and they look really cool all on their own.

If you’re into scale RC, then RC4WD probably sounds familiar to you. Their new Trail Finder 2 Kit offers some awesome features, such as a two-speed transmission, highly detailed bodywork and scale leaf spring suspension to name but a few. It comes with everything you need to get up and running, minus elecronics, including high-grip Mud Thrasher tires and a Mojave body kit. Being RC4WD, durable metal parts will last a lifetime, but a wide range of option and performance parts are also available.

 RC4WD Trail Finder 2RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Body Off








Head over to the RC4WD Website for full details.

Let there be light on your 1/10 scale rig with the new LD Racing LED Light Bar. 13 crazy bright LEDS ready to connect to the AUX port on your receiver, or to AA or AAA battery packs. These lights are designed to run on 5-6V, and would look sweet across the top of your scaler.

Head over to RPP Hobby to get ya some!