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Schumacher Stagger 1/8The crew at Schumacher has unveiled Stagger tires for 1/8th buggies. While these are intended for use on AstroTurf, they can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. Their Stagger design gives them good steering while reducing traction rolling. Best used on the front of an 1/8th buggy, they can also generate good forward bite when used on the rear do to a center row of horizontal bars.

The 1/8th scale Staggers come in two different compounds and are also available pre-mounted. They are street priced from £12.99 to £18.99 and you can hit up This Link for more details.

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Schumacher RC Hauler BagThe longer you are into rc, the more stuff you end up hauling around, at some point a hauler bag becomes a must have item. Schumacher has announced a big new hauler bag to help get all your gear to the track or local bash spot. Sized at 54 x 37 x 60cm, it comes with 5 tough corrugated boxes, a tool tray, and numerous pockets to keep your parts and tools organized.

The part number for the bag is #G355 and you can get more information by hitting up the official Schumacher Website.

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Schumacher SupaStox GT12With that crisp fall air comes indoor season- carpet, high traction, and high speed. New from Schumacher to go fast indoors is the SupaStox GT12. This 1/12th scale kit was designed to go faster and be easier to drive than ever before. Some of its new features include-

* LCG motor mounts
* Adjustable droop screws
* 2.5mm thick chassis
* Multiple servo positions
* Pivot front suspension
* Pivot ball rear end w/ back tube damper
* Adjustable Ackerman

If you are going to get one on order, the part number for the S1 chassis with diff is #K154, the fixed axle carbon fiber version is #K157, and you can get complete details over on the official Schumacher Website.

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Schumacher Mi5evo Touring Car
In the fight for touring car supremacy our friends over at Schumacher have released their latest high-end machine, the Mi5evo. The Mi5evo is entirely new to provide maximum performance on the track, or while blasting around the cul-de-sac. Some of its new features include-

* Ultra low center of gravity
* Wide span vertical top deck
* Motor 4.5mm closer to center of car
* Alloy & carbon fiber servo mount
* Shorter shocks with no loss of stroke
* No e-clips, grub screws used instead
* 4mm carbon fiber towers with optimized shock positions
* Lightweight 2.5mm hinge pins
* 3 point steering rack with bearings

The part number for the Mi5evo kit is #K148, the assembled version is #K150, and both are said to be available to the public on June 12th. Get full details at This Link over on Schumacher’s official website.

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Schumacher 2 row stud tires
Schumacher has announced they are bringing back their 2 x 20 Stud front buggy tires. Stud tires are designed to penetrate and find traction in surfaces such as grass and AstroTurf, making them a good option for you guys that like to bash on the greener side of the fence. Schumacher is producing them in their long wearing yellow compound and they recommend that you use their #U6733 medium inserts for optimum traction.

The part number is #U6797, they are priced at around $15 a pair, and This Is The Link to check them out on the official Schumacher website.

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Schumacher Mi1v2 Touring Car
Schumacher introduced a new entry level racing touring car at the Nuremburg show a few weeks ago, now they have released full information and pictures. The Mi1v2 was designed to be durable, easy to maintain, and fun to drive. Some of its highlights include-

* 4 wheel dual belt drive
* Aluminum motor mount and shock bodies
* Designed for use with LiPo batteries
* Ball diffs
* S1 composite chassis, towers and top deck
* 24 ball bearings

The part number is #K151 and you can get more information by clicking This Link.

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Schumacher Cougar KF 2WD Buggy
We posted information on Schumacher’s new rear motor 2wd buggy back in September, now they have announced their new forward motor buggy, the Cougar KF. Like the name implies, its motor is mounted far forward in the chassis for high bite conditions, resulting in better handling. Shock tower protectors offer aerodynamic benefits, as well as added protection. Some of its other key features and specifications include-

* Stronger front steering hubs
* Hi-Tensile silver turnbuckles.
* 12mm wheel hexes
* Molded side pods
* 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis & top deck.
* Twin pad vented slipper
* Single belt transmission
* Can use saddle packs or shorty packs
* 4mm carbon fiber shock towers
* Pro spec 13mm big bore shocks with titanium nitride shafts
* AirFlo Cab body for improved looks and handling
* Black anodized components
* Gear Differential w/ hardened steel gears and super hard outputs
* CVA style driveshafts

The part number for the new Schumacher is #K143 and you can get more information at This Link.

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Schumacher Cougar KR 2WD Buggy Kit
The latest from our friends across the pond at Schumacher is the Cougar KR 10th scale 2wd buggy. The Courgar KR is designed to be a professional grade race machine for low traction dirt surfaces. Some of its new features include-

* Improved rear diff
* 12mm wheel hexes
* Recessed alloy chassis
* Alloy anti-squat plate
* New wing mount system
* Improved front bumper
* Murdered out black anodizing
* New rear top deck

The part number for the Cougar KR is #K139 and it is priced at £220. For more information hit up THIS LINK.

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Schumacher CAT K1 FAB System
Ever notice that most 4wd rc cars have too much front brake? Ever fly into a tight corner with your buggy and it pushes like a freight train because the front wheels lock up? Ever wish you could easily adjust the brakes more to the rear so that you could pivot around tight corners?

Schumacher has come up with a simple yet effective way of doing this on their Cat K1 buggy. The new Schumacher FAB (Front Adjustable Braking) System lets you dial in the exact amount of front brakes that you are looking for. Pressure pads are used to go from fully locked (full brake power) to fully backed off that performs like a one way layshaft. The FAB system should make it much easier to dial in the braking of the Cat K1 to any surface and comes with a normal vented slipper clutch on the opposite end.

The part number for the Schumacher FAB is #U4133 and HERE IS THE LINK to the official Schumacher website for more information.

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Schumacher Cat K1 Buggy
Schumacher teased us last week but now they’ve released full information on their all new uber 4wd race buggy, the Cat K1. If you are looking to go really, really fast off-road, the Cat K1 looks up to job. Some of the features and specs include-

* New Optimized 2 belt transmission with efficient low tension belts running on large CNC machined pulleys.
* New 2.0mm aluminium chassis with aerospace grade carbon fiber top deck.
* New Molded side pods for superb dirt protection.
* New Mid motor layout with adjustable motor position.
* New Chassis mounted, angled steering bell cranks for low C of G.
* New Steering rack design for improved dynamic ackerman throughout the steering range.
* New Long top deck for superior flex characteristics.
* New Black anodized components for the aggressive stealth look. (We call that “murdered out” here in America)
* New Medium flex suspension arms as standard.
* New Stronger pivot blocks and pivot block mounting system.
* New ‘High agility’ small bore shocks with big bore springs, titanium nitride shafts, threaded collars and twin o-ring sealing.
* New Machined tapered pistons with different colors for easy identification.
* New Optimum weight distribution with adjustable saddle pack layout.
* New Larger layshaft bearings.
* New Belt adjustment for consistent driveshaft geometry at all belt tensions.
* New Cab forward body shell for improved jump handling, bump stability and high speed cornering.
* New Large high down force rear wing enhances cab forward aero package.
* Super free, limited slip ball diffs with extreme high strength silicone nitride balls.
* Strong steel universal driveshafts.
* Rubber sealed, super precision ball bearings throughout.
* Smooth twin pad vented slipper with easy access adjustment.
* Unique motor clamp mount to fine tune weight distribution.
* Optional gear diff available.
* Rigid 4mm aero space carbon fiber shock towers.

Hit up the official Schumacher Website for more information on the Cat K1 and all of their other fine products. While you are at it, click This Link to view more Schumacher news right here on BigSquidRC.

Schumacher CAT K1 Comp 4wd Electric Buggy
The guys across the pond at Schumacher put out a teaser today about their new CAT K1 4wd Buggy that is close to release. The new K1 is slated as new uber high end 10th scale racing rig, but we’ll have to wait a while longer to learn all the juicy details. Will it have shaft drive? Will it have an aluminum chassis? Time will tell. Till then, hit up the Official Schumacher Site to see what other fine products they have.

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Even more advanced that its predecessor, Schumacher’s Mi4CXL aims to be race winning and class leading. Durability has been improved over the Mi3 by using a tough Nickel-Teflon played shock bodies, an ultra lightweight front diff, and enlarged drive pins all around. A new sway-bar system keeps the “Soft Weave” carbon fibre chassis level, and many new 7075 aluminium parts keep overall weight incredibly low.

We’re only scratching the surface here. Check out the full list of specs on the Schumacher website!

Schumacher gave word of two new Anderson High Voltage Brushless servos today. The AN530400HV  – Metal gears, brushless, and a lightning fast speed of just 0.06 seconds @ 7.4v for 60 degrees of rotation and 194oz or torque means that this servo is ideal for 1/10 sized cars whereas the AN530400HV is more suited to larger applications. You get a massive 305oz of torque at a 0.08 sec speed for 60 degrees of rotation @ 7.4v. Both servos are priced very competitively, so expect good rivals for Hitec and Savox servos!

Schumacher 530400HV Digital Brushless ServoSchumacher 530410HV Digital Brushless Servo









Schumacher also released an awesome looking 3ft x 2ft Pit Towel, printed with the Schumacher logo.

 Schumacher G315 Pit Towel


Check out the Schumacher website for details!